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BHI Allergy

Allergic reactions are a sign of the body's over reaction to a given stimulus. When this occurs, histamine is released. BHI ALLERGY helps regulate the flow of histamine, bringing relief in cases of minor allergies and hay fever.

Product: BHI Allergy
Brand: BHI (More Products)
Size: 100 Tablets
Dosage: 1 tablet 3-4 times daily
Retail: $13.45
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4 Customer Reviews

Didn't do anything.
by M

I was given an unopened bottle of BHI Allergy tablets by a friend, and all I can say is I am glad I did not pay $13 for a bottle of it. I tend to have allergic reactions when I travel (different kinds of pollen, etc. set me off) and this was given to me on summer vacation. It did not seem to affect my allergies while I was there, and it did not help my symptoms at home, either. My allergies are more in the "moderate" category, however, so perhaps this would be more effective for those with milder allergies.

Not Worth It
by Kim Phan

I used the BHI Heel product many time before, but this was my first time getting the Allergy tablet. I can't say that it did very much for my allergy. I still sneeze a lot and my eyes still get itchy. I have very mild allergy and since I worked for a Chiropractor's office, I was able to get the BHI at a warehouse cost, so I thought I try it (since I was already using other vitamins from this same manufacturer).

It didn't do much for me, and the cost was more then I would have paid for other antihistamine medicine. Go with the generic, it works just as well. I wouldn't recommend buying this again.

A disappointment.
by Jo

I have to say that I am remorseful about the $15 I spent on this product. For the recommended dosage, a bottle like this would only last well under a month. This was recommended to me by a friend who also suffered from allergies. Because of their overwhelming praise for the product I decided to go for it. If the product did what it promised, then it would be well worth the price. I thought it was a pretty unique approach to helping someone who lives with allergies. Unfortunately, I am down to my last handful of tablets and I can hardly say the BHI allergy pills haven't helped me one bit. Maybe it's just me, who knows. I'll be sure to come back to this page to see what other people have to say about it.

I like this product
by Jared M

I started to use this product in the fall when I was going fishing at the lake. I used to have to walk through plenty of fields, and this product seemed to relieve some of the sneezing and coughing. I took this product off and on for a few months. I definitely will buy this product again. It is worth every penny.