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by Mena Sekander

Everyone always calls me the "sneezer", except they couldn't do that now! Because I bought Sinuguard! and it works really well, I am definitely re-buying!

SinuGuard works great!
by Leanna

Every year it seems I have a stuffy nose from October to April. This year I decided to try SinuGuard. So far, the results have been amazing! As long as I faithfully use SinuGuard my nose stays clear and it even prevents my headaches. I intend on buying this product again!

by M. DeGilio

This product works wonderfully. If you have a cold, and more specifically, a stuffy nose, this is the product for you. Best on the market for clearing up that stuffy nose.

by Louis Mason

I looked into this product, as my dad has sinus problems and was thinking about getting surgery to help. He decided to give SinuGuard a try, and what a difference it made! No longer does he blow his nose 100 times a day. Highly Recommended! We'll definitely be buying more of this.

by Gary

Sinuguard enables me to breath once again after my nose becomes stuffed from a cold. It cleared all the mucus out and I was able to breath again. I would recommend this to anybody who has a stuffy nose and a cold so they can breath and enjoy life once more.

Drains Nose
by Josh

This product makes all the mucus in your nose drain out so you can have less pressure on your nose. It also reduces headaches. I use it each day of the winter to keep feeling great.

by satyen

I have tried this product after seeing it on sale at local drug store. This for anyone who has tried other sinus & allergy medicine. This product works for sure since this contains natural ingredient and good alternative to anything someone has used it before.

Price is right
by Dave

After taking Zyrtec -made me sleepy- and allegra - caused ear infections --- this is AMAZING! I have chronic hives/itching and take this on an almost daily basis. It does make me a little tired, but nowhere near other allergy medications. And the best thing is, there are no prescriptions to refill, and the price is always great.

Simply Wonderful!
by Dan

It always seems that European products are typically one step ahead of American products. SinuGuard is no different. All natural...and works wonders? You've got to be joking right? NO! Sinuguard works incredibly! It protects against those disgusting runny and stopped up noses, against sneezing and headaches that are all cause by allergies. This product, I must say, makes the summer and fall months enjoyable again!

Pretty Good
by Shane

The only allergies that I suffer from are those that make my sinuses drain. This product is not bad for a low grade allergy problem. I like it because I don't have the jitters with this one like I do with others. I would recommend this for low to medium grade sinus problems.

Guard Against Sinus Pain
by Gordy

I am a chronic sufferer of allergies and heavy sinus pain and was in the market for something different than the typical choices. I am a firm believer in using natural products when possible, so I decided to give SinuGuard a shot. It is an herbal remedy in tablet form that contains these active ingredients (as well as others):

*Cowslip Flower - Used for a sedative effect; Ease head/sinus pain
*Sorrel - Ease of pain, skin ailments, and relaxor
*Sambucus nigra - Expectorant, sore throat/cough relief, clears up stuffed noses
*Gentian Root - Anti-inflammatory; Digestive issues

All of these ingredients and more work together to help you naturally fight sinus and allergy problems. As mentioned by another reviewer, it is a nice alternative to other products that contain a lot of stimulants, which sometimes cause irritation or restlessness.

I tried this product about 6 months ago during a major allergy season and I found it to be relatively effective. I followed the suggested dosage (1 tablet, 3 times a day) and felt relief fairly quick. It didn't completely remove all symptoms, but it did a great job of giving me some relief (even if only for a couple hours at a time. The tablet is moderate to small sized and is relatively tasteless if swallowed correctly. The price is not bad for about a 30 day supply (~$12), but is even better when you find it for around ~$9, whether online or on sale at a local store.

I recommend anyone looking for a natural pill to give it a try.

Sinus Relief, Naturally
by Sue

I purchased this product primarily because I wanted to avoid the chemical nature of drugstore counterparts. So far, I have been very pleased with the results. My sinus headache has disappeared and the overall congested feeling has eased. This product works!

Great Product-No stimulants
by Brenna

Great product for allergies and sinus problems. This is a great supplement for people worried about stimulants that are found in many of allergy/sinus problems. It has helped me with the painful "plugged" feeling from sinus irritation. I would recommend Sinugaurd for anyone with sinus problems.

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by Vicki

My allergies are horrible this year and this product so far is great. don't have the headaches from sinus pressure.