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CFO Norton's Nutrition Hemet, Ca
by Chris S

This product in the last 4 months is the best seller in my store. I take it and it clears my allergie and sinus
problems away. Many customers buy 2 boxes at a time...

Works very well
by Reggie Chacko

This medicine works very well for me and my family. I had severe allergies due to weather changes and pretty much tried all drugs available. Thank God I was able to find this drug, after serving this drug for over a week, I began to notice how well it worked. Thanks to the manufactures and retailers.

Not So Impressed
by Erica Jane

I have tried Allergiemittel AllerAide and it didn't work well at all for me. I took the pills and they only lasted for about 2 hours. I used this product for two weeks and had no relief at all. I will not buy this product again.

Works OK
by Jordan

I have very severe allergies and while this did help somewhat, it didn't alleviate all my problems. It helped with my nose a little but it didn't totally stop me from feeling congested and my eyes were still watery. It may be because of my severe allergies but it just didn't work well enough for me.

No good!
by Taylor

I started taking Allergiemittel AllerAide about 3 weeks ago because my allergies are quite bad because I own a cat. This product did offer very little help. I noticed it made me very drowsy. For the price, it really isn't bad because it helps with the heavy headed feeling but besides that, its not a product that I would recommend to anyone.

Easy on the throat
by Mike

I started taking AAA a few weeks ago for my nasty indoor allergies and it has improved my constant sore throat problem. I work in a dusty building and since I started taking Allergiemittel I've seen positive results in work especially.

Worked but put me to Sleep!
by Tom

Overall this product cleared my symptoms but it made me extremely drowsy. I would not recommend taking this medicine if you have to do anything that requires full attention. This medicine caused me to feel like I was in outerspace.

Helped a little
by steve

We live in a neighborhood with lots of oak trees. Every spring our entire block is covered with yellow from the pollen. We tried this since all natural is usually safer than something invented in a lab. It may have made a little difference, but I think we'll stick with the prescription stuff.

Decent Enough
by Erik

It's by no means the most effective medication I have taken for my allergy symptoms, but it is relatively effective nonetheless. I would also say this product is good because you can safely take other medications along with it.

pretty decent
by Bharat Parameswaran

I must say this is one of the best allergy medicines in the market today. I mean I have tried different varieties of medicine, but this seems to work better than others, and it is very competitively priced in its product range. The surprising thing is that there were no side effects associated with this product, which is typical problem of many other allergy medicines.

NOT a good Allergy Medicine
by Laura

I have severe allergies and have tried LOTS of different products and I do NOT recommend Allergiemittel AllerAide. I tried it and it did NOT help my allergy symptoms at all. In fact the only medicine that really helps me completely clear my allergies is Claritin (which is now over the counter)...I think this product is similarly priced to other allergy medicines, but did not help me at ALL.

by Patrick

I've tried a lot of allergy relief medication that didn't work. This is one of them. Although the price isn't too bad, I didn't receive any relief from my sinuses. I guess this is just another one of the products that doesn't work for me. If you are in search of something to reduce your allergies, just skip over this one, it does not work.

Stick with this!
by Dave

By far, the best allergy medicine I've tried! This year, my season allergies were the worst ever. I was REALLY suffering. My doctor gave me Zyrtec, but it did absolutely nothing after 5 days on it. After reading the reviews on this product, I decided to give it a try. About an hour after I took the first dose, I wasn't sneezing, nor did I have itchy eyes, nose or throat. What a relief - I will DEFINITELY stick with this product!

did not like it
by Ndy

I have terrible allergies especially during the winter season so I have tried a lot of allergy medicine and none seem to work. I saw this and decided to try it. Unlike other medications I have tried, I have to take this 3 times per day and even after taking it for a complete week, I got no relief. I had to discard the remaining tablets.

A quick relief
by hippo

This is an excellent allergy relief drug. Out of all allergy drugs that I've used, this seems to work the best. Keeping up regular doses of the tablets keep me allergy-free throughout the whole day, even when I'm near pollen-rich places (my workplace is surrounded by crap grass and pollens). In term of effectiveness, it's average. Price is fair, but it is excellent to keep yourself allergy-free.

Alright I guess
by may

I didn't care too much for this product. I have to say that 3 tablets a day is a lot for me as my life is too much on the run. I think that I got relief except for the first days that I tried it and then everything went down hill after that. I had to stop drinking it and it was almost full. Again, I don't really recommend this one.

Not great
by Jamie Wilson

But then, Claritin, et al, doesn't work well on me either. This was just like everything else I've ever used; I see a difference for a week, then I have a period, my system fluctuates, and whatever I was taking doesn't work any more. Maybe for someone else. . .

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by Murielle Curcio

This cured my seasonal allergies. I followed package directions and the next year I had far fewer allergy symptoms and the next year I had none! I take it for 2 weeks before the season starts every year. Still no symptoms.