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So-So Results
by Pattie

My father is diabetic and has a hard time finding cold medicine without sugars or that don't raise his blood pressure. The health food store recommended this syrup to him. He used this for his last cold and although it didn't alleviate his symptoms, he does think it stopped the cold from progressing further. He said the taste was nothing fantastic, but it's because there is no sugar. He plans to try it for his next cold, at the first symptom.

No Way Jose!
by Joseph Thomas

I used this to quickly get over my cold. Well... it didn't help one bit. It was very expensive, and it tasted so bad! It made me want to throw up. After a few days of using it I developed a rash. I do not like this product one bit! If you are looking for flu relief go with something cheaper and more yummy. I would never buy this product again!

good, natural cold medicine
by Jessica

I was recommended to this product by a co-worker when I was feeling the beginnings of a cold this past January. I found it at my local health food store. It didn't really make me feel any better immediately, but I think it stopped the cold from progressing further. I also like that it is sugar-free.

Works well
by Kalvin

A relative recommended this to me when I was on the verge of illness. It helped me from falling into that pit better than most pills I've tried, but I do not appreciate the taste. Understandably, it is medicine, but I almost wish they left the sugar in there. If that's not an issue, then try this product.

It works, but not for me
by Amy

I took this product when I was trying to watch my sugar intake and it worked, but I felt like it wasn't any better than less expensive medications. I was also turned off by the price - I know you pay for the sugar free, but if you don't need it, I suggest going for something else.

Decent for sugar free
by Michael Yamakawa

Although I am not a health nut, I try to stay away from sugar when possible. If you are the type of person to get headaches after taking sugar-packed medicines, then this is for you. I would say it has a sucess factor of about 70%, which isn't bad for this type of product. It is fairly expensive (as is all sugar-free medicines) but if you have the condition like I do then you really can't go wrong.

by Elizabeth

I have been taking this for years. I used to compete in tennis, and I had to go to tournaments no matter what, even if I was very ill. But I didn't have to worry about that too much, because whenever I would take Sambucol at the very first sign of a cold, it would be gone within a day or two! This syrup works like magic. A little pricey, and definitely not great tasting, but if you're serious about keeping colds away, this is definitely the remedy for you.

I wouldn't bother
by Alicia Jarrett

Although this product is not a bad product, it is definitely not worth the money. I have bought several other cold syrups that worked just as well, or better than this Samucol syrup. I would, however, recommend this product to diabetics, as it is sugar-free.

Love this stuff!
by Andrea P.

My family and I swear by this stuff. We use Sambucol at the oncoming signs of a cold and after a day or two of intense treatment, ALL symptoms are gone! No other cold/flu syrup or lozenge has worked as well as Sambucol has, and I personally reccomend this to everyone--especially with children. It's a lifesaver.

Great for chest congestion!
by Sara

This Sambucol syrup is very effective, especially for bronchial irritations, as noted on the box. I've never tried it with just a regular cold, but I have a tendency to develop bronchitis. A couple of times, when I started feeling the symptoms of chest congestion, I'm pretty sure this stopped it in it's tracks. I felt much better within 48 hrs. of taking it.

Good Product
by Matt Bentley

I think this product is pretty good. As with all supplements, a supplement is not good just because it is sambucol, garlic, etc., Most of it's quality has to do with the way it is prepared. This product is more effective than many other supplements, merely because it is prepared and strengthened with the real sambucol - not some imitation. I would recommend this product to help cure colds.

Don't spend the money
by Aubre Rice

I will admit that this product does work, however so do other products (Cold Eeze) that cost a quarter of the price. If you are a person that needs a product that is sugar free (which Cold Eeze has), gluten-free, and has an overall more natural approach to ingredients, than give this a try. It will work to cut the time down on your cold. However, if you just want to get rid of your cold quickly but for a reasonable cost, I would highly recommend Cold Eeze losenges instead.

by Mike

After trying this product out a few times and comparing it to other Cold Syrups I have used in the past, there really isn't anything special about Sambucol Syrup that justifies its expensive price tag. It works decently, but not any better than any other cold syrup.

Works like a charm!
by Lana

This is the only product I've found that will halt a cold or flu dead in it's tracks! Forget all the cold medicines you've tried as they only mask the symptoms. Recently a co-worker came to work sneezing and coughing with a very bad cold and within 3 days I had a sore throat and all the symptoms. I started the recommended dosage of the Sambucol extract immediately. Within 24 hours all the symptoms had disappeared even with my suppressed immune system. I now keep at least two bottles handy for the family. Sambucol is not inexpensive but far cheaper than a trip to the doctor or a single prescription, not to mention infecting the rest of your family!

Great product!
by Christine M.

This product is amazing! Being a diabetic, it is hard to find a good medicine that won't raise my blood sugar level, so when I saw this product I wanted to give it a try right away! Sure enough, within a few day I could feel the difference. My cold was cleared up in no time! I highly recommend this product to any diabetic with a cold!

Best for Colds
by Stacy

A vitamin store owner recommended this product to me because nothing I took was getting rid of my cold. I bought this product and was impressed when 3 days later I was feeling much better. Since then, when ever I feel a cold coming on, I take this product and, bam, the cold gets knocked out in 3 days or less. I highly recommend this one.

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