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Great product
by Bob Pearson

I really like this product. I have researched many different allergy supplements on the market today. There are very few that are backed with scientific research. Aller-7 is one of the few products out there where the manufacturer has taken the time and expense to do some clinical studies. The results speak for themselves.

It works, but...
by George

This product does a good job at managing my allergy symptoms, but there are two main problems: price and occasional side effects. This seems to be another product that proclaims no side effects, but may produce some in some people... sometimes. I have noticed some level of drowsiness when taking this product. Then again, it is not all the time, and others I have talked to have never experienced these effects...

Pricey but works
by Barry

It does a good job in keeping my allergies in control and maintaining it for a prolonged period of time. But, the only problem would be the price. I could possibly buy a couple other types of allergy medicine instead of buying this one, but it does its job. I wouldn't say it does its job amazingly, but it does a decent job. If this product's price was cut down then it would be a terrific product. Otherwise there are many other alternatives.

Allergy Medicine
by William Duong

Surprisingly, this allergy medicine was recommended to me by my doctor, because I did not have a serious case of allergies. However, but did have allergy attacks from time to time. The strength of this drug is amazing, so it stands out as an over the counter drug. If you are bothered by allergies, but don't want a prescription drug, consider Aller-7.

Overall a decent product.
by taylor

This product is overall pretty good, it took care of the heavy headed feeling and the post nasal drip. The only complaint would be that it made me quite tired and drowsy. The price isn't bad considering it lasted about a month. I recommend this product.

by lala5

This product is very pricey, but it doesn't really quite live up to its potential. I did not find it to be very helpful in the treatment of my allergies.

Seems to help Allergies
by Nate Howell

I have a lot of trouble with allergies each spring during hay season. This past year, I decided to try Aller-7 and some other products. This was by far one of the easiest allergy season I have had in a while. I will make sure to have some on hand for next year.

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