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by Nancy

I have used the unflavored TABLETS and the chocolate TABLETS, and have recommended them to quite a few other people. I take them when I first feel a cold coming on. They are the best product I have ever used for preventing a cold. The lozenges don't work at all for me.

by M

It didn't work for me. It made everything I ate taste terrible and I still coughed for two weeks. I took it within minutes of feeling a sore throat come on.

Sorry folks, it's all hype.

by carol haug

Did not really think it worked

Carol Haug RN BS

by Sara Lynott

I have used these while having throat problems during allergy season. They have worked very well for me and really soothed my sorness.

Mind Over Matter, Maybe
by Jessie

I'm not sure whether this product actually works to shorten the length of a cold, but I know that I feel better when I take it. I'm not sure if it's because it's really working or because I feel like I've done something to make myself feel better. Either way, I take it.

It does work!
by Elizabeth

I was hesitant but this really does work. And surprisingly it starts to work pretty fast. Every time I have used Cold-Eeze my cold has been a lot shorter. The only down fall is the nasty taste that it leaves in your mouth. And when you are feeling sick you don't want to taste something yucky.

not impressed
by Samantha Feuss

I tried this product twice- both times I did not feel that it was effective at helping my cold or shortening the length of time that I had the cold. Also, the taste was not great and it left a chalky aftertaste in my mouth for a long time, and made my tongue feel coated. I gave it a second try just to double check and see if it was just a very bad cold the first time, and maybe this would be better. Sorry to say it was not!

The only stuff that truly works
by Katie

I've been using Cold Eeze for a while now. I started using this brand because my mom recommended it to me. Not only does it work, it's sugar free for those of you that need to watch your sugar intake. It definitely lessens the annoyance of having a cold and makes you feel a whole lot better in no time at all.

This product saved my vacation
by Cydney

I started feeling blah the second day into a seven day vacation to the Grand Canyon. We stopped at a CVS and picked up Cold-EEZE. I had my doubts but figured it was worth a shot. By dinner time I had no signs of getting sick and had a wonderful time out West.

These are great
by Terasa

I used to work with someone that used this all the time. When I got sick, she'd tell me to take these. I finally took her advice and took them. I started as soon as I felt sick and they seemed to work. I didn't get any sicker and I wasn't sick long. I use these all the time now when my daughter gets sick. They work excellent for her.

Somewhat let down
by Ben

I have heard lots of good things about Cold-Eeze and all their products but when I finally decided to try them for myself I was somewhat disappointed that my cold seemed just as bad as usual. Perhaps it was just a really bad cold which would have been even worse without them but that's hard to say. I may give them another try or find another similar product to test.

Cold Relief
by Karen Holloway

I tried these for the first time this year, I had a cold for over a month and it was getting worse. I started taking Cold-Eeze and my symptoms started getting better after the second day. Within a week my cold was gone. Now I buy them every time that I start getting signs of a cold.

Great Remedy
by Milf

I saw a commercial for this product and decided to give it a try. It really seems to do the trick. What I like about it is that you can take it when you feel cold symptoms coming on to prevent getting sick, or you can take it during a cold to help make it less severe and shorter. These are especially helpful when I don't have time to be sick.

Works Okay
by Annalisa

I think this product is just okay. If I feel a cold coming on and I take this, sometimes it makes it go away, and sometimes it doesn't. The times that it doesn't stop the cold from coming, I don't think it shortens the life of the cold, either. Worth a try, but not always 100% effective.

they work!
by Karen

These really work when you start to get the feeling that a sore throat is coming on. I have tried them consistently when I started feeling sick and I never actually got "sick" after using them. Just need to remember to have them on hand.

Expensive but Worth It!
by Az

I tried these when they were on sale and I was suffering from a cold that just would not go away. I found that they were very effective (minus the strange aftertaste). The next time I had a cold, I went to pick some up. They were no longer on sale but the price is worth it given their effectiveness and quick relief.

