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Something to try
by Qulwayna

I was having a party and came down with a bad cold. Since this was an event I could not miss I had to find some type of relief. My friend gave me these. Although it did not work instantly I was able to attend the event without feeling miserable the entire time.

Next Best Thing
by Jeremy P

I STILL have some of these from the last time I needed them! Recently, one night last month after I caught my daughter's cold and was feeling extra miserable, I stumbled out of my house and bought some of these. They cured my body aches, my head aches and I hardly noticed my burning sinuses. I agree with their price and in my opinion, their as good as the leading brand. I highly recommend these to anyone who's suffering from a bad cold but still needs to function for their families and careers.

Cold be gone!
by Chris Carter

I hardly ever get colds, but when I do, I need something really good for it. I've been taking this product off and on for a few months now and I love it. I picked this brand up because of the "ice cool" advertised flavor and it didn't let me down. It definitely lived up to it's name by making my cold more bearable and being great on the way down. I didn't dislike anything about this product because it worked and tasted great. I am definitely going to buy a new pack when this one is out.

Capsules taste weird!
by mommy228419

I tried this product, but did not like the taste of the "Cool Ice" caplets. It left a horrible after taste and mild heartburn. The caplets did help relieve my cold symptoms, especially helping clear out my nose, but I would not take them again due to the "Cool Ice" type caplets.

Great product
by Barry

Great product! The first thing that caught my eye on this product was the ice cold tablets. It got rid of my symptoms right away without waiting around for it to take effect because it happened instantly. Also the tablets helped my sore throat because of the soothing ice coldness. I give it a A+ in my books and I highly recommend it to anyone out there facing a harsh sore throat. This will clear it up right away.

by Cor

I like this product because it works. It gives you a nice cold soothing feeling like it says. It is also inexpensive, at only a couple bucks. It cleared my head up a lot and made me feel like my head wasn't a weight. I would buy it again when I get another cold or if my head just feels like a weight.

I swear by this!
by Mary Beth

So, being the skeptical person that I am, I was wary about purchasing an "off brand" version of a product that I have come to adore. I discovered the brand name version of this last year and loved it. So I saw this product and thought I would give it a try. To my surprise, it worked just as great, if not better, because the price was half that of the name brand. The "cool" feeling you get is great for the sore throat. The medication takes effect almost right away. Fever gets broken, sore throat is soothed and the aches are set aside! I was hooked! It didn't cause any jitters, like some non-drowsy forms do. This is the only cold medicine that I have tried over the years that actually does what it claims it will do. Excellent value for a great remedy to your nasty cold!

Pain Relief Cold PE
by Eli

I really like this product because it is inexpensive and works great! It relieved my aches fast and the relief lasted a long time. This works just as good if not better than any leading brand I have tried. If you want quick relief at a great price buy Pain Relief Cold PE!

Allergy Relief
by Donna Murray

I have never experienced a cold like I have this winter. I tried Pain Relief Cold PE because of the price and hoped for the best. My symptoms disappeared almost instantaneously. This is the relief I was looking for. The reprieve from this cold was temporary, but very much appreciated. The "cold" that this product boasts of, is a much needed icy cool sensation that drenches any fever-like symptoms.

Wonderfully wonderful
by Jennifer Stewart

I liked this product a great deal. I ended up with the flu last week and used this product because it was a PE formula, and the doctor recommended something that was PE. This was wonderful. It was a very great price, and helped me greatly to be able to breathe better clearing up my air passages. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Provides good relief
by Sarah

I tried this product mainly because it did not contain pseudoephedrine in it and the cool ice caplets caught my eye. It sounded soothing enough when I was feeling sick. The product did relieve my cold symptoms, especially my throat and cough. The cool ice tablets were really soothing to my throat. I liked that it was non-drowsy so I could take them while working. This product isn't advertised as often as the big name brands, but it works well and I will use it again.

by Sean

This Leader cold relief PE is good to have around for an unexpected cold or just for a headache. What I did like a lot about it though is that it did clear my nose very quick. I would recommend someone to pick this up if you have the chance just to have it around for some quick relief.

Reduces Symptoms
by Stacy

Pain Relief Cold PE did a wonderful job in reducing the severity of my symptoms of a winter cold. I thought that it worked great and didn’t make me too drowsy.

Better than the average cold med
by beckngar

The product is average when it comes to the relief of pain symptoms, but when it comes to sore throat and congestion, it works well. It begins to work very quickly with the "icy" sensation you get when you swallow one. It soothes the sore throat, and the icy "vapors" help begin to decongest your nose.

Very good product.
by Laura Frost

I like this product. I used to keep it around for the winter season and it is very good at taking the cold and making you feel tons better.

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