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so portable
by britt

love the power pixies! The taste is pretty good but the fact i really does kick start my immune system is great! also love that they are portable!

by Pamela Rosser, RN,BSN,

Recently went to Israel on a very fast paced tour for 18 days. I have a poor immune system and get sick easily, especially not getting enough rest. My daughter, suggested taking Airborne "just in case". I feel it helped. I managed to get through the whole trip feeling tired and picking up anything like a virus. I'll definitely use it on my next trip!

Pamela Rosser RN,BSN,Clinical Supervisor of TLC Health Care

by Katie

These really do taste like pixie sticks, and have less sodium than regular airborne - which is better when you're traveling on dehydrating planes.

A tasty way to immunity
by Cristy Carnes

I love these pixies because they are easy to take and tasty too. If it was a pill, no matter how good for me I would probably never take it so I am glad they are making more things like this.

by Leah

Baby Tehlyr loves the taste and if I see symptoms of a cold I use this product and I feel it really works.

by Julie

This product is wonderful and it helped alot. Plus is tastes great!

Power Pixies
by Donna Albright

I love these for my family. I use these anytime we go out in public. Even at the grocery stores, i use them to wipe the grocery cart handles.Public restroom door handles and flush handles, anywhere i feel a need for them, because there are alot of germs out there.My youngest son thinks its cool to wipe his hands with a cool cloth before touching things, he even ask for them him self, when in public. He likes the smell of his hands too. I like the germ effect it has, and the fact that it is not only for sanitizing, but, for cool hand relief.

by carole adams

It seemed last year everytime iI turned around my school age son had a cold. This year i bought him the airborne pixie stix and he hasnt hardly been sick!!! He likes the flavor and he likes the ides that they are handy for him to carry around

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Powerful Pixies
by Christine

Power pixies really helped me get over my colds. I don't like the taste of regular airborne, so I think this was a brilliant invention. My kids love them too!