Very effective
by Angela

My son started preschool this year, and with the start of the school year has been bringing home lots and lots of germs. I take the Cold Eeze as soon as I start to feel symptoms and then if I do get the cold, the duration is drastically cut. I like that these are sugar free, as the cold lozenges are usually packed with lots of sugar. They do have a bit of an icky taste though, and leave an odd, slimy metallic taste in your mouth from the zinc that also seems to numb your taste buds for a good while afterwards. Worth the ickiness for the great results.

Work great, but the flavored ones are better
by J

I have used Cold-Eeze lozenges for years, whenever I feel a cold starting to come on. I really to believe that they reduce the severity and length of my colds. I have tried these unflavored lozenges before, but I do like the flavored ones better (the citrus is my favorite... I give them 5 Stars!).

Expensive but worth it!
by Hayley

I love these lozenges. I used to not use the original as much, but now that there is a sugar free version I keep them in my purse at all times. I find that they are convenient and work great.

Kicked my cold
by KM

I took these when I had a cold and it did seem to shorten the time I was sick. I would buy them again. I gave 4 stars because they are a bit expensive but it's worth it if your cold lasts for less days.

by Tom

These tablets are a little pricey for lozenges, but are worth the cost. They speed up your cold and have you feeling better quicker. Also these tablets do not have the horrible metallic taste that usually accompanies zinc. They are definitely worth a try.

Don't let the price scare you away
by Matt

Although some might think the price is a little high for a lozenge, Cold-eeze works great! Compared to regular lozenges, they do not have such an intensity that it is hard to take them, and they also help for a long time. Though you will not get complete cold relief they will hold MOST of your symptoms over for alittle while.

A+ for limited irritation!
by Lisa

When my husband starts to feel a cold coming on, I gladly shove these in his mouth. He will eat them and swears they help with the duration of the cold. Good for me in that we all know that men can't handle illness without being big babies. So they ease my pain due to the fact that he feels better sooner and I don't have to listen to the whining for a long period of time. Sugar free is also great because he is on a low carb diet and any amount of sugar will send him on a carbaholic rampage. As for me, I have tried these and also other flavors but they taste like pennies. I can't say that they have helped me or not because I was never able to eat one without spitting it out. If you can handle the taste, this may be the product for you.

love it
by ndy

I have been using this for quite sometime and they are very effective. For better results, the best thing is to take it when you feel you are about having cold. It works fine, but if you already have cold, it does not help a lot. I also love the fact that you do not need to swallow pills, all you do is pop them into your mouth and enjoy.

Very effective!
by Dave Bart

I have been using Cold-Eeze for many years now and have been very happy with it. I find that especially taking this at the onset of a cold/flu, significantly reduces the effects of being sick and I recover much quicker vs. not taking it. Only drawback is that they are not the most tasty of cough drop--buy hey, is taste or effectiveness more important? Great product.

by Valorie Joy

I highly recommend Cold-Eeze to shorten the length of your symptoms. The taste also keeps me from wanting a cigarette! I like also, that it is sugar-free.

I Swear By These
by Troy

A friend gave these to me a few years ago to try while I had a lingering cold. I really didn't expect them to do much besides make my throat feel a little better but they really did lessen the symptoms of my cold. Ever since then, I have tried to buy this product each time I have had a cold because they always seem to do the trick of lessening the cold symptoms.

Works on cold
by Melissa

These throat lozenges got rid of my cold in no time. They were available in many flavors and great tasting. I usually use pills but I used these last time I had a cold. There are no regrets here.

by danielle

I thought these worked pretty well. I do believe they help shorten the severity of your cold if taken soon enough. I think the initial taste is good, but they leave an awful after taste that you can't get rid of. I also thought the were sort of a pain, because you couldn't eat or drink for about a half hour before and a half hour after taking it.

Great product
by Tiffany

I had surgery in a few days that was going to be rescheduled if I did not get better and this did the trick. This is something that I usually keep around in case of colds. As a matter of fact, I have taken to keeping them in the glovebox of my car so that when people complain of colds, I can give them a few. I have gotten many a thanks for passing these out and I will gladly continue to do so.

