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by DD


Actual Comparison to Airborne
by Summer

I actually comared the labels of Airborne and Best Defense. Airborne has everyhting that Best Defense has **PLUS** it has Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Selenium, Manganese, and Amino Acids. Not to mention that it costs HALF AS MUCH!!! I think it is ironic to even act like this new Herbalife Product compares to Airborne.

Tried & True!
by Stephanie

My husband and I travel a lot for business and are always looking for ways to stay healthy. Our Herbalife dealer told us about Best Defense and we decided it couldn't hurt to try it. We have used Airbornne in the past and I am assuming this product has the same result. I love the flavor of the Orange Boost. I take this when I travel or when I am starting to feel under the weather and it seems to work great. My husband and I both carry this with us when we travel and both believe it is a wonderful product. Yes, it is more expensive than other similar products, but the cost is worth it to me. I would certainly recommend this product to other people. Effective and worth the money. I am willing to take anything that will help prevent me from getting sick. I think my husband feels the same way!

Costs more but works great.
by Karen

Best Defense is equal in effectiveness and quality as Airborne. It costs a little more than Airborne. But if you don't mind paying a little more and like the Herbalife line of products then it is a great product for you. I have found that Best Defense is very good in preventing colds and shortening the length of the cold and reducing the symptoms. It makes having a cold easier to bear.

by Eileen Saavedra

Being a teacher in this season is a pretty tough job all in itself. I have been searching for the ultimate "vaccine" to say, which could cure me from any future illnesses. However, that is merely an illusion that I have played to myself and that will not happen. Before teaching my sicknesses had been limited, however after teaching I find myself getting or calling out sick more than I prefer. This product has definitely resembled the effects of "Airborne" which I have used at various times in my career. It does what it is supposed to do however, for the price maybe it should be administered to me by someone else. (it is expensive) I would definitely recommend Airborne over this one. Being cost effective is an important thing also.

It does work but...
by ryan

It really does work but I would recommend using Airborne due to cost and availability reasons. I have always used Airborne but my mother uses Best Defense. I gave it a try last week, and it seemed to be as effective as Airborne. The only drawback is the cost. It seems to be a little higher. I always buy Airborne online and save some money whereas my mother bought it from the drug store for a little higher cost. Since both products seem to work equally well..why not just buy the cheaper product.

Comparable to Airborne -- both work great!
by Amanda

For those who haven't tried it before, a mega-dose of Vitamin C really does work wonders to give your immune system a boost and help ward off illness. This is a great product to keep in your purse or your desk at work. Whenever a bug is going around my office I make sure to take my Vitamin C. Lots of times everyone is sick but me!

Great product
by Barry

This product is very identical to Airborne in performance. Without a doubt both of the products had the same effects and never failed me. This product tastes great and it doesn't give you that dissatisfying taste unlike most medicines. It would be great for little kids who hate the traditional nasty taste of medicine. It works well and it cleared my stress and all other symptoms of going under the weather. Highly recommended.

Very satisfied and feeling great
by Ivan

Best Defense, in my opinion, is one of the best all natural Immune boosters. I have tried other competitor's products but hate the fact the not all of them are all natural. The manufacturer Herbalife has a great reputation with my friends and I that I have recommended this and other Herbalife products to. When I take Best Defense, it takes my body approximately 5 minutes or less to be fully under their protection, and it feels great. I am both a user and distributor of this and other Herbalife products and I feel great satisfaction when I get thanked for recommending a good product that works.

by Ronald

Went to the store looking for Airborne, but they were out and saw this product. I decided to give it a try and I was glad I did. I started getting some light headaches and knew that I was going to come down with something very soon. I took this before I went to sleep and woke up feeling perfectly fine.

by PT

I've used both this product and Airborne and feel that both are comparable in terms of effectiveness. They are good only when early detection of a cold is coming on as the heavy dose of vitamin C is beneficial to the system. The effectiveness goes down if you are already undergoing symptoms. Products such as these and proper sanitizing techniques should help to prevent from getting sick. I would recommend this product for parents who have kids in daycare as they are constantly going to be in contact with all types of germs.

I prefer this to Airborne
by Joyce Dales

This product was far more effective for me than Airborne. Within 48 hours, I felt quite a bit better and this was not the case with Airborne or Zicam. Whenever a cold hits my area, I take it as a precautionary measure and so far I have not had another cold..even with some very sick household members. I believe it to be an excellent support for your immune system and I had NO complications with my arrhythmia as a result of taking it. That is, of course, always my greatest concern.

It's good.
by Stephan Gi Won Yoon

My mother sells Herbalife and she happened to have this. I gave it a shot rather than buying a new case of Airborne, and it just may have saved me from getting a serious cold. Kinda hard to say if it really works or not because it could just be coincidence but nonetheless I liked the taste and made me feel somewhat better. That could be the placebo effect though.

by BAH

This product works like a charm. As soon as I felt a cold coming on I started taking it. My husband did not. He ended up sick a good five days longer than me!

Not Quite The Same As What's in the "Air"
by LKH

My brother bought this stuff at the health store, while I've been using a popular different product. Let's just say that while I (who works with 400 sniffly five to eight year olds on a daily basis) have not yet gotten sick (knock on wood) this cold season, he has. My product knocked out any cold symptoms in honestly about a day, while he kept coughing and sneezing for at least a few days. He says that it works just as well and that his cold was gone quickly, but I don't think that I will switch just yet.

Good Alternative
by Robert

This is just like Airborne, but hasn't been as effective in stopping a cold before it starts. It is however, helpful in ridding yourself of a cold faster and feeling better while you are sick.

Works Well
by toddm

I tried this product instead of airborne and fond it to be much more effective to preventing my cold. Overall a much better product. Highly recommend!

just as good as AirBorne
by Cady

Best Defense has really helped me breeze through the cold and flu season. I travel alot, so before hand I usually add the Orange flavored tablet to my juice. Since I have been taking the tablets, I also have noticed if I do get a cold, they only last a few days.

Very Effective
by Kasandra

Herbalife has been around for a long time and is a very dependable product. Although I don't take it as directed (up to twice a day, daily), I do find that this product helps a lot when I begin to feel ill. Working with a lot of younger people, I find they are constantly sick and I am as Shannon does, making this into tea and drinking it on the go. The mint is also my favorite and it's refreshing and light. It doesn't taste like medicine like other products do and you enjoy drinking it. I would recommend this product.

Best Defense is like a personal barrier to reduce risk of colds
by Jenny

This is my choice for fending off colds and the flu during that season when rooms are stuffy and our close exposure to other people's germs in a closed in environment are increased. This contains both zinc and Vitamin C to increase one's immune response and echinacea to give the body an extra burst of protection. I use it at the first signs of a cold or flu, or when exposed to those who are obviously coming down with something, and mostly as a barrier to protect my stress levels which reduce your ability to fight the common cold. The orange burst flavor is really tasty and pleasant to take, unlike most cold medications or many herbal products. Echinacea is also helpful in loosening phlegm in the lungs and bronchial tubes.

Great Product
by Shannon

I find that these tablets are very productive. The best way to take them is by getting the mint flavor (which is good) and dissolving it in hot water. It tastes almost like a hot tea, and works awesome at killing the beginning symptoms of a cold. It is an almost instant cure to a sinus headache and infection. I take them whenever I need to, and I have never experienced side effects. I highly recommend these tablets for anyone looking for fast relief.

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