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Gotta Love It
by A. Braswell

I wasn't one of those people born with allergies, I grew into my allergy problems when I became an adult. Spring and Fall are the worst for me with the watery eyes, throat itching, ear aches, etc. I have tried Benadryl, Claritin, and all types of generic allergy pills and most of them work, but with side effects. Pollenblock works with no side effects. It does not leave me jittery or sleepy like some of the others do. I always keep at least two bottles of these on hand just to make sure I don't run out. If you want a more natural allergy relief medicine, try this product.

Nothing to sneeze at!!
by A. Rush

I have huge allergy issues. My allergies are so bad that I sleep with a humidifier when I visit my mom in South Carolina. If I have an allergy attack, it leads to asthma and then the lack of oxygen makes me go into seizures. PollenBlock helps to eliminate this serious situation. I have been very satisfied with the effectiveness of PollenBlock. I totally recommend this product to those suffering with allergies.

Good Product
by Matt

This product is extremely useful and effective. I generally have moderate allergy problems, but this eliminates them completely. I used to be able to stay outside for only about an hour, then I would have to go back in because of my allergies. However, since I ordered this product, I no longer need to worry about it. I can stay out as long as I want, because it lasts a good long time. Very little side effects; I highly recommend it.

by liy

It is a great product. I took it when it was prescription only, and still take it. I have severe allergy problems and it really helps me live normally. I have tried many others, but few of them work anywhere nearly as well as this one. Little to no side effects.

Pollen gone
by Barry

Pollen has been a problem to me ever since I can remember how to walk. This medicine does wonders against pollen and never again will you have to worry about it disturbing your day. The medicine works efficiently and instantly without the bad side effects. I didn't experience any headaches or drowsiness which is a big plus in my book. It is worth my time and investment. I will buy again once I run out of it. Highly recommend to everyone.

Best-kept secret!
by Jana

I normally take PollenBlock at the first sign of pollen. It's great as a preventative pill. After taking PollenBlock, all signs of allergies go away. It almost feels like I'd imagine living without allergies would be! These capsules are a good price, and a great deal. Get them when you see them, though, as many stores don't carry these pills. Try them soon!

It worked great
by Roxanne Ranelli

I have tried many allergy products, especially during the rough times of hay season. This product almost immediately cleared my sinuses and was preventative against all the pollen during the beginning springtime stages. I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers from hay fever, and who is looking for a product that works without making you drowsy.

Pollen block
by Theepa

My family is allegeric to Pollen especially my sister. Constant runny nose, watery eyes kept her from enjoying the spring season could offer. Pollenblock was the product which helped us a lot and also caused no side affects unlike other products in the market.

Very helpful product
by BusyMommy

While not having allergy problems of my own, my brother has been bothered by pollen since he was quite young. It does not make him tired like most other products that he has tried and has greatly reduced that amount of sneezing, watering eyes and general discomfort that he feels during pollen season.

Keeps the sneezing away
by Cara

You know how when the weather is changing and your nose starts to tingle? This is the first product that stops that feeling, it's amazing! Keeps my nose from running and keeps me going. It encourages me to plant flowers, any product that can do that is worth it.

by Michele Harper

I take PollenBlock when the pollen count is high and it really works well. I don't have the watering eyes, runny nose and itchiness when I take it.

No more sneezing!
by stacy

I have had the worst allergies over my life, and nothing seemed to work for me. Every spring and summer I would get red itchy eyes and my nose would constantly run. I tried this product and loved it, every spring now I make sure I have this on hand.

Very good
by may

I can say that I liked this product. Out of the many allergies that I have, pollen is one of them. When pollen season comes around I want to kill myself but this past season I actually tried PollenBlock. I can say it worked pretty good. It does not cause drowsiness, it is awesome. If you get like me and your eyes feel like paper after you rub them many times, well then PollenBlock is for you. It will make all the symptoms go away. Try it, you won't waste your money.

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