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Finally got some sleep
by Theresa

I was having such a hard time getting any sleep because my chest was so congested that all I did was cough as soon as I laid down. I was actually trying to get some sleep sitting on the sofa. My husband got some of this stuff from his mom and insisted I try it. I didn't really care for the smell but I finally got some sleep! I get bronchitis bad about twice a year and I will be keeping this stuff around because it is bad enough without adding to it no sleep. Rub it on, put a towel over and finally get a good night sleep!!! Now only if it smelled good!

Cheap and works great.
by Juli Pickvet

I've used this since I was a little kid. I'm now 39 years old. My mom would put this on our chests and take a towel and heat it with the iron and put the heated towel on top of the chest rub. It was great, relieved so much congestion problems, and helped us get well.

Works well!
by Json

This product makes me feel a lot better when I am sick. It loosens my congestion and helps me breathe better and it is an all natural balm like that stuff Kramer used in Seinfeld, I love it!

Stay AWAY!
by Joseph Thomas

My wife used this to get over her sore body after skiing. It is a great price and worked like a charm, but it has a very strong scent! It made our house smell like herbs which isn't bad if you like that stuff. Next time my wife and I are going to go with a non-scented vapor rub.

A Pleasant Surprise
by Amanda

I happened to be away from home with a very bad chest cold and my host did not have any Vicks Vapor Rub, which I usually use to alleviate my symptoms. However, she did have NatureWorks Chest Rub in her medicine cabinet, so I thought that I would give it a try. I wasn't really expecting much at the outset, but I ended up so impressed! Instead of the overpowering aroma that I was used to by the competitor, this product gives off a soothing, slightly minty scent. I also noticed that it did not stick to my clothes (I tend to really slather on this type of product), which was also a problem in the past with the competitor's product. I actually was able to get a break from coughing and get a good night's sleep thanks to this product. I'll definitely be purchasing some of my own when I am in need of this type of product again.

Cheap and Soothing
by Victor

I felt instant relief from my burning throat and coughing after using this rub. Most rubs leave an acrid smell at night, but this product actually smells good and minty. It also dries fast, so your chest doesn't feel weird and moist before you go to sleep.

Watch out Vicks!
by Ashley

I was staying at a family members house when my niece got me sick. I had to wake up every morning at 5 am and drive into town with my aunt, so sleep was very important. This was the only product she had in her house, and she swore by it. I of course made the comment that no one is as good as Vicks, yet took it graciously nonetheless. Well, all I have to say is wow, I was very wrong! This product does wonders when you are sick! I slept like a baby and didn't wake up once. Even with Vicks I wake up during the night to reapply, but not with this chest rub. Don't underestimate this product! You won't regret it.

Great Product!!
by GG

My favorite part of this rub is that it doesn't cause your clothes to stick to your body like other products. I use it at all times of the day, not just at night, so this is important to me. Also, it works just as well as Vicks. Highly recommended!

Love the smell
by Heather

I might be in the minority, but I love this smell! I think it is the smell alone that soothes the sufferer into sleep. I have been a long time user of Vicks Vaporub, but I decided to try this. I like it just as well. My son likes it too. He has a terrible cough when he gets a cold, and this lulls him into a peaceful sleep every time. I would recommend, and I will buy again.

As Good As Vick's
by Antoinette

A long time Vick's user, I decided to try this product to save a little money. I did not expect it to provide the same relief as the Vick's rub, but it did! It helped my children's cough and helped them breathe easier so they could sleep. This is one instance when saving a little dough actually paid off.

Works well
by CN

We've tried a number of chest rubs that seem to work well and help a child with a bad cold. I like the natural ingredients in this product. It's a little more expensive than some alternatives, but may be worth it.

Chest Rub Natural Cold Medication
by Elli

I have been using this product for the last 3 months. It is great to use with kids. I just put some on their chests before bed and it works all night long. I bought this product because the price was great and a friend of mine recommended it. It works really well and helps clear up congestion over night! I love that it isn't greasy and doesn't have a horrible smell! I plan on using this more in the future!

