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I'm never without it
by starlog

I LOVE Alpha CF. I've been using it for about five years and the only time I had a horrible cold was ONE time I ran out of it. I used another natural product that didn't help at all and I was MISERABLE. Since then, I never let my supply run out.

I start taking it at the first sign of a cold. Most of the time I either don't get the cold at all or I have very mild symptoms. Even if my symptoms are a bit worse than mild, I haven't needed any other cold relief medicines since I started taking this.

I work in a shared environment where the desks, computers, phones, and everything else is used 24 hours a day by a group of 50 people. I used to get 3 or 4 bad colds a year. With Alpha CF in by briefcase, I get one mild cold a year.

BTW, I haven't had the flu since I starting using this, so I can't comment on its efficacy against the flu.

cold relief but not good for flu
by Qulwayna

I tried this when I had the flu but it was not effective. It worked better when I had a regular cold. If you are looking for relief from the flu then this would not be a good choice.

Waste of money
by helcha

I tried this product to see if natural ingredients would work better for relieving cold symptoms. I took it as directed, let it melt slowly under my tongue 15 minutes before eating and waited to see the results. It still didn't do anything after using it every hour as directed. I found that I get better results with my regular cough medicine, plus my cough medicine lasts a long time and relieves my symptoms in a few hours. I won't be buying this again.

So so
by Lorri

If I wanted to sleep I would have been happy but as it was I took this before I left for work when I woke up with a sore throat and sneezing. It did seem to ease the symptoms a little but did nothing for me when the coughing started. In my opinion it was not worth the cost. I would have been better off taking Tylenol Cold/Sinus and gotten more relief. This Alpha CF colds and flu relief only made me drowsy at work and afraid to take a chance on driving home. I had someone take me home on our lunch break. I won't buy this again.

Alpha CF works
by George

I've been taking Alpha CF for the past 2 months, ever since I felt a cold coming on while others in my apartment were fighting off colds. I have to say, all my cold symptoms went away, and I did not get it nearly as bad as my roommates did. I also get drowsy from this, so I take it at night...

Love it
by Melissa

I really like this product. I have been taking it for about 3 months now and it is great. Whenever I feel a cold coming on I take it and works wonders. It does make me a little tired, so I try to take it at night or at least when I can take a nap. I highly recommend this product.

by cooldan

This really works! However, it is not as good as something like Airborne. It is fairly cheap and works for everyone that I know so it will definitely work for you! It is very effective and works fairly fast so don't worry about having your cold or flu for any longer!

by Eric Forbes

I have been using this product for about 6 months. My job involves me to be outside for long period of time. So after I come in my nose starts to run and I start to cough. When I take this product, I have none of the flu like effects at all. This product is well worth the 10 dollars!

Excellent for Cold Season
by Jane M.

After taking this on the onset of a cold, I was able to kick my cold within 48 hours. Highly recommend that you take this when you can actually sleep, because it may make you drowsy. Helped to keep my runny nose at bay. I keep this on hand so I can always be prepared for any cold that may come around.

It Works For Me!!!
by C. Matchett

I think that this is a good product to take when you feel the symptoms of a cold starting to arrive. It is best to take at night as it may have some drowsiness effects. It really helps me to sleep through the night. This product works well for runny noses, sneezing, fevers, and headaches. However, I would recommend something extra for sore throat and stuffy nose.

by Renea Champion

At the first signs of a cold, I take Alpha CF before I go to bed. The effects are amazing! When I get up the next day my symptoms are almost completely gone. It's excellent for runny noses, as it clears them right up.
This is so convenient and easy to take, even for kids and the elderly. I highly recommend keeping this close at hand during the cold season.

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