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Oscillococcinum is a wonderful medicine for Cold & Flu
by Anwar Riaz

This is my personal experience, I took 3 doses in one day, most of my flu symptoms are gone.

Placebo Effect - READ THE FACTS
by Rvv82

Please choose to read the facts before you invest time, $, and hope into a "homeopathic medicine". There are many out there that actually work & are effective, and ones that are not. This contains 1/200 parts duck liver/heart, and the rest sugar water. The price is outrageous and the company/health food stores are making bank from it. I'm not bashing, but facts are facts and I thought I'd share my view. Apparently the placebo effect is working great w/this one.

Great stuff!
by Megan

I bought this stuff earlier today after I got tired of feeling like I'd been steamrolled. It worked so well, I was amazed. I'd recommend this to anyone who's feeling down in the dumps and sickly, it helps you feel better much faster!

by Pam

Got this for my husband for his seasonal allergies and seems to be working wonderfully.

Really Works!
by Jennalea

I have been using this for a couple of years after someone told me about how well it works I had to run out and try it the first time I got sick and by golly it worked so good. Can't go without it.

This stuff is Great
by Cristy Carnes

I do not know why more stores do not carry this but it is great stuff, works to cure the symptoms of flu.

Great preventive care
by M.K. Pak

I bought this product just because I had a discount coupon. I gave it to my husband when he felt sick and then it worked so fast. Oscillo decreases the duration and intensity of influenza symptoms, including fever, chills, body aches and pains. He didn't need additional medicines.

Worked for my sinus pain!
by Arwen

I have been feeling bad for 1-2 weeks with sinus pressure and pain - headache coming and going, lots of pressure and discomfort behind my nose and above the eyes, toothaches, poor sleep, etc. Today, I felt extra bad - sick, irritable, uncomfortable - so I thought, well, it's not a flu, but my chiropractor friend recommended this and it says for general malaise, so I went and bought it and tried it.

So far I have taken one vial, and after 1-2 hours I started feeling *so* much better! It's now been about 4 hours, and I still feel great! I'll take another vial tonight and continue through tomorrow with 3 more throughout the day.

I have no idea how it works, but I don't care, because I feel great! :-) 4 out of 5 because of the fairly high price.

Works every time
by Alicia

Every time I have taken Oscillococcinum it has always worked for me. I just wish I could give it to my daughter. I love it and would pay the 15.00 everytime. I just wish I would have had some when I first got sick.

ALSO...if you read the directions it says temporarily relief it doesnt cure the flu. Also most of this stuff is usually to be taken on an onset. People are always looking for a quick fix.

Didn't work for us!
by Cindy

I gave this to my 14 yr. old daughter when she began showing signs of the flu. She took 6 doses of it over the course of two days. Her fever ended up at 104 last night and we ended up taking her to the dr. He prescribed Tamiflu and she is feeling much better. IMO, I will bring my children to the dr. at the first signs of the flu .vs. spending $14.00 on an OTC medicine that didn't work for us. I truly was hoping this was the cure for us (since the reviews were so wonderful)...but it just didn't happen. I won't be buying it again.

This is wonderful!
by Cynthia

My husband was totally put down by the flu, when I told one of my friends, she recommended that at the first sign of any symptoms I had, take oscillococcinum. When I called the pharmacy, they didn't even know what I was talking about but when I went in, it was there on the shelf. I started it yesterday at the first sign of body aches and fever, I don't feel 100% and just took my 3rd dose but I sure don't feel as bad as my husabnd did or even as I did yesterday before starting it. IT IS WORTH A TRY for ANYONE

Still sick
by Renee

I am going on my 5th day with the flu. I took Oscillococcinum at the onset of the flu and it didn't help me, sorry to say. I still feel awful.

natural is the best!!!
by Anastasia

As a breastfeeding mother I have to make sure that everything I consume wouldn't hurt my baby in any way. Last week I had a little cold. Good thing that I had this product on hand. A few days after taking it, the cold was gone. I was taking it and I still could feed my baby because this product is natural. I recommend it to everyone!!!

by Nancy

This kicked my flu FAST! I used it, and within 2 days, my flu was gone. Now I use this whenever I feel a bit of a flu coming on. This product is the best!!

