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It works
by Kim

My son has problems with the flu right after football season. I feel his body is totally worn out and this bug bites him! He said this a good product, and his friends are also trying it. I have witnessed it.

good product

My sister had a big speech to make and woke up with feelings of a flu coming on. She could not afford to miss any work so took this stuff, and she said by the next day she felt so mucj better and was able to make the speech without feeling miserable.

Flu Relief
by missynall

We arrived home from a trip and 3/4 of us felt LOUSY. I had this one hand for just such a situation. We all took it and by the next morning that achy feeling was gone! 2/3 of us got the flu shot so I can't say if that was a bonus to helping us fight the flu off. I do know this helped us bypass a terrible case of flu!

flu relief
by carmanmm

Love it works great and I never got a flu shot, I was feeling better in a day.

GREAT Product A++
by Andrew

This is a very effective product in a small package. Whenever I have a flu all I need to take is this stuff. I used to use any of the nasal sprays on sale until I came across this one. Now I mostly use this one unless the store is out of it. This is also good if you are on the road a lot or just in the city for a day because it offers excellent flu protection without weighing you down. I can't stop recommending this product to my family and friends because it works that well.

This is a product you must use and if not that just try it.

Works great!
by melissa

Recently, I was sick with the flu and felt as though I might die. I was trying everything I possibly could and nothing was working. I saw this product at the store, and though I do not usually use nasal sprays, I decided to try something different. I could not believe it when I was actually able to breathe and felt better. I would recommend this product highly! There is a slight burning of the nose but it is worth the relief it gives.

Helped my congestion
by rachel anderson

I found this at a drug store and it was on sale. I am not too big on nasal sprays but I was so sick I decided to try it. It cleared my nasal congestion and actually helped with my achy body. This is the only nasal product I will use now. It did burn a little but they all do. I would recommend this to anyone who wants fast relief from the flu.

A Strong Dose of Medicine
by Kim Phan

When both my boyfriend and I were sick, we used many different remedies to help alleviate our cold, however, this one stood out the most because it push a strong dose of medicine straight to where I needed it.

You would probably want to buy one each for each person. When I went to use it, I had a strong headache and lots of ache, and my nose was very stuffed up. Because it goes up through the nasal passage, it also help clear out my nose. The spray was very shocking and cold, and I got a weird feeling, but within minutes, I felt better, my headache lighten and my nasal passage cleared up enough so I can breathe again.

This was my first time using a nasal passage medicine and it definitely worked. I highly recommend getting this and I would very much use this again.

Not too bad
by Naoya Takamasa

Was on sale, so I got it. Tried it and it was not bad. I've tried other brands of nasal spray, but this seems to provide little more defense to my aching body.
I think this could be a great product for someone that's on the road a lot, like me, who travel frequently for business. Small enough to carry on and I don't need water to take the product.

Better than imagined
by Jeremy P

Naturally, I'm no fan of nasal sprays because of the means in which you're required to apply them. However, I purchased this at my gas station a few days a go as a last resort and was almost completely relieved of my burning sinus symptoms in less than an hour. I didn't like the fact that nearly every other flu symptom kept me close to misery. I told my best friend that this is the next best thing, and at a reasonable price.

It worked great for me
by Stanimir Yordanov

This is a great product. I always feel better after I use it. I usually use it when I feel stuffed, and it really helps me feel better. The price is great and I have recommended this product to a couple of friends.

Rebound effect?
by Martin

I am a bit skeptical of flu medicine and tend to try a number of them over time to see which one really helps.
Nasal sprays help open breathing passages fast. The problem with them is that if you keep using them often, lets say twice in a day, a rebound effect sure does occur, and you end up more congested than you were at the start.
Well this was the main problem with Flu Relief. It works perfectly for the first 2 days but on the third day, low and behold, my nose was worse than before. My advice get a good Saline spray.

by Ellian

I'd recommend Zicam or a regular saline solution before you use this. It just doesn't work as promised. I've been through numerous different cold and flu sprays and this is just inferior in comparison to the big brands.

It's Good, but it's no Airborne
by David

I used Flu Relief last month, only because it was the only product left at the airport, and I couldn't afford to miss any work. I wish they had Airborne left at the airport, because it definitely works better then Flu Relief. The product burned my nostrils, and didn't clear up anything. I was still stuffed up, and couldn't breathe after I had used it for 2 days. Don't mess with the hassle of this product.

Quick relief
by mdickon

Provides quick, short-lived relief to the most common flu symptoms. Doesn't seem to last as long as the typical pills. On top of that I feel half of it runs right back out of my nose.

Works Well
by TK

I use this at the first sign of a cold or whenever anyone in my house starts getting ill. Touch wood, I haven't had the full blown flu and hopefully if I keep using this product I won't. I use it about every 3 hours during the first day, then the next day I usually only require it a couple of times.

by Julie

I have used this product a few times. It works okay, but does seem to wear off too quickly. I have found other sprays to work better for half the cost. With this product, it is better to use from the first sign of flu or cold then to wait.

love it....
by Jennifer Tyler

This product is wonderful for those of you who can handle the nose spray. I myself can't stand nose spray but my husband believes this is a miracle spray. He uses it anytime he feels the flu coming on, and during winter it's a lot, because he works outside a lot. he price is a little more than others, but it's alot cheaper than a doctor visit and works fast.

