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Not impressed
by A. Rush

This product is good, but I am not impressed. It does not beat out any other similar product on the market. Upon using the product, I have to admit that I did feel a little relief. However, I have felt more relief from other products, thus I chose to discontinue use and go towards another allergy/sinus product.

Great for sinus relief
by okyots

If you have sinus pressure and pain from allergies, I definitely recommend this product. Take it when you feel the slightest twinge of your allergies coming on and it'll greatly help reduce the overall sinus pain. I love it!

Allergy issues relieved
by Erika

With the way the weather constantly changes in Indiana, this product has been a blessing. I feel like I end up with a sinus infection at the end of every season, and by taking this product often (several times a week), I have been able to avoid such illnesses. It can keep you out of the doctor's office and back on track to feeling normal without the sinus pressure, headaches and the horrible sore throats. The price is acceptable and much more affordable than other brands out there. I would recommend this product to someone who suffers from harsh seasonal allergies.

by M. DeGilio

I'm very prone to allergies. Certain times during the year when I go outside I get watery and itchy eyes shorty after. The constant sneezing is miserable. I tried this product and suddenly, I noticed I don't get this reaction as much or as strong anymore. A must have!

Immediate Sinus Relief
by Antoinette

Horrible sinus pressure has plagued me on and off for the past three years. Drainage of my sinuses down my throat would also create awful sore throats. At my pharmacist suggestion, I tried AllergyCare. The relief I felt after taking this product was with 20 minutes. I highly recommend it.

Love this product.
by Karen Yost

Honestly I can't live without this product. This has helped me out so much. No matter what time of the year it is I have allergy problems. If my nose is not running then I have sinus pain and pressure with headaches. I have tried lots of different types of medicines and this one does not make me tired. It really does help clear you up in about a day. Give this one a try. I know you will love it.

Good Product
by heink

While the season is a bit rainy and gloomy, I have tried this in the past during the allergy seasons, especially when people are constantly out doing yard work and cutting the grass. It helped with my runny noses and helped to clear my sinuses throughout the day.

No more snoring!
by Anna

My dad has really bad sinus problems and is always congested at night which leads to heavy snoring. After one of my friends suggested it to me, I gave him the product to try, and it made his snoring go away completely! His sinuses also cleared up and there were no side effects! Definitely a good product.

No sinus pressure
by Glenda

Another great product by Nature's Way. I have to have instant relief from sinus pressure and this provides that quickly. You have to take at least 2 capsules daily until your passages open up. For a safe,effective,low priced and allergy reliever this is a good product. Does not make you feel drowsy and will relieve those intense headaches from sinus pressure for hours.

Keeps her clear
by Bridget Roberts

My mother in law has severe allergies. She has tried tons of different products. After reading about this product I told her to give it a try. She has had problems with others that cause her to get tired easily. After about a week of using it she felt 100% better, "free and clear" as she calls it.

Hay Fever! Good Bye!
by AR

Living in Michigan I have had always suffered from sudden temperature change resulting in CONSTANT allergy outbreaks. I mostly would just get really congested with horrible sinus pressure. I like to try different products and came across AllergyCare for about $4 at the local drug store. The primary active ingredient in AllergyCare is Pseudoephedrine. It is complimented by Brigham Tea Herb, Elder Flowers, Eyebright, Ginger, and other natural ingredients aimed at giving you relief from common allergy symptoms. All you have to do is take 1 or 2 capsules a day to temporary relieve stuffiness and sinus congestion. I thought it was just as effective as more expensive brands and it is definitely less invasive than other products that use more synthetic products and make you drowsy.

Good alternative
by Brian N.

I have tried this product before as a cheaper alternative to the behind the counter allergy medicines I usually take. My allergies usually occur 1-2 weeks in spring and fall seasons. When the allergies are not as severe in nature, I take these and they seem to relieve my nasal symptoms just fine. No other side effects arose from taking these capsules so I feel perfectly safe with them.

The Healthy Choice
by Denise Grier

I like it that this works using natural ingredients and it doesn't make me sleepy.

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