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by Mary Hamilton

I'm on year-round prescription medication for allergy relief, both tablet and nasal spray. But in the spring, there are times when my eyes are so itchy and watery, I want to scratch them out. The ONLY thing I've found that clears them up is this product. It's not enough by itself to allow me to quit taking the prescription meds, but it's the only thing that clears up the eyes. I recommended it to a neighbor who had the same experience I did.

by Andrew

We would love to know why GNC has stopped selling this product, Is it pressure from the the big Pharmaceutical Companies? It seems very unusual that a product that has been helping so many allergy sufferers at an affordable price be suddenly taken from the market so abruptly without an explanation. That was the only medicine I could take without side effects and it works effectively

by Diana Stull

I have had sinus problems for 45 years. This is the only thing that has helped because I can not take a lot of drugs. Please let me know where I can purchase this product again. I really want to feel better again. I have looked every where for them. I always bought 2 or 3 boxes at a time.

by Cynthia Eldredge

I love this product, It helps me with my yardwork (about 12-16 hrs sat-sun) . OTC's help but they make me toxic. This gives me a more natural releif with no side affects. However, the GNC's in my area have just discontinued BIO Remedy. HELP! :)

by Yvette

This product works much better than drug remedies. It does not cause drowsiness or groggy drug feeelings. It was the best solution for my allergies. I am extrememely disappointed that GNC has taken this off the shelf. I will be struggling all season without it.

by Joe

I'm 45 years old and a lifelong allergy sufferer..Bio-Remedy Allergy & Sinus Relief is the BEST product I've ever used..EVER! Complete relief with no side effects! It's the best...Now, if only it was available. I can no longer find it at GNC or anywhere else. I'm very upset!

by Heather

I would highly recommend this. I have bought products in the stores that don't even come close to how good this works. Say bye bye to itchy water eyes etc.

Please bring this product back.
by Kim

This is the ONLY product that helped me. I was so sick with my allergies that my sister thought I was gonna die. She got me this allergy relief remedy and I was better in the matter of a day. I went to the dr. the next day and they couldn't believe I was as bad off as I said a day before hand. I wish GNC hadn't taken this product off the shelf. I was told that sales were not good for this product and that that was why they stopped selling it.

by Velva Hendley

Before I began using this product, I was on allergy prescription meds of various KINDS which gave only temporary relief. When I started using these tablets, I was really congested and had stopped up sinuses. This product gave me instant relief and I have used it for about a year now and have told others about it. My GNC store stopped supplying it AND now I must find it again! I really need it!

by Jan

I also am extremely disappointed that I cannot find this product anymore. I have year-round allergies and have found this product helps me better than any other. I take one tablet at bedtime, and in seasons that I have more problems, I take another in the morning. It relieves my symptoms and keeps me from getting sick with no side effects. A great product. Please bring it back.

common cold
by Mary

This product works well if you only slightly sick, or have the common cold.

by Kathy Grafeman

I have used this product for a couple of years and it is the ONLY thing that gives me the relief from seasonal allergies. I am not able to find Bio-Remedy Allergy and Sinus Relief. I know it is distributed by GNC but it seems to have dropped off the radar screen. I am so disappointed that it is not available anywhere. I hope I am able to get Bio-Remedy Allergy and Sinus Relief again soon. There are many of us who are suffering with allergies that the above remedy has helped!

by Keena

I love this product. It is the only thing that works for my sinuses.

by Eric Theis

This medicine works well. Good relief.

cold or
by mary lacombe

I have used this with a bad cold I had but got down in my chest and had to go to a steroid pack instead.

by Kandi Larson

My 55 year old husband has been suffering from seasonal allergies most of his life. He's tried numerous allergy medications, including over the counter and doctor prescribed medications. In truth, Bio has by far, exceeded any of those. In about one hour he has 85 to 90 % relief of his allery symptoms. I've even used if for cold symptoms. It works really well for sinus colds. Relief is now called Bio!

Result shows
by Harris Adam

I disturbs with Sinus pain 3-5 times in a month, specially in begnning and end of Summer season, this product shows some significant positive results to relief me with Sinus...

GReat, great, great
by Julie

I was concerned about using this product because I did not know much about it, but after much thought I tried it and loved it. it works wonders. just give it a try. you will be surprised

this one is good
by sumathi

Before I bought this product my condition was really bad due to colds and headaches. I used to get many sneezes one after one just for 2 minutes. I was really scared about my worsening condition and at that moment my friend told me about the use of this product. Since I am using it I feel better and relaxed or at least I can say that I can prevent the allergic symptoms of cold and fever. I think this one is really good.

