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Worked Great
by Cheryl

Being around my grandchildren when they were sick I starting using this. Like many of you I loved it but can't find it anymore. My friend (a herbalist) said that big brother says we are all naughty children because someone had abused andrograhis, so like naughty children they took it from us. Watch out people, they're trying to pass a bill where we won't be able to get herbs or natural supplements either. You can bet the pharmaceutical companies padded some politician pockets for that one. Anyway, you may be able to order it from Canada or Mexico but am unsure.

Awsome stuff
by ash

well all good things that do good , come under big brother's eye and hence i cant find it anymore. i been looking for it ,i have given it to all my employees and friends and they don know how is it that the havent gotten sick.....

by Jeff Wells

I have used Triune on several occasions and found that it really helps ward off the symptoms that accompany a common cold and cough.

I Love Tri-Mune
by Norma

I started taking Tri-Mune about 3 years ago in 2006 I had been having bouts of bronchitus / pneumonia,and every child that came to school with a cold I got it too...since taking this product I have not had bronchitus ...but I ran out of it at the end of last yr and got pneumonia this is now hard to find...I have been to every health store and Walgreens around here and can't get it any more...I need some more....

Really Works
by A G

I was at the local drug store trying to find a prevention aid for the cold and flu season. I saw TriMune on the shelf. It stated it would help minimize the chances of getting a cold or flu. In addition to drinking my daily vitamin C, I followed all of the directions, washed my hands, ate healthy and took the pills 3 times a day (as prescribed). I work in a preschool and germs flow like the river there and I haven’t had a cold or flu this season.

Works Great!
by Angel

I decided to try this product to see how my immune system would gain with it.
I was told a few months ago that I had a very low immune system, and was prone to catching anything as in flu, colds, etc.
While I was taking this product, my husband had the flu. I took care of him and never caught it, when normally I would have.
So all in all...I say this product is GREAT!

Works like a Champ!
by Candice

With the sudden burst of freezing weather in the ever changing atmosphere of Texas, TriMune is a MUST! With the temperatures ranging in the 30's one week and then 70's, it really can cause havoc with your immune system!
I bought this because it was on sale one day in the local drug store and was very happily surprised! When everyone else had the change of weather crud, I was about the only one not hacking and coughing! I cannot recommend this product enough!

Works great!
by Henry L.

During the cold season, we have many people sick around school. I decided to take it last winter, and once in my life I managed to avoid getting the cold! It's a bit of a hassle to remember to take it three times daily, but it's worth it if you wanna get through the cold season.

Not what I expected
by Frank

Several weeks ago, I was at the drug store looking around cold and flu prevention products when I stumbled upon TriMune. It stated on the box that taking TriMune would help to minimize the chances of getting a cold or having the flu. After taking this product, I still contracted a cold. This happened to have been the worst cold that I have had in years. This product, in my opinion, did not do what it said it was going to do. I followed all of the directions, washed my hands, ate healthier and took these pills 3 times a day as suggested. But in all of my attempts, I still got sick. Don't waste your time on this product as it does not work, as you can tell from my experience!

Very good aid
by Cassandra

I was in the drug store looking for cold/flu medicine when I stumbled across TriMune. I picked some up and promised to give it a try as soon as I was feeling better.

I used it for about a month and I think it really did help in keeping me from getting sick again. I had co-workers who got sick, got better, and then got sick again. I stayed non-sick for the entire duration I took the tablets. I finished one bottle, but decided not to continue because it had been difficult for me to remember to take three pills a day.

I think in conjuction with other precauctions, such as frequent hand-washing and eating healthy, this product definitely gives you an edge over the other guys.

Works great !!!
by Stephanie

TriMune works great for helping you keep up a healthy immune system. I used to take this when I worked at a daycare center. Being around so many children everyday, it was really easy to get sick. The first month I worked there I had 2 colds, after that I began taking Trimune as soon as I thought I may have a cold coming on. I worked there for 2 years and never had another cold. Great Product !!! TriMune contains zinc which is one reason I think it works so well. I do not take TriMune right now because I am nursing my son, and TriMune also contains Echinacea and Andrographis. If you are pregnant or nursing I wouldn't advise taking this.

Sick no more!
by Dan

I started taking Trimune right at the onset of the cold and flu season. I'm one that is usually prone to getting a severe cold or the flu at least once duiring the winter. So, with this in mind, when I first heard somebody at the office was sick ,I decided to try taking some immune boosting tablets. Thanks to TriMune I am the only one at the office that hasn't been sick! Great Product!!!

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