Ok results
by Roxanne Ranelli

Although the pharmacist recommended this product to me, I found that it was not as effective in comparison to other sprays. It did work pretty quickly; however, it also wore off quickly. I was looking for a spray with longer results. Unfortunately this did not pass the test!

Wears Off
by Stacy

Flu Relief nasal spray works okay but there are tons of nasal sprays out there that do a better job. I recommended trying one of the other ones. This one just doesn’t work very well.

Love it
by Stacy

This stuff is great! This is what my pharmacist suggested, and I have been hooked ever since. It is a little more than the others, but it is worth it.


Great product! Highly recommened this to anyone who can't afford to stay cooped in a bed for two weeks getting over a flu. Was given this by a coworker, when I missed a few days from work, and it really made the difference.

Works Fast for A Short Time
by Tejas Patel

It does exactly as it says, works great in the day when you need quick relief. The downside however is that it only lasts for about thirty to forty minutes and then you have to re-apply. Other then that it works great.

Flu Relief, NOT Flu Protection
by Gordy

Flu Relief by NatraBio is not to be confused with other products that aim to PREVENT colds/flus. In fact, if you are are looking for something to prevent the flu, you should really just stop reading and go to the doctor and get a flu vaccination shot. What this nasal spray does is assist in guarding against the flu (if you have received a flu shot) during flu season. It is called Flu Relief because it uses active ingredients to relieve symptoms such as:
*Influenzinum 12x, 30x - Help relieve flu symptoms
*Adrenalinum 6x - Decongestant
*Gelsemium sempervirens 6x - Relieves body aches
*Euphrasia officinalis 6x - Relieves sinus symptoms

If anything, it is a beefed up cold/allergy/flu medicine to help make any flu/colds less miserable and possibly shorter.

As with any nasal spray, you have to be prepared for the uncomfortable task of placing the nozzle in your nostril and squeezing while inhaling in order to make sure you cover the majority of the membranes, reaching to the far back. The taste/aftertaste is not pleasant, but it is a hard product to "sugarcoat" the dose with so many active ingredients. They recommend that for "Adults use 2 sprays in each nostril every 2-4 hours or as needed". This is if you are already experience symptoms; to use it as a preventative aid, they recommend 1 to 2 sprays daily during high times of flu season.

I used this product to help relieve symptoms when I was bombarded with several colds and flus within a couple month period. Despite the awkwardness of using the spray in general, I felt that it provided fast relief, eliminated most of my head/body aches and temporarily cleared up my nasal passages. One bottle lasted me about 3 weeks, and I used it pretty liberally (3-5 times a day). I should warn you that overuse of nasal sprays (for most ailments) can diminish the effect and essentially make them useless for future symptoms - so be smart and careful. I found that my flu was not significantly shorter, but a lot more bearable.

In the end, I found Flu Relief to be a useful product if you are looking for something to help relieve symptoms (outside of pills, tablets, or liquids). I do not recommend using it as solely a preventative measure as you will surely be disappointed. The price may seem unattractive at ~$10, but if you look around stores or online, you can easily find it for less than ~$7 out the door. Check out all the different sprays before just grabbing one blindly.

Really Great Stuff
by Tom

This stuff worked quite well for me. My flu symptoms started to go down very, very quickly. This is one of the best products I've used for having a flu or cold.

No Flu Relief With This Product
by Lana

Currently, there are a select few things in life worse than being sick with flu. My boyfriend was nice enough to take care of me when I was sick and he provided me with the Flu Relief by NatraBio Spray. We both had high hopes that the product would alleviate my sometimes stuffy, sometimes runny nose, vomiting, dry cough and sore throat. The claims on the box promised flu relief mechanism to work directly through nasal membranes. Unfortunately, my symptoms stayed and there was no sign of relief in the near future. Flu Relief Spray failed to alleviate any of the above mentioned symptoms and I truly felt like I wasted $10.00 on this product. I give the product two stars because a few months down the road I was exposed to a flu virus when I was babysitting and I didn't get sick. It is obviously difficult to determine if my use of this nasal spray before babysitting was a powerful prevention technique or a mere coincidence. Conclusively, I would advise consumers to think twice before spending their money on this product in the midst of their flu crises!

This stuff works great.
by Sean

Every year around winter to spring, this does the job. Well I tried this and it really helped, especially in class where I usually sneeze and blow my nose every forty five seconds. Also, buying it in bulk for your house mates is not a bad idea.

Wish it could be better...
by Dan

This product seemed good at first. It actually works to some extent. However, unless you are in the same place constantly, you have to carry this around with you at all times. The 2 sprays every couple of hours gets really old. Not only that, but it tends to dry out your nostrils leaving them in slight pain. Flu Relief does work...but at the cost of having a pain in your nose.

Did not Work for ME
by Jaime

This stuff did not work for me. I think it is rather expensive too. It had a terrible taste. After using it and feeling no better, I ended up having to go to the doctor anyway.

This works great
by Garrett black

I really like this stuff. This is my primary medicine for when I get the flu or a cold. Every time that I have had this it has helped me and it has shortened my cold from when I used to have it for two to three weeks. Now my cold only lasts for about a week. This product is amazing and works better then any other I have tried.

Dont waste your money
by holly wilson

This product does not work one bit. It is probably the worst flu remedy out there. For me, it did not even touch any of my symptoms - it was if I didn't take anything at all. I wouldn't waste money on this product - there are others out there far more effective.

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