Cute little pellets really work!
by Cindy

I had heard of Oscillococcinum on a few health related websites, and decided it would be worth a try. At the time, I couldn't find it in mainstream grocery stores, so I headed for the health food store. The staff there highly recommended this product, as well. I didn't realize how strange those little pellets are to take, but regardless, they seem to do the trick! I had been showing symptoms of the flu, and this product nipped it right in the bud! Now I don't think of taking anything else if I feel the flu coming on! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that it still is difficult to find where I live.

by Jennifer Heath

I work in a day care center where germs are abundant every day of the week and then some. I keep this product handy for whenever the cold season starts coming around!! It works wonders. I haven't missed a day of work for illness in over a year. I believe this product is a big part of it!!! I make sure I always have it on hand, and also offer it to my co-workers!

Fights Cold and Keeps on going
by Melissa

This is a great product for people like myself who have no time to get sick. Also, it allows to keep on going without getting drowsy. I know that in order for most medicines to even begin to help me I need to get sleep. This I recommend to everyone since no one has time to get sleepy from their medicines.

by Julie

I had the flu in a horrible way. I tried everything, but nothing was working. A relative told me about Oscillococcinum and I gave it a try. It WORKS....just give it a try. I am so glad that I did.

Great Product
by toddm

I tried this product when I had the flu a month ago. It worked wonders for me. Three days later I felt like a new man. It makes you tired but the flu does that anyway!

Product Gets Used Often
by Trudi Konzem

I have four boys who are always getting colds from school, hopefully their getting an education too (ha ha).
My family does tend to go through a lot of this product guess it must work, maybe we should by some shares.
This is the only item in my medicine cupboard that I restock as soon as it is used up. Even my husband uses it, which does say a lot believe me.

Kept me flu-free!
by SierraK

I absolutely love this product and make it a point to always keep some on hand. It is best to get some before you feel ill since Oscillo is best taken as soon as you start feeling symptoms.
During a particularly bad flu season when nearly half of my co-workers were out sick with the flu, I didn't get it. I did start with the headache and bone-tired feeling that tells you you've caught it, but immediately that day took the full three vial dose of Oscillo. By the next morning I felt fine while two more of my co-workers were out sick.
I told my work friends, and most of them also escaped infection, except for one who waited until the flu was in full force to try it. It did seems to lessen her symptoms a bit though, and she said she recovered a few days earlier than from past bouts with the flu. So don't wait! However you get Oscillo, get some now and keep it on hand so you can take it as soon as you feel the flu coming on. I don't know how it works, just know that it really does!

I like it
by zhen

I've used this for sinus infections. Consumer Reports even recommends that the older decongestants and antihistamines are more effective than new prescription products. This knocks you out for sure, but the sinuses get better quicker.

No more flu! No more shots!
by C Collins

I used to dread getting a needle poked into my skin, and then I started to dread it being done to my new baby boy. I don't need to dread it anymore. This product has prevented both myself and my son from getting the flu on several occasions. No more unnatural chemicals getting into my family from flu shots. Now we can fight the flu the natural way. This product is absolutely amazing, and I always recommend it to friends and family.

Otherwise known as "Oscillo"
by Sara

My husband used this when he got the flu, and he felt much better within 48 hrs. My son and I took it at the same time at a preventive dose, and we didn't get sick. It is a little pricey, but very effective.

Works Like a Charm!
by Tonya

A friend told me about Oscillococcinum a few months ago when I had a horrible case of the flu. I picked some up and gave it a try. At that point I was willing to try anything for some relief. I was pleasantly surprised at the relief I got from taking Oscillococcinum. I was feeling like my normal self in about 3 days. The price is a lot less than the money I was losing by not being able to work.

Worked Wonders!
by Courtney

I was desperate to try anything when my entire family came down with the flu at the same time. Oscillococcinum worked wonderfully and made me forget I was sick at all. I was able to go about my normal everyday life while taking Oscillococcinum. My only complaint about the product is that it did not seem to shorten the illness at all. I would definitely recommend this to all of my mom friends.

I'm a Believer
by Judith

I was skeptical at first, however, after using it for the first time last week, I must admit that it is nothing short of miraculous. I felt relief within hours - a bargain at this price. Great Stuff!!!!

Worked Great!
by Stacy

I was amazed at how well Oscillococcinum Natural Flu Relief worked on a flu I had last winter. I thought that since it was “natural” it wouldn’t work so well but I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. I also loved the fact that it didn’t make me drowsy.

Have this on hand in your home!
by Jill S.

