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allergy releif
by Heather

I think it works really well. It helps relieve symptoms of allergies fairly fast and lasts quite some time

by sara

I used this last spring when my allergies were the worst. While most allergy medicines take a day to take effect,I have suffered with allergies all my life, and used this product for 6 months last year during allergy season. My doctor told me to try it, but after using it for 6 months I did not see the results that I had hoped for. I continued to be stuffed up, sneezing, itchy eyes. I thought this product would at least help with some of my symptoms, but it barely did. There are better products out on the market besides this one.

Great for slight allergy problems.
by Sharonrose

Every year when pollen season rolls around, without fail I suffer from horrible sinus headaches, a runny nose, scratchy throat, and very sore eyes. I tried this product last year and it provided a world of relief. I am already stocked up and ready for this year!

Worked surprisingly well
by william

This worked surprisingly well, This product is good at providing temporary relief of your allergy symptoms. It is all natural so you can take it more often than other over the counter allergy relief medicines. Be sure you read all the direction first.

by Emilia

I bought this because I suffer from allergies. I am allergic to dust, and cats. When I get up in the mornings I suffer bad headaches. Taking this product has help me minimize the headaches and my stuffy nose.

by frank

Effective. My son gave it a shot. Pretty good. No side effect and very simple to use. The only thing you should note is that you will not see results quickly.

Mediocre Sinus Relief
by brosfam

I started using this product this winter when my sinuses got extremely clogged. Most other products I tried were much more effective than this one, so I do not recommend it to anyone who wants to cure their sinuses. It's not worth the price.

A best buy!
by Jeremy Pjroc

I moved to a new city a little over a year ago and developed the worst allergic reaction to the pollen that I've had in years. My mother bought this product to my attention and I was immediately surprised at how fast it worked. I especially like the fact that I can still function normally as I would around the house during the day. I usually turn my nose up to so called "natural supplements" and "medicine" but after I was relieved last spring and summer, I will be looking for this product in the future.

Spring is coming
by Stanimir Yordanov

During spring, I use this product to prevent myself from suffering from spring allergies. My eyes feel very dry during that season and I sneeze all the time. I started using this product last spring, and the effects were amazing.

The Best
by Julia Adams

My mother used this product, and said it was the best she's ever used. Now that she has found something to help her allergies out, she said she's going to buy this product more often. She said all the other medicines would make her dizzy, or drowsy, or even more tired than she was without, but when she took this Seasonal Allergy Relief, it changed her feeling about medicine, and allergies all together.

Saved me a lot of pain!
by Joseph

I've had severe allergies since I can remember and lately my sinus cavities have been filling up as a result. I started taking seasonal allergy relief and I ended up with half as many sinus infections this season, well worth it.

by Amanda Rhoads

We started using this because our insurance stopped covering Zyrtec. I was worried we'd have to suffer since it worked so well for the whole family but then I found Seasonl Allergy Relief and it works great. I even told our family doctor about it since I know there have to be more people in her practice that are in the same boat. She was very appreciative.

Works Every Time
by TK

This has helped me tremendously. As soon as I get a runny nose I start taking these. What can I say it works every time. It helps with the runny nose, eases the watery eyes and stops the sneezing. Everything I want in a allergy medicine. Would recommend this to anyone and everyone. Try it, use it, love it.

seasonal allergy
by satyen

This product gives great relief with runny eyes & allergy from pollen....I have had problems with dust allergy and after taking this product, I haven't had itchy eyes or runny nose. This product gives instant relief & doesn't have any side effect of any kind..This product is non drowsy so I don't feel sleepy after taking this.

get relief from allergies
by spriya

I am very allergic to dust and I get severe headache when I am exposed to dust. I have tried various other allergy medicines, but wasn't fully satisfied. This product worked very well for me. It gives instant relief and I never had any side effects of this.

Hylands Allergy Make another choice
by jeanette

I am a normally a fan of Hyland's products. I had used the teething tablets and others for my children with great success. This product, however, fails to deliver. The suggested dosage brought me no noticeable relief whatsoever. I suffer from ragweed and pollen allergies and was looking for a natural alternative to over the counter medications. This was definitely not the solution! I will have to try something else. Maybe if you only have slight allergies this might work for you. Good luck with it.

by zach r

This is a great product. I suffer from pollen every year, and I tried this product. It has greatly reduced my suffering from pollen. I no longer wake up sneezing and groggy, and I feel great throughout the day.

Great product!!!!

Fights Allergies
by Dave

Ahh! How nice to wake up and inhale without sneezing my brains out. I'm allergic to cats! I take Claritin and I don't even notice them....or their fur!

A Truly Non-Drowsy Allergy Alternative
by Melissa Martinez

I am a big fan of Hyland's products (particularly their brand of Calms Forte) but this one was just above average, not fantastic like most of their products. It works well if you take the maximum dosage, but not for a full 4-6 hours like I had hoped. I found myself needing to take another dosage sooner than that. The great news is that this is truly a non-drowsy formula, whereas many allergy meds that claim to be non-drowsy still make me sleepy.

Relief from allergies
by Mike Huang

I get tired of the allergy seasons because I sneeze and my eyes sometimes puff up. After I used the quick dissolving tablets, I've started to feel better during the seasons. I do recommend these tablets to people who get runny eyes and nose problems from pollen.

Temporary Relief
by HS

This product is good at providing temporary relief of your allergy symptoms. It is all natural so you can take it more often than other over the counter allergy relief medicines. Be sure you read all the direction first.

Worked good, for a while
by Nikolas M

I've tried several different allergy meds, some with pretty good luck and others were very disappointing, this one was slightly above middle of the pack. 1 pill was fine if I was having a slight problem , 2 every 4-5 hours worked great for bad allergies. This product worked pretty good for about 2 months and then it seemed as though my body had worked up a defense to it so I had to search for a new one. I may switch back if a new one does the same thing and see how the effects are.

A great find!
by Jody

This worked surprisingly well, given that it was relatively affordable - definitely worth a try and a great allergy weapon to have in your springtime arsenal. I had no side effects taking it either.

Sometimes Worked
by Stephen E.

I tried taking this during the summer when my allergies are the worst. I found that the recommended dosage wasn't strong enough to give me any relief on most occasions. This product worked a few times, but most of the time it offered little to no relief at all. Of course, for the price, if you only suffer from light symptoms of allergies, this may work better for you.

Not the best but works good
by Kim

I tried this for a couple of months. It worked well when I first started taking it but after awhile it didn't seem to work as well.

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