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Worked well
by william

My doctor recommended this product to me knowing that I prefer to use natural meds over prescriptions. I like the fact that this contains natural herbs to help treat seasonal allergies. Seasonal Defense relieved all of my seasonal allergy symptoms. This is a great natural product!

Always works
by Barry

I have been using this product for many months and they always get the job done. I used to have extreme allergies and after taking these they make it seem like they were never there in the first place. Giving you the peace of mind you always wanted. They work miracles on people who have strong allergy problems throughout the season. Even if you have small allergy altercations, this product will still do wonders to your allergies and you will truly be amazed. Please give this product a try because it will awe you just as much as it has awed me.

Seasonal Defense
by Julia Adams

I have been taking this product for almost a year. I took this product because I had extreme allergies. Every year, I get allergies. I always suffer from sinus infections, and post nasal drip, and just hate the feeling. So I tried Seasonal Defense out, thinking it would just be one of the same old allergy medicines... that would work for one day, then quit. But it wasn't. It was the best medicine I have ever taken for my allergies. I liked everything about this product, because my allergies are always 100% better when I use it. I am definitely going to buy this product everytime my allergies kick in.

by Mandy

As with all other Natures Sunshine products, this one has not let me down either. This is the remedy of my mothers choice for her sever allergies. She does not like the fact that she has to take it 3 times a day, but it works so well for her that she has overcome this minor problem and now is allergy symptom free.

by Ethan

I've had bad allergies for a long time now and over time I have developed sort of an immunity to Clariton and Allegra. I had to try something new or suffer and I'm glad I picked Seasonal Defense. Worked like a charm, and kept me relatively safe from my allergy problems for the entire season.

Great Product
by David

I have dealt with allergies all my life, and have tried many different products to help me deal with allergy season. Seasonal Defense is one of the few products that has actually helped me get through the season. I used seasonal defense for 4 months, and the biggest thing it has done for me is changed my work life for the better. I now don't have to sit at my desk and blow my nose all day long while my co-workers get annoyed by me. It is a little pricey, but definitely worth it.

Seasonal Defense
by Gary

I recently tried this product after contracting colds from my family members. I was able to touch the same things they touched and touch my face without getting sick after taking this product. If you don't want to get sick during the winter, then this is the perfect product for you!

Seasonal Defense Not so Defensive
by Erica Jane

I tried this product from a local pharmacy to help prevent my seasonal allergies, cold and flu prevention, and other viral infections that are seasonal. This product worked great for my family and I. I like the price because it's very reasonable and I also like the fact that it has a lot of natural herbs in it. I would recommend this product because it's natural, it doesn't over medicate you, and it gets the job done.

Great Product
by toddm

I have to say I am surprised at how well this product worked for me. The flu was spreading in the area and I rushed out and bought Seasonal Defense. While a little pricey it was worth every cent and it prevented me from getting the flu. Highly recommend!

I like it

I was recently taking a prescription allergy medicine. I thought I would try this and I was amazed. I have started using it and seldom have to take the prescription anymore. Everything seems to affect my allergies from my cats, dust, to the outside pollen.

Protects against the flu
by Phil Young

The flu was recently spreading throughout my family so I went to CVS and got Seasonal Defense. It really worked to protect my body from the flu and I never got sick, even after my whole family did.

Great for Moderate Allergies
by Katelin

I suffer from moderate seasonal allergies. Even with my insurance coverage, it was still costing me $50 for my monthly supply of Allegra and was just too much to keep up with. At $20, Claritin seemed like the better option, but it was hardly doing anything to relieve my runny nose, itchy eyes and headache. I was SO happy to have found Seasonal Defense! It's as effective as prescription meds and is less expensive too. I definitely recommend it!

Seasonal Defense
by Dorene

I like the fact that this contains natural herbs to help treat seasonal allergies. Seasonal Defense relieved all of my seasonal allergy symptoms. This is a great natural product!

Highly Recommend It
by Dave

I admit that based on past experience with "non-drowsy" formula allergy relief medications, I was skeptical about Seasonal Defense. I was wrong! This product completely relieved my allergy symptoms without the usual side effects. It's a great OTC product, and I highly recommend it!

Good product.
by C S R

My doctor recommended this product to me knowing that I prefer to use natural meds over prescriptions. This product provides the relief I need for my congestion, itchy eyes and headaches, while remaining natural.

Worked just as well for me as my prescription allergy medication
by Angel C.

Honestly, I have to say this product works awesome. I have moderate to severe allergies and decided to try this product out just for the heck of it instead of my prescription medication to see how well it worked. In comparison, it was very similar to how well it worked compared to my prescription Allegra. It worked excellent at relieving my allergies and I recommend it to anyone looking for a more natural choice to relieve their allergy symptoms.

Not too great
by Jon

I personally think it isn't that great. I used it for 3 months and it didn't work for my allergies. It kept me drowsy all day and I could not concentrate on my work.

Nice otc choice!
by heather

My allergies can hit me fast, and when they do, it's nice to have something easy to take instead of having to rush off to the doctor for an allergy shot. This is one of the few things that works for me! My nose and head feels less clogged up, thanks to this!

LOVE it!
by allismom

I feel much better taking this product over the Claritin I used to take. Obviously it is cheaper also and honestly does a much better job. I start taking it in October and end in May.

by Henley

My b/f uses this product, as he gets allergies when the seasons change, especially during the spring and winter, but his allergies start anytime. He says it works pretty well. His allergies wouldn't be as bad as if he didn't take them.

A great way to stay healthy
by S

As the seasons change, it's hard to change your diet and lifestyle patterns all the time. Using Seasonal Defense has helped clear up my allergies in a natural way. The Ayurvedic guidelines help to support the immune system naturally, and the synephrine helped clear up my nasal blockage during the peak season. It's also helped with headaches and eye puffiness. Great value for an all-natural product!

Travel Well
by Cynthia

Seasonal Defense is the product I use when I am traveling and know I will be encountering lots of potential for sickness. People often comment on how I never seem to get what is going around. I always give Seasonal Defense the credit.

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