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Works pretty well
by Steve Schmid

Unfortunately I had the flu a few weeks ago and was more or less in agony for a week straight. This medicine was very good in keeping the fever and chills away, but did not seem to work very well on the congestion and store throat. The quick-dissolve feature was great because there was pretty much no way I was going to swallow a pill with my throat as sore as it was.

Great !!
by Janet

I got this because it it homeopathic. I always opt for natural treatment and if it doesn't work, then I'll go for drug/medicine. So far, complete flu care has been wonderful. I feel much better each time I take the tablets. It is very easy to use. All you have to do is to place the tablets under the tongue and they dissolve very quickly. So yes to complete flu care.

Flu Care
by Patrick

I tried this product when I was sick with the flu. I received a little above average results. My symptoms cleared up rather quickly and I received average relief. I was able to get some much needed rest. I recommend this product to anyone looking for decent medicine to take, if you've got the flu.

Helps fight flu!
by Mike

I use this for my whole family. Every winter when the flu comes around, we take this and it helps our family cope with the flu. We rarely have to go to the doctor because we just take this and our problems our solved! So, I highly recommend this product. It's worth it and worth saving money on doctor bills.

Works Really Well
by Trudi Konzem

I cannot say enough good things about this complete flu product. I always have two bottle available in my house, one upstairs and one downstairs.
I love how its easy to take by dissolving under your tongue. This is ideal for big babies like myself who hate swallowing tablets.
Will definitely keep on purchasing this item.

Fighting Flu Naturally
by Ashley

There was a flu outbreak at my college last year and I was already taking other over the counter pills for some allergies. I decided to look for a natural homeopathic product to help curb the flu and any symptoms. Complete Flu Care by Hyland states that it uses quick dissolving tablets to help fight the effects of the flu, as well as the common cold. It is aspirin and acetaminophen free as well as non-addicting and non-habit forming. Complete Flu Care uses active ingredients like Eupatorium Perfoliatuen, Bryonia Alba, Gelsemium sempervirens, and Kali Lodatum and more to increase your bodies ability to handle the heavy burden of the flu. I started using it last winter and ended up never getting the flu - I did get a pretty bad cold, but these worked surprisingly well to lessen the severity of it. The tablets dissolved within 2 minutes and were generally tasteless to me. I prefer dissolving to pills because they are easier to swallow. I think that it's a great homeopathic alternative to OTC brand names that contain a lot more active ingredients.

Works for me
by RK

Alopathic medicines just drain out my energy. I feel like somebody sucked the energy out of me. Tried this homeopathic medication and it works... takes a bit longer than alopathic, but it really works. No drowsy feelings.

Yes to Complete Flu
by Jody H

I never tried this but my neighbor said this product is great . Once she realizes shes starting to get the flu she takes it and within several hours she feels better. The flu usually disappears within 48 hours so next time I get the flu I will be trying out.

Great flu preventive
by nazmul07

Even though we live in a modern, high-tech world, I still believe in a lot of homeopathic medicines. This not a very common drug for flu, but I buy it regularly. I found it helps me a lot to get rid of the effects of flu/aches. It worked well for my friends, too.

Natural cold relief medicine
by Nams

I'm not a doctor, but I've used over the counter "western medicines" and homeopathic medicines. We still have a chest full of western medicines, but we've also come to trust the homeopathic medicines. I found that taking the medicine at the first sign of the flu decreases the effect of the flu. We have now been using (and reusing) this product and we're sold on it's effectiveness, though it's hard to explain.

Not Worth Your Money
by Melissa

I decided to try this since my body was immune to everything else I took like Tylenol. I gave it a try since I wanted my flu to go away, but it did nothing. Did not make me feel any better. Maybe I'm immune to this too, but for me, I did not feel a difference. It's a waste of money, I suggest you don't buy it.

Not the best..
by B. Turner

I tried this once when I had the flu and it didn't really seem to do much. I'm not sure if I felt better from taking this product, or my body just naturally fighting off the virus. I worked at a pharmacy too, and this stuff never sold.

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