I was happy to see that there are more natural products on the market to relieve cold and flu symptoms. Oscillococcinum works fast and really speeds up the healing process. I live a very busy life and have no time to be sick.This product made my cold that lingered on and on for over a week end in just two days from the time I took my first dose. I always have Oscillococcinum in my medicine chest at home!

Works! Tastes Great!
by Lori

I received a couple samples of Oscillococcinum from their website. They were free so I thought I would go ahead and request them. This week 2 of my daughters (ages 7 and 8) had cold symptoms with high fever, chills, body aches, etc. Both received 2 doses at least 6 hours apart. They both felt better the very next day. That is quick for the flu. They said these taste like Nerds candy.

Although the retail price of these are high (my Walgreens had them for $11), they are worth it.

Great Stuff
by karen

I have used this and it has pretty much stopped cold/flu just about immediately. Pretty amazing stuff. Well worth the price.

by Stacy

Let doctors say whatever they want, this stuff works better than any prescription I've taken. I had full-on flu when I took this medicine, and I felt it working within hours. My fever went down, my body aches calmed down, and I felt better. I had my doubts about this medicine because my doctor said it doesn't work, boy was she wrong. I will take this again in the future.

Works extremely well!
by Jessika Abramson

This is an excellent medicine, and it works like a charm! Although it is hard to find outside of health food stores/Whole Foods, it is worth the slightly high price (I believe that it runs about $20-something for one box). However, I just received a large sample from the company, and I'm sure you can still request samples.

An Effective, Safe and Natural Option!
by Ben

As a nursing student I see more medications in a day than most people see in a year. So many western medications have terrible side effects that we often have patients who will only use natural and homeopathic options. That is how I learned about Oscillo. After hearing the praise from a number of patients I decided to try it for myself and not only were my symptoms relieved but I seemed to get over the flu much quicker than in the past. I now keep an extra pack in my medicine cabinet just in case!

Oscillococcinum Natural Flu Relief
by Dorene

This works really well! Just last week I had a horrible cold, I bought some Oscillococcinum Natural Flu Relief and got over the cold instantly. I was amazed at how much better I felt!

Oscillococcinum works
by kvantol

I was skeptical to take this remedy but upon recommendation from my father I decided to give it a try. I tell you, it was truly amazing. My husband and my son both received flu shots this year, I did not. My husband was lucky and did not get the flu. However, both my son and I got the flu (shows you how effective the flu shot is!). Within 1 day of taking this remedy I felt significantly better. After the 2nd day, I felt like I had nothing more than a cold. Granted, I did not take this remedy alone - I took it with plenty of fluids & bed rest. In short, it worked like a charm. I will always turn to this medication at the onset of the flu.
On a side note, many of my friends from India have been using this remedy for decades - without reservation - and it works for them too.

by nicki

I was in the middle of a nasty full blown cold/flu that was just recently going around, and found some tablets that I had purchased at another time and starting taking them per was effective immediately, especially for nasal congestion. Recommend highly!

Instant Flu Symptom Relief!
by Renea Champion

I love Oscilloccinum! So many people that I have talked feel the same way. Taken at the first sign of the flu, it will shorten the duration, and the symptoms are majorly minimized. My sister even brags that she can go to work while suffering from the flu after taking this.
Keep this on hand as soon as the flu season starts. You won't regret it!

Excellent for flu relief
by Angel C.

I used this a few months ago as I live in Ohio and with the weather changes I get the flu a couple of times a year causing me to miss work. I decided to buy this product since it sounded so good and surprisingly, it does work. I usually have the flu for 3-4 days and this product helped shorten it to 1 1/2 days and the symptoms were less severe than before. I didn't even have to stay home from work when I took this!

All natural Remedy
by Lana

I'm not a doctor, but I've used over the counter "western medicines" and homeopathic medicines. We still have a chest full of western medicines, but we've also come to trust the homeopathic medicines from Boiron (including Oscillococcinum). B&T Natural and Wellness brands are other brands we've tried and found true to their claims. I firmly believe the claim on the Oscillococcinum box that taking the medicine as recommended at the first sign of the flu decreases the effect of the flu. We have now been using (and reusing) this product for over 3 years and we're sold on it's effectiveness though it's hard to explain.

