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Not as good as I'd hoped.
by Alex

I've been having a lot of colds lately, due to the dismal weather that winter inevitably brings. I purchased some Alpha CF in hopes that it would stop the awful headaches and general soreness that my cold caused. Sadly, the product didn't work very well at all, and the relief only lasted about an hour and a half. Eventually, I found other, longer lasting products that I've been using since, so I don't plan on buying Alpha CF again.

It worked decent
by Barry

This is a decent product with a good value to it. It worked instantly and relived me of all my symptoms but the only problem would be its sensitivity. For me, after a couple tries , it started working slower and slower. I guess my body was getting use to the product and it started to slow down the effect. But without a doubt, this product is a definite quick fix for anyone out there looking to fix a problem without much hassle. I would've given this product a higher rating if only the product helped me out through the day with only one usage instead of multiples. It averaged a whole 50minutes to relief before I had to take it again. But other than that, its a decent product with only some small downsides.

by Brandy

This is a OK product. It is a very temporary solution, if you want immediate relief. It only lasts maybe an hour if you're lucky. So, if you are having a really bad cold and you need something fast this would be the choice. I would recommend finding something else after it does stop working instead of taking this numerous times.

Key Word is Temporary
by Emilia H.

I noticed that this product did help a bit in the beginning, but the key word in the description of it is the word "temporary." I really felt that it would not long lasting at all, and while it did provide me a little bit of comfort for less than an hour, I wouldn't recommend it. I would not buy it again. It was easy to take, though, and that was a plus.

Generic Cold Relief
by William Duong

I think the ideal cold relief medicine would help you stay awake, because you feel tired and sleepy when you are sick. This is why that while the symptoms disappeared, I still felt under the weather and tired, which is not a good thing. I could easily find something cheaper, and more effective.

Not A Good Choice
by TP

These pills don’t work, they say they are quick acting but I have never noticed any difference. You are also supposed to take it every few hours with a glass of water which I think does more then the actual medicine.

Work for about an hour
by Phil Young

Alpha blister packs relief lasts for around an hour of outstanding cold relief of no runny nose and minor head aches. If the relief lasted longer this would be a number one product.

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