Effective for colds
by Shane

I like taking all natural medicine and this one is a great one. I am not a huge fan of the taste, but it relieves many of the symptoms related to the cold / flu bug. I take it again and again whenever I do get sick.

Pricey for a Lozenge but it Works
by Melissa

I cringed a bit when I put this item in the shopping cart because I normally wouldn't pay this much for cold lozenges, but a co-worker of mine claimed that it really helps move your cold along. Now, I keep these in my desk at work just in case. I'm thrilled that it's sugar free so it works with my low carb lifestyle.

Try These!!
by John S.

Whenever I have gotten a cold, these lozenges are the way to go. I just lay in bed and pop one of these in my mouth. They don't taste bad.

Cold-Eeze is amazing!
by v

Oh, how I adore Cold-Eeze. This product really does help out during the cold season at keeping colds at bay and reducing the length if I were to get one. Now that this product is sugar-free, it's an even healthier choice to STAY healthy! My complaints: The tablet leaves a strange aftertaste and leaves my mouth feeling dry. They are also a little overpriced - off brand zinc tablets seem to work just as well. Those aren't sugar-free, though. ;)

Cold-Eeze the lifesaver
by Sarah Kraynik

I first tried Cold-Eeze about 6 months ago. I was in a music theater production at my college and a week before we opened my throat was burning and I was finding it hard to sing. My mother had told me about this product she had found by chance and thought she would give it a try. This product was Cold-Eeze. I thought I would give it a try. My throat started to feel better within the first day! I can't say this with any other product I've tried. Within a week I was back to my singing self and as the curtain went up, I knew I would never buy anything for my cold again except Cold-Eeze!

Cold-Eeze Stops the sneeze :)
by Lana

I have recently had a bad summer cold and was desperate for some relief so I decided to try the Homeopathic Cold-Eeze lozenges. I was suffering mostly with a bad sore throat and nasal congestion and so I headed to Kroger to look for some medication. I usually buy Cepacol sore throat lozenges but I decided to try the Cold-Eeze brand to see if it would shorten the length of my cold, as promised on the box. I was feeling miserable that day and was desperate for something to sooth my aching sore throat and stuffy but runny nose too. It was late at night and I sucked on two lozenges before going to bed and when waking up in the morning I felt much better. My throat was still mildly sore but I could talk without being hoarse at all. My dry mouth was also completely gone too. I still had a stuffy nose and so I continued to suck on the lozenges and ingested 4 the next day. I begin to feel much better and the following day I woke up feeling like my old self again.

worked on my cold
by shilpi tandon

It really worked last month when I had very severe cold. I did take it for 3 days and was really happy with the way it worked. With a kid at home I was worried that I might take a week to get well and was worried about my daughter. I was absolutely fit in 3 days.

Take early
by M Luttrell

My in-laws are huge fans of Cold-Eeze. They suggested that I try it when I started getting a cold last summer. If you take it when you start to get a cold it will greatly reduce your symptoms. Now it is a staple in my medicine cabinet.

LOVE it!!!
by Christine M.

WOW, I so love this product! It helped ease up the discomforts of my cold so quickly. Within a few minutes I could feel my nose clearing and my sore throat eased up. I definitely recommend this all my family and friends now!!

by Liz

I love these tablets! I don't know if it is psychological or if it really works, but it definitely shortens the duration of a cold!! And I didn't mind the taste, it's not bad.

by sherry

I seem to remember something in the media about this product not working or not having any effect on colds. That is just not true, I have used this product when it first came out and it worked for me every time. It always lessened the time and intensity of colds and flues I had. No, it did not get rid of the cold, but what product out there gets rid of colds completely? It made my colds more bearable and shortened the length considerably. What more can you ask for?

by J

I was initially a little weary about this product because after purchasing it, I realized that one of the side effects was that it "may cause a possible laxative effect." I had heard from friends that the product worked well. At the onset of my cough and congestion, I took one lozenge and then two more later that day after 2-4 each hours as suggested on the box. I did not experience any "laxative effect" and the next day I woke up feeling better than the day before. My congestion was gone and my throat was feeling fine.

