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by Louie

Aller-Max controlled my a seasonal allergies last year and I can't wait to get to the store to purchase some more for this year because I feel the allergies already in the air. I completely recommend this product and have told many friends and family about it. For the most part I do ok as long as I take two capsules daily during season. Some people may need three daily but I'm not sure how safe that will be. Great product with no side effects!!!

This helped me like no other medicne
by Malik

I suffer from severe hay fever all my life. I was visiting in Arizona and my allergies got so bad I could not even talk or do anything. I was on Benadryl and zyrtec but there was not any improvement. I found about Aller-max on the site and the same day I took it. My condition improved tremendously and I was able to get around and do activities with my children. My allergies did not disappear but they were very manageable.

Aller-Max really helped me
by Heather St.Amand

I suffer from chronic hives.I was at my wits end with all of the dozens of prescriptions that either didnt work, or had horrible side effects. At the request of a homeopathic specialist I tried Aller-max in combination with probiotics and another hive suspension and have had wonderful relief. I definately reccomend this product

Really good Reliever
by Tim

I have taken Aller-Max for about a year now. Last year during the Spring, my allergies flared up. I was torched with severe headaches, watery eyes, stuffy nose, etc. I went to a doctor and he recommended Aller Max. I went to the drug store picked it up right away. While using this product I noticed less hurtful headaches, the watery eyes and stuffy nose appeared to stop. Overall Allermax helped ease the symptoms of my severe spring time allergies. I thought that this product really helped and am thankful for this product. I will continue to buy this product because it actually worked, and helped my symptoms go away. Thank you Aller Max!

by Sandra

I am glad this product is on the market. I have struggled with allergies for years and this product has elevated most of my symptoms without the awful side effects of regular allergy medicine, such as drowsiness and dryness. I started taking this product in the beginning of March and keep taking it until fall. It is a very good product and I have been telling friends and family all about it.

Average Product
by Frank

I deal with allergies almost all year. My allergies get so bad at times that they cause me to have severe headaches. I have tried numerous products, some better than others, and some that have done nothing at all. I tried this product (Aller-Max), and found that it is just an average product. It does help to relieve some of my allergies, but does not offer the full relief of a clear, non-existent allergy experience. It did not relieve my headaches, but does offer a short-term mild effect on my allergies.

Aller-Max helps get rid of my allergy symptoms
by mommy228419

I have been taking Aller-Max for almost a year, 2 capsules, every day for my allergies. Headaches, watery eyes, stuffed nose- you name it. This product really helps with all my symptoms. If I forget to take it I can always tell! The capsules are small, easy to swallow and I never noticed any side effects. I recommend Aller-Max!

Spring relief for me
by Amy

Every spring I am plagued with the same problem - allergy induced head aches! I used many products throughout the years trying to evade this problem and I have found that Aller Max is one of my favorite products. I usually start taking this in late winter and take it through early summer. I still battle allergies occasionally, but it is nothing like it was before this product.

Good Product
by Jared M

I normally use Aller Max in the summertime at the peak of allergy season. It is a great product. I like to use it when I am extremely busy and when I do not need the nasty side effects that some of the other over the counter allergy medicine can cause such as drowsiness. Aller Max helps me a lot especially when I'm mowing grass.

A verry good product
by gb

OK, Imyself have horrible allergies. This product fixed that. My one friend told me about this product when I had allergies in the spring and I started to take it. Within two days I was feeling way better. I could start to breathe again and feel healthy. This product is very good and recommended for anyone with bad allergies.

Be prepared.
by Shreyas Patel

I know that sometimes you don't know that your allergies are going to act up, however if you did know in advance I would recommend taking Aller-Max. My eyes used to burn when spring came around, I started taking Aller-Max around February 1st and I was clear for the spring season.

by Francesca Muie

I've been plagued by seasonal allergies for years, and had to depend on drugs with unpleasant side effects. Aller-Max provide the same relief without causing drowsiness, dry mouth, etc. I wouldn't want to face allergy season without this!

by Joan Jones

Aller-Max is a terrific product for allergies. You start taking it about a month or so before allergy season, and then take it every day. I used to get hay fever in the spring and summer, and I took Claritin for it. After I started taking Aller-Max I was able to give up taking medications- I even worked in a farm and garden store and wasn't bothered by the hay and feed there! I recommend it to anyone with allergies.

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