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Flu and Cold Times

Flu & Cold Times is a fresh herb tincture containing Echinacea Belladona, Eupalorium and other herbs for temporary relief of fever chills, post-nasal drip, head and chest congestion, minor sore throat pain, cough, body aches, pains and soreness associated with cold and flu.
Product: Flu and Cold Times
Brand: NatureWorks (More Products)
Size: 1.69 oz
Dosage: 20-30 drops 3 times daily
Retail: $11.95
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14 Customer Reviews

It Works
by Kevin M

I am bemused by the reviewers complaining about the taste; perhaps they would prefer a commercial over the counter medicine loaded with frustose. This product is natural and the taste is fine. I have used the product for years and find it to be excellent.

it taste very bad
by Qulwayna

I tried this because I had a horrible cold and this was suggested by the pharmacist. Although the taste is horrible it did clear up my cold in less than a week and with normal products it would have been at least two weeks before I felt any better.

dont like it
by nancy

I received no relief from this product. The only thing I did get from this bogus medicinal remedy for early signs of the flu is gas. All it seems to be is just sugar/placebo. I would not recommend this product to anyone. I've wasted my money on this.

No Pain, No Gain
by Doug

No pain, no gain, right? Well, if that was true, you would have no choice but to feel better after tasting something this bad. Actually, I had been sick for about 2 days before I found this in our family medicine cabinet. It was another two days after I started using 'Flu and Cold Times' before I really starting feeling any better. I cannot say whether this product actually helped me get any better because I think I would have recovered just as quickly without it.

Normal as they come
by Sean

I tried this out because it was the first thing I could find in the market. First off, compared to some of the better cold medicines, this one tasted pretty bad. Even so, it ended up working pretty well. I just stayed on it for about a week and my cold dissipated. Pretty average.

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