f 1-800-Homeopathy Hay Fever/Allergies #59 Reviews and Information

Hay Fever/Allergies #59

Relieves colds and hayfever symptoms, watery eyes and discharge, burning nose and throat.
Product: Hay Fever/Allergies #59
Brand: 1-800-Homeopathy (More Products)
Size: 500 Tablets
Dosage: 4 tablets 4 times daily
Retail: $7.95
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5 Customer Reviews

by Barry

My whole family had a bad case of hay fever, and once we saw this product we thought it was the solution but we thought wrong. After taking it for a couple days, it didn't show any sign of relief and the medicine didn't seem to be taking any effect on the fever. It only worked for my brother out of 5 people (including me). I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone because it does nothing but give out headaches and drowsiness throughout the day. There are many other alternatives to help out your hay fever.

by Laura

I recently had a moderate case of Hay Fever and tried #59 and it did not work for me at all. I couldn't even tell I had taken anything. I finally had to buy some over the counter medicine because this product didn't help me any!

Hay Fever #59 is a bust
by Christi

I tried this product when I had a bad case of hay fever. I seem to have it fairly often but I don't like taking over the counter medication. I thought I would try a a natural product to see if I could find a new solution to my problem. I tried Hay Fever #59 and it was somewhat of a disappointment. After several doses it finally started to easy my itchy eyes but my sneezing continued. This product never really stopped my hay fever so I went back to the over the counter products. If I had mild symptoms I would probably use it then but not if I had a moderate or severe case of hay fever. It just extended my misery.

Hay Fever #59
by Patrick

I used this product when I had a slight case of hay fever. Cleared up my symptoms after a few hours. For the price you probably can't get better relief, although it did take a while for the medication to work. I would recommend this product to someone with a mild case of Hay Fever.

Hay fever/Allergies#59
by Michele Harper

I tried this product when I was having some trouble with hay fever and it did not work too well. I still had a lot of sneezing, itchy eyes and scratchy throat. I would not use this product unless you had really slight hay fever or allergies.