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by Matt H

One of the best non--stimulants out there. If you need quick relief I can't recommend a better one for my family when allergies act up.

It's ok
by okyots

I have mild allergies and hate getting watery eyes and sneezing constantly. I noticed that when I used this product, the sneezing lessened, but not nearly enough to provide relief. Don't use this is if you have heavy allergies, but if you have minor side effects then this might work for you.

by Julie

I have had horrible allergies every fall season and have tried countless products. A friend recommended this, and it worked for me. So I wanted to pass on the good word... just give it a try.

by satyen

I have had problem with seasonal allergies..I have this product since 8 months & my allergies seems to go away...I use this product for duct & pollen allergy and this works better then anything I have use ever before....thumps up for this product.

Wow -- great product!
by Jane M.

I have a job where I have to be very focused. If I am sneezing during allergy season, it is hard for me to do my job. I get hit with severe sneezing bouts and runny eyes, which do nothing for the quality of my work and I end up not sleeping well at night as well. I use this now and I can honestly say that this works like no other! I can focus on my job now without suffering throughout the day. Great product! I keep it with me all the time.

Price is perfect
by Josh

This is a great product for seasonal allergies and keeps you feeling great all year long. It's inexpensive, so its affordable to feel great all year long even with allergies.

Good product for Seasonal Allergies!
by Lisa

I occasionally suffer from seasonal allergies (I am allergic to anything green that grows outdoors!), but I am mostly affected in the spring months. I took this product with me on a trip to Ohio as a precaution and it was truly a lifesaver! I am so thankful I took it because my body was obviously not accustomed to the foliage there. I got hit with a severe case of allergies and my doctor was miles away. This product provided effective relief from the runny nose, watery eyes and overall stuffiness I was experiencing. Now I never travel (or go through a springtime) without it!

Fights ragweed
by Cara

I love HAS. I've never used a better product fighting my ragweed allergy. I usually have a really itchy throat when I go outside in the spring and HAS combats that perfectly. It doesn't make you drowsy or anything, in fact it helps you want to go outside.

Seasonal Allergies
by Stacy

HAS Non-Stimulant Formula 440 mg is a great product to use for any type of seasonal allergy, including hay fever. I have used it on many occasions and it works effectively and does not have any side effects, such as drowsiness.

Keeps the Tears Away!
by Dave

HAS Non-Stimulant Formula 440 mg tablets are really good. I suffer from bad allergies in the spring. This product helped me control sneezing and teary eyes. I would definitely recommend HAS Non-Stimulant Formula 440 mg. for people who suffer from allergies from pollen. The best thing is that you take only one tablet in the morning and one at night. I'll buy it again.

Excellent product for allergies
by nazmul07

I am very suceptible to hayfever and seasonal allergies in spring and fall, but this product helped me a lot. One of the benefits of this product is that it does not cause drowsiness like other products. If you haven't tried it, you should try it now.

great for allergies
by Kelly Morris

I have horrible hay fever and other allergies every spring and fall, and this product has helped immensely. I particularly like it because it doesn't cause drowsiness like other products I've tried.

HAS Non-Stimulant Formula
by Jeff

Excellent product. I have terrible hay fever and this product has helped me greatly. And it does not cause drowsiness, like some products do.

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