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A++++ product
by Tiff

Cobiozin is the best cold medicine there is out there. I tried everything to get rid of my cold/flu and this was the only thing that worked. It was like a miracle, I was amazed how fast and good it worked. I would highly recommend this to everyone that wants to get rid of there flu/cold fast. Its nice and inexpensive.

A Very Quick Fix!
by Henry L.

This product is just simply amazing. When I got sick with the flu before my semester finals, my friend bought this for me and before I knew it, I was back at the books! At $22.50, this product seems a little expensive, but in reality it's just so effective it's going to be in my medicine cabinet for a long time.

by Sandra

I struggled with the flu and a nurse friend recommended Cobiozin. I had never heard of it before but thought why not give it a try. I was so glad that I did. Within 2 days I was feeling back to my old self and I have continued taking the pills to combat further episodes of the flu. It seems to be working and I feel overall much better and I have more energy than before I was sick. Would highly recommend and will continue to take this supplement.

I felt So Much Better
by Kathy

I had a shortened bout of flu thanks to taking Cobiozin by Great Life Labs . I was feeling so bad, I didn't even have the strength to go and look for medicine. My husband came back with this. I didn't ask who, why, or how, I took it and within 36 hours I was up and cooking for my family. This is now a staple in my medicine cabinet.

Better than I thought!
by Frank

I had the flu last week and let me tell you, it was horrible. I went to the local drug store and ask the pharmacist what he would recommend and he told me about Cobiozin. I bought one bottle of this miracle remedy and tried it out. These pills have an amazing effect, and they worked a lot better than any other cold relief pills that I have previously bought, such as Tylenol and Advil. For $21 dollars I could not have found a better product at a better price. If you have the flu, you have got to try this product!!

Great product
by Barry

When my wife and I had the flu/cold we tried every on the shelf medicine with the only result of more coughing and headaches. But with these pills, give it couple of days and we already saw the results. We will never go back to on the shelf products again because these pills blew those products right out of the water. Highly recommend it to everyone and it was worth every penny. We would purchase again.

Better than Tylenol
by jean

These pills are amazing! They work better than most pharmaceutical pills given by doctors and over-the-counter drugs. I highly recommend this product! Whatever is in this, REALLY works!

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