Big Waste of Time
by Mike

I have suffered with allergies all my life, and used this product for 6 months last year during allergy season. My doctor told me to try it, but after using it for 6 months I did not see the results that I had hoped for. I continued to be stuffed up, sneezing, itchy eyes. I thought this product would at least help with some of my symptoms, but it barely did. There are better products out on the market besides this one.

Works fast and effectively
by Victor

I used this last spring when my allergies were the worst. While most allergy medicines take a day to take effect, I felt the effects of this product almost immediately afterwards. My sinuses felt clearer and my nose didn't run. It kept me feeling great during the spring.

I'll stick with Claritin

I tried this product instead of the usual loratidine (Claritin) when visiting a friend with cats. I took them as directed, 30 minutes before and every half hour while I was there but my eyes were still itchy and runny. It doesn't seem to work all that well. I like the idea that it uses natural ingredients but I was disappointed in the performance. I will stick with Claritin..

by ana ziaa

I was pleasantly surprised to see that this product worked wonders on my cold. After trying numerous product I went to GNC and discovered this medicine. It made me feel better without making me feel drowsy. I will definitely be using this again!

Excellent Sinus Relief
by brosfam

I started using this product this winter when my sinuses got extremely clogged. Most other products I tried never worked as efficiently as this one, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to cure their sinuses without burning a hole in their pocket at the same time.

by Delnetria Marks

I was pleasantly surprised to see that this product worked wonders on my cold. After trying numerous products I went to GNC and discovered this medicine. It made me feel better without making me feel drowsy. I will definitely be using this again!

It wasn't good
by Dillon

I have allergies to dogs and cats, so when I visit friends with animals I have to take some allergy relief with me. I decided to get this product and all I can say is it is pretty weak, and worked very inconsistently. I would try to stay clear of this product.

It worked great
by Barry

I tried this allergy medicine throughout the winter of this year, and it has worked wonders. Compared to other on the shelf products in most convenient stores this has worked the best. I tried using Claritin and it's nothing compared to this medicine. I would've given this medicine a 5 but, it does cause me a little bit of drowsiness.

Could be better
by Bryan Montgomery

I recently developed allergy problems, and have tried a few different products. I constantly have one nostril stuffed up. A few products can help this, but this one can't. I took it for a month or so and stopped using because it just didn't cut it for me. I probably wouldn't buy this product again.

annoying over time
by drew

This product was helpful at first, but I did not find it convenient as directions say you need to take tablet once every 30 minutes. I prefer a tablet where you take 3 daily doses.

Waste of Money
by Ryan

I have suffered with allergies all my life, and used this product for 6 months last year during allergy season. My doctor told me to try it, but after using it for 6 months I did not see the results that I had hoped for. I continued to be stuffed up, sneezing, itchy eyes, I thought this product would at least help with some of my symptoms, but it barely did. There are better products out on the market besides this one.

Relief at last
by Erica Jane

I have tried so many over the counter allergy medicines as well as prescription medicines that didn't work for me. Until I tried this product. This is by far one of the most effective products that I have tried. The price is reasonable and it doesn't dry out my sinuses like some of the others. I would definitely recommend this product.

Breath through Nose
by Josh

This is an inexpensive product that gave me instant relief at night in my dusty room. I could breathe through my nose and get right to sleep.

Not so good
by toddm

Originally I thought I found a winner in this product. They worked great at first then I found myself taking more than I should for the product to work the way it said. I would not buy this product again.

Love the no-swallow method
by Roxanne Ranelli

The first attraction to this product was that it dissolves on your tongue rather than having to swallow the pill. Because of the dissolving methods, it seems that the treatment process speeded up in comparison to other pills that need to be swallowed. I must say that this product cleared my sinuses which in turn allowed me a full nights sleep. This product is great!

Bio remedy allergy
by satyen

I was introduce to this product by someone working at health store. What I like about this is the price and how good it works...I would recommend this to anyone whose had allergy of dust & pollen...thumbs up of to this product.

by zhen

The best thing I like the most is that I never have to go get a drink; the tablets dissolve on your tongue. It's a FIVE star for me, less expensive, convenient, effective, and I can take them anytime or anyplace!

by JJ

We frequent the health store and one day, I wasn't feeling so good and I came across this product. I thought it was pretty cheap compared to other allergy/sinus medications you find at the drug store. It worked at first, but the symptoms came back faster than I had expected and I was taking pills every 30 minutes as the directions say. I wouldn't recommend this product.