Good Product
by Michael Jiang

Battling a bad bout of the flu last year, I went to the drug store and bought a variety of flu medications. After going through several medicines, I found Oscillococcinum. While its name may be very difficult to spell and pronounce, it is quick and effective. It greatly reduced the symptoms, and I was better in a few days.

This is a good product
by Donia

Don't let the odd way the product appears fool you. This is an excellent product and I would have never known had I not gotten ill and tried it myself. I had no weird head side effects and got better much quicker than I would have without it. This product is highly recommended. It works, try it for yourself and you will see too!

by Ellisha

I had been sick for going on 2 weeks with no signs of getting better when I decided to break down and buy this product. Within 2 days of taking it, I felt better. It worked great. This is a really good product!

Takes a while, but...
by allismom

You are not going to get immediate relief of symptoms with this product, but it will make your flu much shorter. Plus it is safe to use with other products, so you can treat symptoms at the same time!

Can't prounce it, but I'd buy it
by NTReviewer

I can't really say the name of this product and have slight difficulty trying to tell friends to buy it because of this. I'd highly recommend this to people looking for a good homeopathic cold relief product. I take it when I get the rumblings of a cold and it seems to prevent the cold from actually coming. This product certainly looked different than anything I had ever used before and tasted a bit like little sugar granules. Overall, it is easy to take, tastes great, and works well.

Oscillococcinum - the way to go !!!
by Krisztian

I can personally confirm that this flu relief is one of the best around globe. I am from Europe and know it from back then. Everybody uses it with very good results and you can ask anyone who tried it that its effectiveness is 100 % or your money back.
I know it has a strange and frightening name for the first time you hear it, but don't be afraid finally after years of use and abuse (because it tastes so good, sweet) you would finally be able to pronounce it right.

Worth a shot
by Candice

I recently purchased this after my whole house was sick and I was the lone hold out without the flu. Then, just when I thought I was in the clear it hit me, I ran to the local drugstore and purchased oscillococcinum, after taking it as directed I felt better a couple days late but I am not sure if it was the product or just that I got over it quick. I say it is worth a shot to give it a try!

It works
by Jeff

This product has been around for quite some time and there is a reason for it... IT WORKS!!! It is all natural and without all the side effects of many other medications. It will knock that clod out quickly.

Heard about it for yrs, just tried it.
by mar100

I've seen this in the drugstore for many years. The in-store displays got my attention, but then the price always made me walk away from buying it.

This past December I finally tried it. I was leery at first, it just looked so strange. I know I didn't have the flu, but I sure didn't want another bad cold, so I took it. The next day I wasn't 100%, but about 90%, so I think it does work. I've already recommended to friends.

A Great Product.
by Jaime

This stuff really works. Start taking when you feel something starting to come on. If not for this product, I would have missed a lot of work this flu season. It's good for just about any one, any age.

by Henley

I received these in the mail a few weeks ago and when I fell ill, I took these for a few days and my sickness went away. I'm usually sick for weeks but this product helped me. At first, I was hesistant because they look like candy pellets, which was strange. I'm glad it helped me get better sooner.

Highly Recommended
by B. Turner

I worked at a pharmacy and customers constantly requested this medication. After selling many boxes and catching the flu from my daughter, I decided to give it a try. Oscillococcinum worked great. My flu symptoms were far less severe than usual and my recovery time was shortened!

This stuff works!
by Anitra

When you have the flu, you are shivering and shaking and your body aches from head to toe. In the past it took me a considerable portion of a day to get back to feeling half alive. Oscillococcinum makes me feel almost 100% better after just a short while. I don't feel drowsy or 'drugged'. I will always use this, and I keep a supply around for emergencies!

This medicine is good
by christiana

Winter season is not a good season for me because I am always fighting with cold and flu. Finally I got a sample of this long worded drug and I tried it. It relieved my cold and best of all it is not like taking pills but it's like taking candy. I love it and it works great.

A+ product!
by Holly Wilson

If it wasn't for this product, I would have been out of work for a week. With the first signs of th flu coming on, I took this product and it worked. I had my reservations at first about it really working, but after I took it I became a believer in it. I believe it is the only and the best product out there.

