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Works, plain and simple.
by Quinten

This helped keep my nasal passages open during allergy season which is a godsend. I was always missing days of work and since I started taking this I've called in sick once. I can honestly say this saved me money in lost work.

by Karen

I have used this off and on for a couple of years now. I have a lot of sinus problems and before Histablock I had to take antibiotics frequently. A friend recommended I try Histablock a couple of years ago and I'm so grateful because this has been great. When I feel a sinus infection coming on, I take the Histablock as directed on the label, and almost every time within a few hours I am back to normal, having headed off the infection, and with no need for antibiotics. This is just a miracle for me.

Just wow

I wish I had known about this stuff earlier. My daughter had sinus surgery to fix her stuffy head because nothing on the market was working. Now that the rest of the family has discovered this wonderful product, we can hear a gnat poot from a block away!

by satyen

I bought this product for my wife. She likes this product since it has antioxidants and helps her with opening her nasal passage tissues. This is more natural way to treat your allergy rather taking other medication you don't know what it contains.

Good One
by Ali

I had an unusual allergy attack several years back and nothing helped. I had tried just about everything. I read about Histablock and decided it couldn't hurt? When I felt the symptoms come on (itchy eyes) I took it and helped A LOT. My symptoms were not as bad.

by Annie

I have asthma and found that this helps me breathe easier especially when I have a cold and get congestion. It's an antihistamine so it blocks all those allergy symptoms like congestion. It's definitely helped me! Great stuff.

Allergy relief
by Brian R.

I tried these allergy pills because I wanted to see if a natural pill would be any better. I've got to say that it really does about the same as an over the counter pill would do: clear the stinging, itching sensation. Definitely a good pill for anyone wanting to take a more natural path to relief.

works best when taken early on
by Stephanie

I bought this for my brother who has terrible seasonal allergies. It worked great sometimes and not as well others. We finally realized that if you take it at the first sign of your allergies acting up, it works very well, but if you wait until the symptoms hit you, it's not as good. It still helps just not as quickly or effectively.

Nature's relief
by Ricardo Gutierrez

My allergic reactions tend to vary from time and time, but generally get extreme with changes in weather along with pollen or other toxins in the air. I've tried many over the counter medicines and none give such fast and impressive results. I no longer have to bring a box of tissue wherever I go, or worsen myself by rubbing my nose and contaminating my watery eyes. I don't know of other allergies that I may have, but I will sure try this for all my allergic reactions.

Very good
by Wendy C

When I had Poison Ivy a few years ago (horrible case- I even went to the doctor where they prescribed me scary medication that I couldn't imagine taking) Histablock actually worked better than anything to reduce the itch. It also reduced the rash somehow. I would highly recommend.

by Cathy Weaver

I start taking Histablock at the first sign of pollen being released in the air. My allergic reactions are not as severe and it does not dry me out like over-the-counter products do.
I used to take shots to build up my immune system, now I rely on a natural path to give me relief from the seasonal allergic reactions and Histablock is a part of the regime I use.

Good relief takes time
by David M

I used to take Claritin knock-offs with good results but wanted to go more natural. Histablock works pretty well, although for me it was fully effective by the 3rd day. This product is great if you don't wait until your seasonal allergies are in full attack mode!

No More Achoo
by Cynthia

My sister uses Histablock instead of over the counter allergy products. It works quickly and promotes healing of the problem while providing symptomatic relief. She no longer loses days of her life to sinus problems.

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