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not very good
by Qulwayna

These are supposed to prevent you from feeling sick during season changes and since I have allergies I tried it. It did nothing. I was constantly sneezing and having runny eyes. I tried this for two weeks but stopped when I did not see results.

by ryan

Great relief. Every cold season for the past 2 years I have taken seasonal relief. I cannot say I didn't catch a cold but the symptoms for far less severe. I truly believe in this product and so should you. If you cannot afford to get sick, give this product a try.

Seasonal Relief Indeed!!!
by MK

I am a senior in college and I have been taking this product since the Spring semester began (mid-January). This product has been able to prevent me from catching a cold. And I am the type of person who catches a cold easily. But the pills are quite big. So I have to bite it in half when taking one with water. However, I plan to continue to take this product because of its positive effect on me.

Seasonal Relief is a great prevention
by George

Seasonal Relief Immune Support does just that; it helps your body stay cold-free. It is not for getting rid of cold symptoms, but as a preventative tool, it has helped me ward off several colds this season. I take it when I first suspect symptoms, and my body does the rest.

Seasonal Relief Immune Support
by Eli

I decided to try this product because I'm in my final quarter of college and can't afford to get sick. If I feel a cold coming on I take these and they seem to work pretty well. I haven’t had a bad cold since taking them.

Seasonal Misery
by Donna Murray

I wanted to combat my seasonal allergy/hay fever and heard about S.R.I.S from my family physician. He suggested I try these pills to prevent the symptoms, and not to treat them. I took these caplets but I still experienced slight symptoms such as itchy/watery eyes and a runny nose.
I wouldn't say my allergy was as intense as it had been, and I would continue these pills if money wasn't a factor.

Preventative Medicine
by William Duong

I rarely have cold symptoms, like runny nose or coughing. Seasonal relief basically is like a multi-vitamin, but only for the cold symptoms. If you take it often enough, you should never have problems with the cold. Its a good drug if you're prone to this kind of thing, or work in the medical industry.

Great Immunity Booster
by Brooke

Whenever I feel the start of a cold or flu coming on, I take this product. It won't stop you from getting sick, but it will decrease the severity and duration by boosting your immune system. It also contains Syrian Oregano, garlic, onion, and other herbs to help support gastrointestinal health. A healthy digestive system is also important to boost your immune. Great product.

Get relief, the natural way
by Gordy

I decided to try something different this cold/flu season - I wanted something a little more natural and less invasive to my immune system. After scoping out a few products, I decided to take a chance on Seasonal Relief Immune Support by Garden of Life.

For starters, this product boasts that it uses a blend of three very common ingredients to help support immune systems. On the first sign of symptoms, I gave it a try. I had to take 3 capsules (moderate to small sized), 3 times a day for 7 days. I found that in the beginning, it didn't seem to do much - but then I realized by the 7th day, I didn't have much of any symptoms. The cold was practically non-existent.

I thought it was a great product, worth of 3.5 stars. I would of given it a higher rating but at $25 for basically a 7 day supply - it's just too costly for me.

Great to keep you going strong!
by Sean

This is the kind of support that anyone interested in keeping sicknesses and other viruses far away should use. This is a great thing to have around and use because it will keep you going strong and it is good to know that you are doing something to help your body keep away intruders. I use this Seasonal Relief and will continue to because I know it helps.

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