Knocks it out fast!
by Angela

I love this stuff! I haven't had to deal with the flu too often (knock on wood!), but I just love knowing I can take this and the flu is gone in about one day. It is so easy to take. After years of taking it I still can't really pronounce the name but I think Oscillococcinum is the best flu medicine.

good for shortening flu
by L. Jones

I'm a college student and it's very important that I don't miss any days from illness. When all my friends were all getting the flu just before Christmas, I went to the health food store and bought some Oscillococcinum just in case. Sure enough, I started to feel ill. I started taking this right away, along with lots of water and orange juice. My symptoms only lasted for that one day. Now I will keep this on hand. In college there is a lot of stress and quite a few of my friends and classmates are ill in the winter. Glad I tried this!

Hollywood loves it
by Amy Jackson

I first learned about this product while working long days on big movies out in L.A. It is the natural medicine of choice when the flu season is around or when you are feeling flu-like symptoms. I used to buy this stuff by the case and pass it out on set per the directors request. I didn't know that there were animal products ...that I find a bit disturbing. It would discourage me from taking this product--if it's true. Something I need to look into.

Questionable but Sweet; Definitely not for Vegetarians
by Aaron Burgess

Popping one of these sugary tubes is akin to gobbling tiny balls of candy, and while the pleasant taste may add to the placebo effect, the active ingredient -- the 200x diluted extract of muscovy duck liver and heart -- could cause queasines in its own right. Ironically, for a homeopathic remedy that's not entirely proven to work, Oscillococcinum can be pricier than a flu shot. If you're reasonably hardy to begin with, you're better off riding out the flu with rest and plenty of liquids. therwise, see a doctor. Odds are, you won't walk out with a prescription for this.

A must-have for flue season!
by Sue

Oscillococcinum Natural Flu Relief is quite effective in combating and remarkably lessening the symptoms of flu. If one takes this product immediately upon detecting signs of the flu and continues as directed, the course of the flu more than likely will be shortened. My family has used this product for seven flu seasons and we have observed that our symptoms are less intense and we recuperate faster.

Made me a believer!
by Dani

When you get the flu or a cold, there is seemingly nothing you can do but let it run its course -- not entirely true! You can significantly shorten its course with this product. Truly within a matter of days the worst will be over and while others may suffer for weeks. You'll only notice a much milder set of symptoms and be completely recovered much much sooner.
It took me a number of years to try a homeopathic as I respond better to other alternatives, but this product made me a believer!

At The First Sign
by Cynthia

We all know that little early warning sign we feel when we are coming down with something. If you take this product at that first indication of illness and take it as directed, you will almost never get sick. If you do get sick, it will be much milder than it would be without Oscillo.

Keep it on hand
by Robin M

This is a staple in my medicine cabinet. Our family has seen great success in decreasing the time of cold and flu viruses. I've frequently given it out to friends who have had success as well.

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Sr Staff/ Manager
by Michele Rea RN

I was able to sample this product in our clinic after perscribing it to a few patients. We had good feedback, and great success with both the childrens & adult dosages.

Michele Rea RN Sr Staff

by Anthony Perzel

I've been taking this homeopathic remedy for several years and it has worked each and every time.
My feeling is that some people take it too long after the symptoms appear. By then the virus is doing its thing and its more difficult to stop it.
As for the Wikepedia article. I have only one question. If it doesn't work why has it been on the market for 65 years?
At least no one is suing homepathic companies as far as I know, as they are pharmaceuticals for touting their drugs even though their own studies in some cases for some products indicate the possibility of adverse effects and even death!
Who do you trust? And without an understanding of the efficacy of homeopathy, how can mainstream medicine pass judgement based on a small sampling? Who reads Paracelsus these days, even though he is known as the father of modern medicine? He was also a great believer in homeopathic treatments.
Isn't time that we all grow up and be honest with each other and develop what is best for the healing of those that are ill, without alternative motives.. like profit?
I recently went to a dermatologist for a skin problem.
After three tubes of a cream (each progressively stronger) that he wrote a prescription for at $45.00 per tube without any change in my condition, I reverted to a $12.00 tube of Homeopathic Calendula. the problem disappeared almost overnight. So who should I trust?
Be well.

Civil Servant
by Elizabeth

So yesterday I started getting flu like symptoms - feverish, soar throat, coughing, overall body aches and sickness. I woke up and started feeling worse but came to work anyway and a co-worker told me about oscillococinum and gave me two doses to take - the first immediately and the second 6 hours later. I noticed between an hour and two hours after taking the first dose that my throat stopped hurting and all my symptoms were slowly going away. I cant believe it. Honestly, no other remedies have worked for me. Zicam especially never worked.