Starlite Jewels

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About StarLite Jewels
Why StarLite Jewels

StarLite Jewels has been established for 6 years
40% of our customers are returning customers
Quality guaranteed. If it breaks we fix it
We support our customers 100%
We size jewelry down to fit at shows
Beads are strung on 40 pound test wire
High quality beads,gemstones and beading material
Each piece is custom handcrafted
We accept

If you are looking for Quality and Originality at the right price you have come to the right place.

Jean Hampton is an artist from the Tallahassee Florida area. Her goal is to make the best quality
magnetic jewelry available at the lowest prices to everyone. Every piece is strung on very strong
(40 pound test) flexible wire coated with plastic. Jean has been making Magnetic Jewelry for
6 years now and has had excellent results with strength and durability of her product. Because
the jewelry is hand made and the beading materials are purchased in large quantities, Jean is able
to provide you with the best quality jewelry at the lowest prices.

Contact Information:
Phone: (850) 745-8554

Return For Any Reason: No
Return Time Frame: N/A
Restocking Fee: No

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