Sinus Relief
by Phil Young

I was very surprised at how fast my nose cleared up, and I could actually breath after being in my attic cleaning. I have dust and pollen allergies, and I get instant relief with this product and no red nose.

perfect remedy for a severe problem
by Bharat Parameswaran

I think my title says it all. It worked absolutely fine on me. It is a complete money's worth. Plus, it is cheap as well. Forty-eight tabs for $5 is a perfect steal for me. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who needs long term relief from allergy problems.

Almost as good as prescription medicine
by Karen O.

This product was recommended to me by a GNC Salesperson, and she said it was good because she suffered from allergies and that she uses it frequently. I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised. It took a few minutes to work, but when it did, I felt so much better and was able to continue with my day without feeling terrible.

Works Ok
by TP

If you are like me and have short sneeze attacks this is great. It does wear off quickly so you would notice any side affects down the line.

Good Deal for the Money
by Stacy

These are not the best allergy pills I have every tried but they are a good deal for the money. They are very inexpensive and took care of almost all of my symptoms. Other people I know have taken them and think that they are the best out there. I recommend giving them a try since they are so inexpensive.

When they say Temporary they mean TEMPORARY!
by Jose

I tried this product during spring when my allergies were acting up due to pollen. It relieved my allergies for about 2 hours, after that I went back to sneezing and feeling really bad. I wouldn't reccommend this product to people who want to get rid of their allergies.

an ok product
by zach r

I suffer from pollen every year, and I tried this product. It worked very well for two weeks, but after that, the relief started to fade away.

Worth it for the price!
by Corri

I was at GNC the other day and saw this product and thought I'd give it a shot! Where can you find an allergy product that offers 48 tablets for $4.99? I have mild to moderate alergies this time of the year and I thought this product worked wonderful! I only needed to take 2 tablets before my symptoms were totally gone. Overall, I would definitly recommend this to anyone looking for allergy relief!

Feeling tired
by Jill S.

I have tried Bio to help aid in relief from some of my allergy symptoms. It did help me breathe better, but didn't last as long as I was hoping for. Also, it made me feel a bit tired, which made it harder to do my work.

Good for short term relief only
by Donia

I bought these on sale also and when I had an onset and need for them tried them out. They did work, but for 1-2 hours only and when my symptoms returned they seemed worse than ever. They only work for a very, very short time frame. If you need a longer relief as most of us do, try something else first.

Doesn't Work For Long
by Annalisa

I bought this product for my husband because he's allergic to everything! Dust, pollen, scents, pets...everything. His nose gets stuffy at the slightest bit of anything, so I thought this would help relieve the sinus discomfort. In my opinion, it works well....but only for a short period of a few hours. If you're looking for longer term relief, try something else.

Short term relief
by Candice

I bought this product because it was on sale and I really haven't been able to find a real good source for my sinus problems. It helped great for the first hour or so and then the pain and pressure returned. I have real bad sinus problems.

Good Product
by Dave

It's so much more convenient to be able to purchase an allergy medicine whenever I need it without having to worry about a phone call or visit to the doctor's office. This stuff works great, and it neither makes me drowsy, nor does it give me medicine-head. I use this in conjunction with a daily sinus rinse and my allergies issues are just not an issue any more!

Great...but for how long?
by Dan

Those summer months filled with pollen are coming up. I've long searched for a great allergy relief product. This is a great product and holds true to it's description. If you are looking for something that will provide great relief for a small duration of time, this is it. However, if you're looking for long-term relief, you might try another product.

Didn't Work for Me
by Louis

I have severe allergies during certain times of the year, and I wanted to try this product. It was a temporary relief for my allergies, but it didn't work that well for me in the end because my allergies didn't improve.

by Corey

I used this product recently when I got a cold. It provided some relief for about an hour and a half. If you need short-term relief, this is a good product.

Not for Me
by Melissa

I used this product when I was waiting for a prescription allergy medicine to be filled and it provided relief for a short period. This is not a product for someone like me with severe allergies.