Very Effective
by LT

These lozenges were very effective. I took these for a cold I had a couple of months ago, and they relieved a lot of my symptoms. The taste isn't that bad either.

Handy to keep around!
by heather

Sometimes when a cold hits me, I take these as soon as possible. My colds last a lot less and don't seem to drag on forever. It's nice to have something that eases the days I have to spend in bed or on sick days!

It works!
by allismom

This is the first thing we grab at the onset of a cold. Being in education it is a godsend! I like the lozenges better than the tablets becuse of convenience, but these are fine if you are by water....

My friend loves this
by NTReviewer

My friend swears by this product. She is convinced that it cuts the length of her cold in half. She claims that it is the zinc in the product that works wonders. Truthfully, my friend is very rarely out sick so I wonder if she is on to something.

Great Job with this one!
by Kristina Richardson

My friend at work constantly had problems with running in and out of the warehouse we have to do orders or help the guys out back. With this product he felt better much better so fast it was amazing. I ended up trying it on his word and I'm thankful to him and to Cold-Eeze!

by Wendy C

Being around kids for the majority day, I catch so many colds every year. Cold Eeze actually works if you take it as soon as you catch the sniffles. I swear I was gearing up to have a doozy of a cold until I took this and it was reduced to nothingness the next morning. The zinc in cold-eeze is a great all natural alternative to cold medicines that are out there as well.

Cold-Eeze work for me!
by Z

Cold-Eeze works much like a cough drop. You pop one in your mouth when you're feeling ill and the special Zinc mixture inside gets to work on your immune system. As the lozenge dissolves, it makes my tounge feel funny and leaves a film on it. The minor bad taste only slightly takes away from the fact that it has reduced the length of my colds when I use it. However, if you are someone who is sensitive to Zinc it can make you queasy.

by Jeff

This products really works wonders and it works very quickly. It helps reduce all symptoms of a cold and will have you feeling better in no time!

by Michael Jiang

Cold-Eeze does a great job of relieving your cold and flu symptoms and provides long lasting relief. Cold-Eeze is easy to take with simple directions and provides immediate relief.

I can't believe I never tried this before
by JM

I got really sick over the summer and was trying to find something that would work for me. I found Coldeeze on the shelf and thought I'd give it a try. Within the first couple of days, I started to feel human again. Now I swear by it and recommend it to anyone who will listen!

Phenominal Results
by Stephen E.

I tried this product because a friend had recommended another cold-reducer, but the price was much higher. This product worked nearly as well and reduced my cold symptoms by over half! This product works especially great if you take it at the first sign of a cold. If you take it before the cold is in full affect, I found that I did not get the full affect of a cold. My symptoms were still noticeable, but seemed more comparable to common allergies when I took it beforehand. Definitely a must-have when you get a cold, and it is a great alternative to the more pricey products.

by Aubre Rice

I tend to be skeptical of these types of products but everytime I have used this product it has cut my cold symptom time nearly in half. It is important that you start taking this the minute you think you might have a cold to get the full benefits. Also, the after taste isn't great, it sort of leaves a strange "cotton" feeling in your mouth. I will take the cotton mouth over a longer cold anyday! Well worth the cost!

Great cold defense!
by B. Turner

My mother-in-law recommended these to me when I had recurrent colds last year. I started taking them, and they helped my colds to end sooner than usual! I've faithfully used them ever since.

by Christy Rakoczy

I've always been a bit skeptical of medicines claiming to lessen or reduce colds, as after all there is a common saying "theres no cure for the common cold." However, I tried it and I was pleasantly surprised. My colds usually last for approximately a week but with Coldeeze my sore throat and stuffy nose was all but gone within 2-3 days. My family members who were tired of hearing me blow my nose were all as delighted as I was!

