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No Germs for me
by Jason

I started using this product and it worked. I was buying Airborne but the cost was to high. Germ Defense is less expensive and I think it works just as good if not better. Thanks Germ Defense!

go for the other one
by sumathi

In a local newspaper I read the add about this product and told my uncle to try this one but for my surprise he told me that he had already tried this product and found no good results as it was promised. So simply it is waste of our money to buy this product.

tastes nasty, works great
by Ashley

As a college student, I'm always around people who don't know how to contain their own germs. I've been using Germ Defense for about 5 months in hopes that I don't get the flu. So far it has worked great. I haven't been sick once, and I feel great. In fact, my fiance got the flu and it didn't even affect me. In the past, when ever he was sick, he got me sick. This product really boosts your immune system, which is great for me because I apparently HAD a weak one. The reason my fiance doesn't take it is because of its taste. It's very bitter and grainy; however, it's results are well worth its 5 seconds of disgusting taste. I only recommend this product to people who are around a large crowd or are prone to getting the flu every year. My brother took this and it made him very nauseous. Great product, just make sure you're not allergic to any of the many extracts found in this product. I will continue to buy this product!

No Good
by regina

We bought this to help my husband during a cold. He could not stand the taste of it. I thought he was just being a baby, but I tasted it and had to agree with him. We actually went back to the store and bought a different product. It was more expensive, but much easier to swallow.

never again
by kim

This product does not least not for my family. I bought this product hoping to help my family and it did nothing to help protect us from the flu. I recently just got over the flu. This product tastes awful and is now where it belongs - in the garbage can.

Wonderful product - great deal
by Amy

I am a primary teacher, so it goes without saying that I am always looking for ways to stay healthy during the flu season at school. I take Germ Defense daily and I can really tell a difference. Last year I ran out and while waiting on my new supply of Germ Defense I got the flu. I am determined that this keeps me healthy throughout the year, which inevitably makes me a stronger teacher!

by Barry

I thought this would help me get through the winter but after using it for a couple of days I decided to throw it in the garbage. It's a lower quality make of other high end products and it tastes horrible. It doesn't take effect on my cold and flu at all. I didn't see any relief after taking it for a couple of days. I would rather suggest Airborne because it works a lot better. Wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

Same price but lower quality
by Karen Wagner

I used Airborne before I tried Germ Defense. It has basically the same ingredients but is of lower quality. It does not dissolve as well and tastes awful. Airborne is close to the same price and tastes a little better and dissolves much better. It may work as well as Airborne but it seems to be of lower quality. Why buy Germ Defense when Airborne is around the same price and is much better.

by Julia Adams

Germ Defense. That's all I have to say. It is something I really enjoy. I HATE GERMS. I am one of those types of germ freaks, and my immune system is very slim, so I can get sick easily. I would get to the point where I was always afraid to leave the house, because I was afraid of getting sick. I have taken pills to help build my immune system, but always have the fear of people, and thinking if they visited a foreign place, they might have a flu, or virus, or something that could get me sick. So I looked around for things. I have taken hundreds of medicines, and Germ Defense seems to satisfy me. Before I go to parties, a restaurant, or even go to the gym, I take Germ Defense. People may think I'm crazy, but it seriously helps. It helped me also gain my confidence back. So thank you.

Not the best
by Cody Havaich

I am a college student and thought that Germ Defense might help me stay healthy through the winter but it did not help at all. Airborne is what I use now and it works much better and it doesn't cost much more! I don't recommend Germ Defense to anyone.

Not worth it!
by Jennifer

I always pick up some kind of germs/bugs when I go to the airport, so I thought I would try taking this before I flew to Vegas in January. This product did not "defend" me agains anything, and I still wound up sick. I didn't notice a difference at all. For the price you pay and the amount of pills you get in the bottle it's just not worth it. I think I'll either try Airborne next time, or just bulk up on vitamins before my next trip.

Germ Defense
by Barbara Urek

I work in a classroom and thought this would be a precautionary product to take. The bottle does not contain very many tablets. I took daily until I ran out and didn't notice any improvements. I did not get sick but I don't know if I have the product to thank for that or not. I do not plan to continue purchasing Germ Defense in the future. I think a good vitamin daily supplement would work just as well.

Can't tell a difference
by Sarah

I decided to try this product because my family is always getting sick. I loved the ingredients it contained, especially the antioxidants. The pills did not upset my stomach at all, like most pills do. They do not give you a large amount of pills and you go through the bottle rather quickly for the price you pay for them. I really do not know if they worked or not. I really could not tell a difference. I think I will skip out on these next time and just drink more water and stick with my vitamin C pills. That combination seems to work the best for me in fighting germs.

Doesn't Compare
by Terasa

This product doesn't compare to Airborne at all. I think you are better off spending a little more to get something that works better. It is cheaper but you can tell by the product. I wouldn't recommend this for anyone.

The worst
by Phil Young

This is by far the worst germ defense product I have used and would not recommend to use this product ever. Does not do a good job in protecting your immune system. I got sick after using it before going to the airport.

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