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good one
by sumathi

My sister in law was suffering from cold and flu symptoms. One of her relatives told her about the use of these tablets and she tried these tablets. After 2 days she said she is feeling perfectly fine and I was happy knowing that. In my view these tablets really work.

Awesome cold and flu relief
by william

I take this when I start getting symptoms of the cold, such as headaches or a sore throat. I immediately feel the effect after a good night's sleep and most of my symptoms are relieved and I feel so much better. With a low price tag for such many tablets, it is a good product to invest in for your cold and flu relief.

Normal again
by Tian

A friend told me about Cold & Flu Relief Tablets a few months ago when I had a horrible case of the flu. I picked some up and gave it a try. At that point I was willing to try anything for some relief. I was pleasantly surprised at the relief I got from taking the product of NatraBio. I was feeling like my normal self in about 10 days. The price is a lot less than the money I was loosing by not being able to work. BTW, sometimes it makes me a little drowsy.

Great for colds
by rachel anderson

I am a mother of one and a stepmother of three. There is always some sort of cold around our house. I have tried many products and this is definitely in the top 5. It is easy to take, affordable and I get relief from my symptoms. I have noticed the colds only last a few days compared to weeks. I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants fast relief.

Fixes it all!
by Mark

Cold & Flu Relief has worked wonders in my body! All the terrible symptoms of the cold lessen and lessen with each couple hours while on Cold & Flu Relief. Also, the pills are nice and small - it's nothing like trying to take some of those huge pills almost the size of a dime!

Great Product
by brosfam

I always use Cold&Flu Relief whenever I get a cold. These tablets are easy to swallow and are very quick to ease your cold symptoms. I've been using this product for more than 2 months now and it hasn't failed me once!

by nancy

This is a great product. It greatly lessens the duration of the flu - especially if you take the maximum dosage each day. I don't take penicillin anymore. I highly recommend this to anyone.

by Brandy

This is a really good product, it's not very expensive, and it does the job. I had a cold and it relieved the stuffy nose, runny nose, headache. It did not do anything for coughing or chest congestion. It's more like a nasal decongestant. As compared to other cold medicines I don't believe its any better but it is not the worst product I have used.

Col & Flu Relief Tablets
by Liliana

I always seem to be catching a cold during the flu season. Each year I would start getting sore throat, watery eyes, stuffy nose and my head would feel very heavy, then the doctor recommended me to take this product. I bought it and I was able to see effective and rapid results. I like it because the symptoms disappear rapidly.

Did Not Work
by James

I found very little comfort when I used Cold & Flu Relief. It helped with my sore throat, but that was about all. It did not give me any relief on my coughing. You have to take them every half hour. It was just too many! I did not like it.

Cold and Flu Relief
by Barbara Urek

Although nothing ever clears up all of the symptoms brought on by colds or flu, this product helps me get through the day. I chose this product because it was on sale at my local drug store and took it for 5 days. The symptoms I noticed most affected by this product would be body aches and fever. However, I did not notice any relief from cough through the use of Cold and Flu Relief. I recommend it however, I do not believe it outperforms the other common brands out there.

It is unbelievable
by Nazim

I remember a few months ago I saw my co-worker very sick from a bad cold and flu. I knew I was bound to catch the flu and as I predicted within a day I got sick. So I decided to go to the drug store for medicine and decided to try Cold & Flu Relief. Within 2 days I was doing much better and ever since then I use Cold & Flu Relief when I catch a cold or a flu since it has worked better than anything else I have ever tried.

Amazing - Highly recommend
by Elizabeth

I had a terrible cold for almost a week, and nothing I took eased the symptons very well. Some could knock me out, but actually feel better? No luck! I went to the store, desperate to find something to actually work, and picked up this. It worked quickly to clear up my stuffy nose, sore throat, and just overall less sick. It only works for a couple hours though, which is the downside, but still - better than nothing! Great price too. Definitely recommend.

cold & flue relief
by satyen

I really like this product, since it helps with headache, body ache, runy nose, cough & diarrhea..Anyone wanting to try this product has to take it multiple times a day to be really effective. I would say at least take twice in 8hr period to be more effective.

It Did Help
by Erik

Obviously, colds still tend to be agonizing in most respects, but this product - and many like it - help to ease a significant portion of the symptoms. I personally recommend taking these tablets before bed; that's usually when symptom relief is the most appreciated by myself.

Cold and Flu
by carolyn

Since I was going to school with lots of people, I was bound to get the flu. Sure enough, I did. So I went to the store and got this item because I had never used it before and thought it was worth a shot. I took about 3 or 4 daily, and within a week, I felt better. It worked wonders.

It's ok
by Andy Moua

I see this in my medecine cabinet all the time and when I have a cold I take these and hope I feel better as soon as possible. After waiting about an hour or so after taking both tablets, my stuffy nose starts to clear up just a little bit. About an hour later the stuffy nose comes back. Only works for a short period of time.