Great Product
by Rebecca

This product has helped to reduce my flare-ups from seasonal allergies. It is well priced and works great. I highly recommend this to others.

by devla

This product works great and is a reasonable price. I have used it a few times, switching back and forth from Benadryl. I have found them to both be effective, but Bio-remedy does seem to be better in the sense that it doesn't make me drowsy.

Works OK
by Nikolas M

This was recommend to us for my allergy relief by a pharmacist who raved about it. Upon purchasing and using it I was pleased at first. However, after about 2-3 hours the effect seemed to wear off, now I certainly didn't expect it to be a cure all but gees 2 hours? Maybe I was more disappointed because of how hyped it was to me and I expected more than it could deliver. At any rate, it was OK for a very short term relief.

Sinus relief
by carolyn

This product is pretty good. I have really bad allergies from pollen and this product has helped me breathe better and sneeze less!

by J

Although this product did temporarily relieve my allergy and sinus symptoms, it did not last long at all. Within about an hour of taking this medication I could feel my allergy and sinus symptoms returning. I also became very drowsy on this medication. I think the drowsiness actually lasted longer than the symptom relief.

by Mike Huang

Every year I get tired of the allergy seasons because I sneeze and my eyes sometimes puff up. After I used the relief tablets, I started to feel better during the seasons. I do recommend these tablets to those who need quick control of the problem.

Works quickly but is short-lived
by Jaime

If you're looking for temporary, short-term allergy relief, this product can definitely deliver. However, it's not designed for all-day relief and you'll likely need something stronger if your symptoms are persistent or very strong. However, for temporary relief of mild to moderate symptoms, this product works like a charm.

So So
by Stephen E.

I have year-round allergies and I tried to look for a cheaper alternative to my $40 copay for prescription medication. This product temporarily helped my allergies within an hour, but it did not help for long. I had to take two tablets to see any improvements on my allergy symptoms and after they had somewhat improved; it only made me feel better for two hours at most. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone who has severe allergies, unless you don't mind constantly popping pills every couple of hours.

Great relief
by Arvinder


Allergy reliever
by Rashmi R

I have quite an issue with sinus and headaches. But after using Bio—Remedy Allergy & Sinus Relief tablets my problem has not totally solved but is under control. This is good for temporary relief with sinus problems and minor headaches. One tablet at night gives me quite a relief and sound sleep. Like I said its not a permanent cure but definitely good for temporary relief.

by Michael Jiang

Does a decent job of temporarily relieving allergy and sinus symptoms, but does not live up to its billing. Relief is short and fades quickly, but does provide good relief for a short period of time.

Sinus Relief
by Bobbiesue

I have used this product many times. I suffer from seasonal allergies from tree pollen and some forms of weeds. I found this product to be great during the day to help me feel less stuffy. It does though, from time to time make me feel drowsy.

Bio-Remedy Allergy & Sinus Relief
by Christy Rakoczy

I have always had bad allergies from the time I was younger, and have tried a lot of different remedies (everything from over the counter to prescription). I find this to be one of the better ones that I have used. It clears up your sinuses almost immediately and lasts for a few hours. The only problem is it makes you very drowsy so be sure you have time to take a nap or at least not drive or operate heavy machinery right after use.

by may

I have very bad allergies, and they are all season as I am allergic to many things. I have to change the medicine I use once in a while because I have another problem -- I get immune, so I have tried many products. This one I tried and I found it to be very helpful. I got sinus relief when I used it right away. Very helpful. Try it and you see you will sleep like a baby, if you use it at night.

Sinus Relief
by Julia

I always get sinus and allergy problems at least 10 times a year, but yet what American doesn't? This product seemed to work a lot better than my usual sinus relief medications, and over the counter medicines. I was actually surprised how much this helped me. It made my congestion go away and my post nasal drip eventually went away. This is definitely a good choice of sinus relief.

Bio—Remedy Allergy & Sinus Relief
by Khalilah Murarsheed

I suffer with sinus problems off and on. I had Bio Remedy allergy & sinus relief for my nasal congestion and sinus pain. Bio remedy allergy & sinus relief works for all my sinus problems.

Really Quite Helpful
by Janine Logue

I took this while I was on vacation camping. Because they were cheap I was not sure they would work, but they actually did help me.

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by Melissa

Ever since I started taking Bio remedy, it instantly helped my allergies, I get allergies really bad every year and this is the only thing that relieves those horrible symptoms.