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Airborne Seasonal

Airborne Seasonal is a non-drowsy natural herbal formula that helps to support normal histamine levels.
Product: Airborne Seasonal
Brand: Airborne (More Products)
Size: 16 tablets
Dosage: 1 tablet
Retail: $7.69
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3 Customer Reviews

by Liz Theobald

I used Airborne Seasonal for my seasonal allergies. This product relieved all my symptoms without any unwanted side effects. Aside from the reduction of allergy symptoms, Airborne helped energize my life by keeping me from wasting my energy on coughing and sneezing.

by Pamela Rosser

Definitely the way to go on a camping trip in the mountains. I think highly of the airborne products, This stuff was great during a recent camping outing. My allergies were driving me crazy. We drove into town to pick up something and I saw this product from Airborne. Knowing their products had helped in the past I decided to give it a try. It worked. A Life Saver!!!!

Pamela Rosser RN,BSN,Clinical Supervisor of TLC Health Care

great allergy relief
by D.M.

I get horrible allergies this time of the year...and throughout the year for the most part.

Previous allergy medications (C and OFC) that I used always made me very drowsy, even when they claimed to have a nondrowsy formula.

Although this didn't help with all my symptoms (couldn't be the runny nose), it did help me feel overall much better, more awake, reduced coughing, and completely eliminated itchy eyes.