Love it!!
by Tami

Last 2 weeks ago, I had a cold. I bought some products and none of them worked. So I went back to the drug store and I found Cold/Flu relief Tablets. Works really good and the price is not too bad .Next time I get a flu, I will try this product. Great product for your colds/flu.

Worked like a charm!!
by Bharat Parameswaran

I have been suffering from allergic colds right from my childhood. I have taken different types of medication and sought help from various ends, but to no avail. Then I used this product, and it worked like a perfect charm. I am terribly impressed with this product and does work perfectly for me. So give this medicine a shot if nothing else seems to work for you.

Take the Edge Off
by Mike

Works but requires multiple dosages to be effective. I would recommend a stronger product. The symptoms diminished after about 18 hours. I would expect better than that.

A Fair flu medicine
by SP

I am victim of seasonal flu most of the times. As I am not interested in taking the flu syrups, I tried the Cold & Flu Relief tablets and it worked fine for me. I got relief within two days of using this, which is better compared to other flu medicines I have used in past. One good thing is I didn't have any side effects after using this.

by Mike Huang

I used these cold tablets just a week ago, and they work very well. My cold was bugging me for hours each day, and I couldn't concentrate on my work at all. After I took the tablets and waited about 20-30 min, I started to notice that I felt a lot better. Make sure you take these when you have hours of time available after because you might feel a bit of nausea.

Good Stuff
by Jen W.

This product provides very fast and effective relief of cold symptoms. I have not tried to use it for the flu, but I will certainly try it next time I find myself with those symptoms. I feel like this product worked faster than many of the liquid medicines that I take, and was more effective. However, it was not effective for as long.

Good Stuff!!
by Zheng

I have used this stuff a few times now. It has worked for me every single time that I used it. It does get rid of my sickness and make me feel much better.

Cold & Flu Relief Tablets
by Dorene

This product works to relieve cold and flu symptoms but only after multiple doses and even then the relief doesn't last. I tried taking it before going to bed hoping it would help me sleep. Instead, I was up halfway through the night coughing and sneezing!

Average Cold medicine
by Brian N.

I recently came down with a cold and bought this product at the local drug store. It temporarily relieved some of the symptoms I had: body aches, runny nose and chills. My sore throat didn't go away though. I experienced no other random side effects from the pills which was a good sign. Overall I think these tablets were a good for the low price.

Awesome Cold/Flu Relief
by Louis

I take this when I start getting symptoms of the cold, such as headaches or a sore throat. I immediately feel the effect after a good night's sleep. Most of my symptoms are relieved and I feel so much better. With a low price tag for so many tablets, it is a good product to invest in for your cold and flu relief.

by Eli

Cold & Flu Relief Tablets is the best thing to take when you have a flu or a cold. Every time I get sick I buy these tablets. It works fast and provides me with the relaxation to sleep without pain.

by Michael Jiang

While taking one tablet every thirty minutes may seem a bit tedious, these Cold & Flu Relief Tablets work extremely well. Within an hour of taking the tablets, you begin to feel the relief from cold and flu symptoms. With additional tablets every half hour, relief is constant, and doesn't fade.

Tried it and liked it!
by dee

I am usually a stick by a name brand kind of gal but this time I went out a limb and loved the results! This product worked quickly and I love the opportunity to take every 30 minutes as needed for those "I am so cruddy feeling" days. I tried it and really like it as I will be purchasing it again.

I works well for about two hours
by Phil Young

I used this product when I was sick three weeks ago and it only relieves you for about two hours then the same ache and runny nose come back and you have to keep taking it. The company need to make the Flu relief last longer then the product would be way better.

Cold Medication That Works!
by Kate

This product is great! I used it for the first time 3 weeks ago when I felt a cold coming on. I believe it greatly decreased the amount of time that my cold lasted. After two doses, I was able to get a good night's sleep, which would not have happened if I was up all night with my cold. I will use it in the future for all of my colds.

An average Cold and Flu medicine
by Lam Ha

These tablets are excellent for people with flu without the urgency for quick relief. I tried these tablets, and they work great, despite the fact that the effectiveness is slower than liquid-based medicine. In addition, for $8, this is a good deal for 60 tablets as a non-prescription drug.

by Eli

NatraBio Cold & Flu Relief Tablets are the best thing to take when you catch a cold. I took 1 every couple hours and it helped me fall asleep and regain energy to get better.

Fast Cold Relief
by Joanne B

I used the NatraBio Cold & Flu Relief Tablets when I caught a cold. I took one pill every four hours as directed to help ease my cough and runny nose. After two doses, I was able to extend the time to six hours and shortly after that to eight. These tablets enabled me to sleep through the night. They are chewable tablets, but there is little, if any, aftertaste.

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