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by Tommy

Yippie!! I can Breath!!!

pretty good
by ravenm

I used to take this every day and only stopped because I could no longer afford the expenditure. It's not a quick fix. It's not intended for immediate relief of allergy symptoms. What it does do, micron by micron, is help your body adjust to allergens and build up a tolerance so that when those allergies are in season, your allergic reaction is less pronounced and you have less need of quick-fix medications. If I could still afford to buy this product, I would do so devotedly, since it genuinely helped me deal with my terrible, year-round allergies.

Builds up tolerance to allergen exposure
by Ivy S.

This is really more of a product to build up one's tolerance to allergens, and not an actual treatment once the rhinitis or sneezing symptoms have appeared. However, if you are looking for a more long term answer to seasonal or yearly allergies when pollen is at it's highest, then bioAllers Outdoor Allergy Relief will work for many people... if used consistently for a long enough period of time.

Being interested in a more "preventative" approach, I asked around and checked the net for different ideas, but then a friend told me about this product. I started taking the tablets exactly according to the directions early in the spring of last year, around the end of March or early April, and continued throughout the summer and fall. Within around eight weeks or so, I did experience some lessening of the sneezing and runny eyes that usually accompany the heralding of late Spring and mid summer, when plants and trees usually bloom. The most relief came during the fall, however, as my allergy symptoms sometimes become much worse then due to the dropping of seeds and pods common in the South as plants die out and shed. I stopped taking the tablets in December, as by then most of the allergens and pollen here have abated and the pollen count is much lower. I do plan on starting back in late March with taking the tablets, so as to build up my tolerance repeatedly, just a small amount at a time, to the most common substances that trigger my symptoms, which are dandelion, clover, sweet gum pollen, and Dogwood. This product introduces the body to a very tiny amount of an array of common allergy producers in order to build up a better resistance by repeated exposure on a daily basis, so that the body no longer produces histamine when one comes in contact with the pollen or other allergen. No histamine production equals no troubling allergic symptoms.

I prefer this approach to allergy relief as most common OTC allergy relief drugs merely control symptoms and usually contain the decongestant ephedrine, which is contra-indicated for those with hypertension, or an antihistamine such as diphenhydramine, which will cause drowsiness and dry mouth. This product, bioAllers, does not contain a "medication" such as these, nor a chemical compound just to treat "symptoms" quickly, but instead targets the cause of the allergy, by increasing one's resistance to common triggers such as outdoor pollens, grass clippings, leaf mold and flowering plants, etc.

I will continue to use the capsules in hopes that eventually I can spend more time outdoors in the spring and fall without becoming uncomfortable from both nasal and bronchial allergy symptoms.

TOO much work
by Silvio Chiba

I wanted to find some allergy meds. that would work for my annoying pollen allergies. I say this at the drug store and bought one package up. When I went home I was surprised to see that you had to take 2 pills 3 times a day. That’s some serious work. I could hardly remember to take this 3 times daily. Eventually I forget about this product because it took too much effort and work to use. Bottom line is to get a product that requires only one dosage daily, then you will not ever forget about taking it, and then it might actually work.

Allergy relief
by George

bioAllers Outdoor Allergy Relief helps lessen my outdoor allergy symptoms. Mowing the lawn has become a chore and a half as I am constantly stopping to blow my nose or sneeze. When I take this before my yard work, I am able to better tolerate it. I still sneeze, but less often, and my nose doesn't run nearly as much. It helps me get my yard work completed...

good product
by tabassum

My husband has pollen allergies and he suffers a lot whenever we are outdoors. Since the time he is using BioAllers outdoor allergy relief tablets he is getting less symptoms. He's been using in the spring season since last year. Only problem is I have to remind him to take his medication then he is all set to have fun outdoors. These tiny pills are worth trying as they have no side effects.

Not too bad
by Jared M

BioAller's helped me very little. I took it for 3 weeks back in early spring. It helped me more than some over the counter medicines such as clariton, but it took me 1 week to start seeing some of the results. It wasn't for me. It helped relieve some of my congestion, but I still had the runny nose and also the itch in my throat. I probably would use this product again if I lived nowhere near the country. I took the product because of the interesting facts I read on the container about it. Good product but was just not for me.

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