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Great natural Remedy
by sak

I tried using this product for the first time and got great relief from my allergies

One Week In
by David

I have been taking this product for one week, and have seen very good benefits. When I started a week ago I had a clear, runny nose. Allercetin took it out within 36 hours. I still fight allergies when I wake up in the morning, but Allercetin has limited the condition 50% or more. I am quite pleased I found this product.

Best I've found
by aileen zhang

I have been through allergy therapy and tried many different products. This product has helped to reduce my flare ups from seasonal allergies. This is the best product on the market that I have found.

by M. DeGilio

This product makes all the mucus in your nose drain out so you can have less pressure on your nose and reduces headaches. I use it each day of the winter to keep feeling great.

Very good
by Barry

I usually go with another brand but they didn't have any in stock so I went with this for a try. I get sinus headaches and pressure due to many allergies throughout springtime and winter. Throughout the span of 3 weeks this medicine has showed great strength in fighting allergies. I can clearly see this medicine is well worth the money and I strongly recommend it to everyone. Also one bright side on this medicine is the drowsiness factor is gone.

One of the best medicines for sinus problems
by Sue Plough

Throughout the year, I tend to suffer from sinus headaches and pressure due to my many different allergies. Other products I have tried make me shaky and sleepy, but this product does not. This product is a true life saver.

Great for Allergies!
by Pattie

My husband is allergic to dogs, and when we go to visit friends with dogs, he takes these and can withstand being around them. It works quickly and effectively on his watery eyes and runny nose. We are never without them!

Nothing Special
by Josh

This product gave me basic relief from the flu but was not strong enough for me to feel good all day long. I took about 15 capsules in one day, and it made me feel like the product was cheap.

Works Wonders on Runny Noses
by Shannon

I keep these in stock at all times. They are wonderful! I use it more as a defense then anything else. I have a horrible mold allergy, and as soon as I start to feel the running nose, and watery eyes coming on, I start to take these. They give me the ability to spend time outside in the spring. I only take them when needed, not as directed, and I find that they make me a little drowsy. On a negative note, they are chewable, which I am not fond of, but they are worth it, so I grin and bear it.

Great Reliever For My Allergies!
by Louis

I have tried many allergy relievers, and I have to say this is one of the better products out there. It helped me during the allergy seasons where I got my stuffy nose and watery eyes. It worked great and it was a good product with a reasonable price tag. I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from allergies and need a quick relief!

by Dave

I've used this for sinus infections my entire life, since I was a teen. Consumer Reports even recommends that the older decongestants and antihistamines are more effective than new prescription products. This knocks you out for sure, but the sinuses get better quicker.

Great Product
by Rebecca

This product has helped to reduce my flare-ups from seasonal allergies. It is well priced and works great. I highly recommend this to others.

Great when needed
by allismom

These are great to have on hand when your defenses are down and you succumb to your allergies. I find I do not have to take them as often as directed. It even helps with the sinus headaches that come with allergies. I am not a huge chewable fan, but I grin and bear it.

by lala5

This product has worked for me in treating my allergies but not only that, it is one of the few that do not make you drowsy. The price is a little steep but just like with anything else, you get what you pay for.

Great Natural Remedy
by Lori Strehle

I try to use natural supplements whenever possible, so I was thrilled when I found Source Naturals Allergy and Sinus Chewables. These chewables really helped with my seasonal congestion. I also noticed that my eyes were less itchy and watery when I took these supplements.

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