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Great for overall Lung Health
by Allison

When I was 26 I got the flu twice in a 3-month period. By the time I caught it the second time, I was still coughing horribly from the first round. My mom brought home some ALJ and another Nature's Sunshine blend called Seasonal Defense and suggested that I try it. At the time I wasn't a believer in herbs because I had tried them before for different things with little to no results. So when I took the 3 daily doses that first day, I was very cynical about them doing anything noticeable. The next morning I woke up with a very different outlook. I could tell that I was still sick, but I was no longer coughing, no sinus drainage, and just an overall different feeling in my lungs. Since then I have been a big believer in ALJ, though I haven't experienced quite such a drastic change in one day's dosage, but I haven't been that sick either. I always keep it on hand for times of sickness, but I haven't tried it for allergies. Not sure why, but it never occured to me. I've begun experiencing more allergies than ever before in the past year, so next time I will try the ole trusty ALJ. Really, can't believe I hadn't thought of it before.

by Laura

I live in Austin, TX and have had allergies since I moved here, it got worse at about year 5. After trying EVERTHING from nose strips, Vicks, Claritin, Zyrtec, eye drops, and Benadryl- nothing worked until I was introduced to these ALJ tabs. They're all natural so you can take as much as you want as they will not have any adverse effects. All of a sudden you won't need to carry tissues around and your body will develop an immunity to sickness that will last a life time


It is my experience that this is the greatest natural mucous relieving product on the market! I have food allergies plus allergies to dust and mold. When I take ALJ it completely relieves my respiratory system of mucous. It is also extremely helpful for the common cold!

Great for my asthma
by Annie

I have had asthma since childhood and during allergy season I usually get a handful of asthma attacks throughout the day due to the pollen and what not. I used this product for about a month during the allergy season and saw that it really helped my asthma. I saw a substantial decrease in asthmatic occurrences while using this product. I had less asthma attacks during the allergy season while on Alj which was amazing. The tabs slide down easily. My asthma starts with the inhalation of dust or pollen while I'm outside and then my nasal passages get stuffy, I sneeze a few times then the wheezing comes, but with Alj it nips the symptoms at the bud. It kept my nasal passages clear while I walked about a garden or walked the dog at the park. Stopping the nasal congestion/sneezing seemed to prevent the onset of an asthma attack. I only took 2 tabs twice a day and still saw results. I can't say that my respiratory system is "stronger" but Alj seems to fight off allergy symptoms of congestion and itchy watering eyes while in the presence of allergens like pollen. Even if you don't have asthma but get seasonal allergies its still a cheap and effective (you can use Alj to prevent allergies rather than taking Claritin AFTER you've already had allergy symptoms, that way you avoid getting allergies altogether) way of fighting off allergies.


I really like the ALJ vegitabs. I have been having problems with getting sinus infections for a while now and it seems that my immune system just has not been working properly. I have tried everything, but nothing seemed to work until I tried the ALJ. It really seems to be helping after taking it for a month. I have not been sick and I feel stronger and more energetic. I would recommend these to anyone.

by Tiff

Alj Vegitabs is a great product and has helped my mom a lot with her respiratory problems. It uses all natural products such as horseradish and fennel. It's non drowsy and helps her get through the weeks a lot easier. It makes her feel great! I recommend this product to everyone that has respiratory products.

Great for allergies
by Nathan

This is a product that I like to have around during hay fever season in the spring. It definitely allows me to go outside for longer periods without the runny noses and sneezing.

sleeping pill
by ryan

The only effect I felt was tired. I fell asleep about 1 hour after taking this product. I guess you can say it helped my allergies due to the fact that I was dead tired after taking it. I must have tried this product for over 2 weeks, and every time I take it, I become extremely tired.

by Frank

I have tried many products to help me deal with my respiratory problems, none of which have seemed to help me deal with my constant raspiness and constant congestion. Alj Vegitabs is a great product which uses natural products such as horseradish and fennel. Another great thing about this product, is that it is non-drowsey and helps me get through the day a lot better! It is a great herbal nourishment and does not make me have a medicine head feeling!

by liy

I know it says non drowsy...but I took this stuff and 1 hour later I was sound asleep for 2 hours - dead sleep. The night before I had a great nights sleep, so I did NOT need the rest. I was light headed and dopey for 24 hours and did not sleep well that night. I think they need to re-think this product and marketing because I have two other family members who used this and were also drowsy.

by jay

Who knew such things as fennel and horseradish could clear up my head! It is a shame that products that work this well aren't found in every Ingle's or Publix or Walmart. These products are top-notch, and we should be telling everyone about them.

Allergies worst enemy!
by Gordy

I was looking for an herbal alternative for allergy medicine because living in Michigan forces me to go through many up and down weather changes. These changes really make my allergies and sinus act up. Some other over-the-counter remedies and supplements didn't really seem to do much for me but make me lackadaisical and slightly less miserable.

Well, I happened to find these gems from Nature's Sunshine ( a favorite manufacturer of mine). I must say that these little tablets really gave me the extra respiratory boost I needed. My symptoms were definitely much, much less noticeable than before and I was feeling a lot more energetic and healthy. I only needed to take 3 tablets, twice daily to get the full effect (although everyone is different).

At roughly $15 for 100 tablets, I highly recommend allergy sufferers (especially those in horrible weather zones like Michigan) to give them a try!

Alj Vegitabs
by Patrick

I agree with the previous two reviewers, this product is excellent. The relief was wonderful and nearly instant. If you have moderate-severe allergies, I recommend getting some of these pills. They work wonderfully, and you won't be disappointed.

by Julia

This is one of the absolute best! It has a great effect. It helps with my breathing, makes me more awake and non achey, I would definitely recommend this to people. I also like this product because of the Herbal nourishments, and how it helps clean so much. THANK YOU

Asthma Relief
by Chrislyn

A friend of mine suffers terribly from hay fever. She said there is nothing that has given her more relief without side effects than ALJ Vegitabs. She states that most of the over the counter products she has taken have made her drowsy, even if it is a non-drowsy formula, and few made her jittery. She states that none of the symptoms occur with ALJ.

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