We love this
by Amanda Rhoads

our family loves this product. With three young kids, we get a lot of colds, so anything that helps shorten the duration is welcome. It is safe for children and they don't mind using the product, that's not easy to find. I usually have to fight with them to take medicine, even the lozenges, so this product is fabulous as far as I'm concerned.

Cold eeze Sugar Free!
by Erika Gunther

Cold Eeze is, and always has been, a great product. I've tried some of the other "flavors" before, and this sugarfree one works just as well. It even tastes a little bit better than the rest. I highly recommend it.

by cindy

These things come in handy in the winter. I have 2 boys and it seems we all stay sick. When I felt like any of us might be getting sick, we start taking these and it does definitely help. I personally don't care for the taste, but it's a small price to pay for the effectiveness. My kids don't complain with the taste so its probably just me. Good product for the money.

Great product!
by katy

I love this stuff! I get colds all winter, and even some in the summer. I haven't been able to find any product that works, until a friend recommended Cold-Eeze to me. I had a cold that was into the second day, I took one of these, and the next day I started feeling better. By day 4, I felt great!

Cold Eeze
by Sylvia Brewer

Cold Eeze is a wonder when you feel a cold coming on. You just pop one in your mouth and it helps fight off the cold. I get a lot of colds and sore throats in the winter and I take Cold Eeze to shorten and fight the cold and sore throat.

Now This Stuff Is Great!
by Julie Moore

I love this stuff. It is a cold medicine that tastes great. Whenever I have a prickly nose or start sneezing, I just start popping these. They hold off my cold every time. I was skeptical before I tried them, now I swear by them.

Good Cold Control!
by Michele Fair

Cold-EZ is great whenever you feel a cold coming on, and it works equally well when you get one midway. It definitely makes the time you feel sick a lot shorter, and it really does make suffering through cold season more tolerable. I definitely recommend using it!

Works fairly well
by Dale Shepherd

Cold-Eeze works fairly well in shorting the duration of a cold and making the symptoms of the cold a little less severe. I get weather-change induced colds at least three times a year. Since I have started using Cold-Eeze along with my other medications, the colds affect me for a shorter time. To top it off, Cold-Eeze tastes good too.

Works Well
by Beth

These help knock out the common cold. The taste is not good, but medicine doesn't have to taste good to work.

Seems to work
by L. S.

When I use this, it does seem to shorten colds. I take it sometimes just to prevent colds, and it seems to do that as well. I would recommend it.

Wonderful Results
by Patty

My friends and I found this product at our local health foods market and are quite pleased with it. It is inexpensive and saves us suffering from colds year around. It always works within a couple of days of starting its use when we have a cough, so we don't have to spend money on the doctor or lose time from work. Cold-Eeze® Sugar Free drops are easy to use and the slight zinc aftertaste is acceptable.

I love cold-eeze
by Kelly Morris

I discovered cold-Eeze several years ago after seeing something about it on TV. I use it along with vitamin C as soon as I feel a cold coming on and it prevents the cold from getting worse. I love it!

Shortens the common cold
by Lauri Stiles

I have tried these tablets, and my cold symptoms subsided in about a week. From my understanding of the product, the zinc coats the throat and prevents the cold virus from continuing to replicate. Although the product works well, there is an unpleasant "aftertaste" that lingers (probably the zinc!). It may be hard for some to put up with.

Always on hand
by Michael Barcellos

I have some at work and at home and it always comes on vacation with us too. This stuff works like a charm. At the first sign of cold take this and you can actually avoid getting sick! If you take it after you have a cold it will cut short your symptoms. I finally convinced my kids that the slight after taste is worth it given the results. Great sugar free formula for diabetics.

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Just Ok
by Cheryl

I tried this product several times. I don't realy care for the taste, and I'm not sure they even work. Honey and vinegar worked better for me.