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5 Star Quality
by A. Rush

My ex boss was always so stuffy and congested at work. It got to the point that it was purely annoying hearing him blow his nose. It got so annoying that at one point I boldy bought him a bottle of this nasal spray. Oh what wonders this did for him. He thanked me profusely. He keeps a bottle of it in his drawer and in his car for "just in case" reasons. He was totally satisfied with the product, but I think the entire office was more satisfied than he was since we no longer had to endure the terrible sounds of his nose blowing!

Helped relieve symptoms
by Destiny

I play softball for my work's team and I also have really bad allergies--puffy eyes, runny nose, and TONS of sneezing just to name a few symptoms. I decided to do something about mother nature and I went to Wal-mart to buy allergy medicine. The first product that caught my attention was Cold and Sinus Nasal Spray with Zinc. The box had wonderful colors and design. I figured that it wouldn't hurt to try and bought a box. At my next softball game I was Sinus Free!! THANK-YOU NATRABIO!!

Decent For Cold
by Joseph

My brother-in-law has allergy every fall season with pollen. This was one of the first products he has tried, frankly it is an average product for cold, however, it does not help sinuses that much. He has now changed to an over-the-counter product assigned by his doctors.

Very good
by Barry

My brother and I suffer from a severe cause of nasal congestion and we were skeptical on trying a nasal spray to cure our sufferings. But we decided why not and tried it out anyways. First impressions was spectacular. In a matter of minutes we both felt relief to our noses and it cleared up most of the congestion without any delay. Worked better than any pill/liquid based medication we have tried in the past. The only down side would be the process you would go through to take it but other than that it works like a charm and theres not one reason I wouldn't buy this product again. Highly recommend it to anyone with a really bad case of nasal congestion and they need a quick solution without the waiting. I give it my personal favorite 5 STAR rating without hesitation. Give it a try and see what it can do for you!

Helped with congestion
by Rachel

This was ok; it helped quite a bit to relieve my congestion. I took this product for about a week while my symptoms persisted. Usually my colds last about two weeks, but this time it only lasted for one week.

Helps with colds but that's about it
by brad

The spray works, it works well if you have a cold. I typically get congested in the winter time from allergies and I have used this product along with many others. It will help with heavily congested sinus pain but thats about it. It will help give you some relief if your full of mucus but is not all that great for minor pains. It will work fairly quickly, about average with nasal sprays but nothing superior about this product keeps me buying it. It may work for you, but it's much better than no spray at all.

Worked OK, But Not As Good As Others
by Louis

I have a stuffy nose most of the time due to allergies and the seasonal changes. I tried out this product and it worked for me, but it was not as effective as the other nasal sprays. It only helped a little with clearing up my nose and improve my symptoms of the cold, but overall, did not work as great.

Works great!
by KimP

This worked wonders for me when I first got sick with a cold. Also, I have really bad sinus problems as well. It really did the trick I was breathing a lot better and on my way in no time!

Great Product
by by Brenda

Allergies, combined with colds, is very miserable. I found this product, relieved symptoms of both stuffy and runny nose, without side effects. Product was most effective, I would recommend this to anyone. Others in the marketplace have not been as effective.

Good if you like nose sprays
by Laura

I have tried NatraBio Nasal spray and it works, but I prefer the pills that you swallow (they work better for me). I think all nose sprays are about the same so if it was on sale or I really wanted a nose spray that worked I would buy it, but I really think pills work better.

by Stacy

NatraBio Cold & Sinus Nasal Spray didn’t work very well for a cold that I had. It only helped a little bit with the symptoms I was having and it didn’t seem to shorten the cold at all.

Works Good
by D

I seem to get sick all the time during the winter season and it's especially uncomfortable when a stuffy nose makes it hard to breathe. When sick, I spray it in my nostrils every few hours and it really helps relieve my nasal congestion and feel better. I was really satisfied with this product and have recommended it to others who would give it a positive rating as well.

Worked, but not better than other products
by zingerhil

This Cold & Sinus Nasal Spray did indeed work, but it really wasn't any more effective then other nasal sprays I have used. I would use it again but only if it was the cheapest product available.

It worked for me
by Bethany

This stuff worked wonders on my nose. I had gotten sick from my 3 year old. I needed something to clear up my nose and head fast. I tried this. It did burn my nose a bit, but I think that was because my nose was raw anyway.

Pretty Good For A Nasal Spray
by Erik

Considering this was a nasal spray, I was not expecting anything miraculous, just some temporary relief (specifically for a stuffy nose); this particular product provided that. Of course, I cannot deny that there are higher quality, more effective, nasal spray products out there, however this served its purpose to my satisfaction.

Sutffy Nose
by Shreyas Patel

The worst part of a cold is getting a stuffy nose. This did get rid of that, but it seemed that nothing else happened. I was still sick, and using the spray just burned my nose.

Didn't work for me at all
by Jody

This spray didn't work well for me at all - I saw no difference using this versus using a straight saline spray. It also made me sneeze and shiver when I used it - it's cold and slightly salty tasting.

Great for stuffy nose
by Robyn

I live in Wisconsin and during the cold and flu season having four children I need something that works and works fast. This stuff works great and works fast. It doesn't drip or burn. It clears up my sinuses fast. Just don't use it more than directed or you can end up with burning or a bloody nose.

by Amanda

This stuff works great! It helped clear up my stopped up nose fast and made me feel great! I did feel that I became a little addicted to this product and had to stop using it. This spray works great, but you have to make sure you are not using it more than directed.

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