This really helped!
by Jennifer

My son has been having trouble with colds off and on all year and this has really helped him with his breathing. He liked that it was not greasy like Vicks . He could actually sleep at night because he could breath.

by Martin

I got it for the sake of trying something different than my usual vapor medicine. I used it with a nasal spray as I was having a cough and the flu. Given the fact that I was used to other medicine, I was not so sure how well the effect of the medicine would be. To my surprise it rubbed in well and I did not have a sticky feeling on me after I used it. It curbed my impulse to cough. Good bye Vicks..

Does a great job
by Anastasia

This chest rub works great! It is not greasy. Good for kids. It is the best way to tell a cough 'good bye'! Just rub it on before you go to bed and make sure you have warm pajamas on.

Works for my kids
by Amanda Rhoads

I think Chest Rub Natural Cold Medication works better than Vicks. My kids aren't as whiny about the scent of this and it works so much better than oral cold medicine. They get immediate relief instead of waiting for medicine to "get into their system". I also like that it is all natural.

No difference then Vicks
by trisha

Maybe it's just brand loyalty but I think Vicks works just as well for me and my family and I also find that Vicks Vapor Rub is less expensive. So even though this seemed to work as well, I will stick with Vicks. I have been using Vicks since I was a child and have used it on all my children and now they use it on their children.

The Best Rub I've Found
by Trudi Konzem

I have been using this vapor rub on my children for years. Whenever one of them gets a cold this is the first thing we get out.
I'm sure this product has saved me from having many sleepless nights.
My children find it soothing too, no complaints from any of us.

as good as it gets
by shannon

This is one of the best chest rubs I've used. It works instantly it has a low odor but best of all it doesn't leave a greasy residue that stains your clothing. You can use it all day and no one will see or smell it.

Great for sensitive skin
by cheryl

Although it doesn't smell as nice as Vicks, this chest rub worked almost as well. It is perfect for the sensitive skin people out there. It was very skin friendly for me.

Best for Easier Night's Rest
by Jenny Morton

This product works wonders during that miserable time when you are first laying down and trying to go to sleep! After dabbing a bit under my nose, it instantly opens me back up again and let's me breathe - what a relief!

Just OK
by Kim E.

I bought this product in lieu of the usual Vicks I usually pick up to try something new. Sometimes the smell of Vicks is just a little too strong for the kids. I have to admit I felt that the smell was not as powerful, and it did do an ok job. It did seem to ease their cough and congestion to some degree but not completely. I feel that it was not as good as other products out there.

Chest Rub Natural Cold Medication
by Dorene

I have been using this product for a while now. I usually apply it before going to bed. I love the smell and how relaxed it makes me feel. It always clears my sinuses!

Sleep Easier
by Tejas Patel

This product works instantly, all you have to do is apply it to your chest and a little on your nose and within seconds it feels like your airways have cleared up. The best part about this is it doesn't have a bad or strong smell.

Just as good!
by allismom

I have not been able to find out the difference between this and Vicks. I guess the fact that it says "natural" is what keeps me coming back. I feel very safe using this on my kids. It not only helps with the chest congestion, but sinus congestion also!

Good but their are better
by Tom

This product quickly stops a hacking cough and relieves sinuses, however, it does not last as long as Vick's Vapor Rub. This chest rub is just as effective as Vick's, but it absorbs much faster and I found myself waking up in the middle of the night having to apply more.

Works okay
by S. Grevious

It helped improve my breathing and it reduced my congestion. I am a Vick's Vaporub lover. This is about equal in opening nasal passages. I don't find this chest rub to be greasy or slimy feeling. It goes on smoothly and is absorbed well. It looks white in the container, but rubs in clear. I don't suggest using this chest rub if your cough is chronic or persistent (like a cough caused by smoking, asthma, or if you have a lot of mucus).

Chest Cold Natural Cold Medication
by Elizabeth Schunzel

I love this product! I have very sensitive skin and if I was to use Vick's Vapor rub on my chest I would end up with a sore red splotch where it was applied. I was recommended to try this the Natural Chest rub buy a friend of mine when I had the worst cold. She said that it was mild enough to use on her six month old baby and that I might be able to use it. I tried this terrific product and not only did it work in helping me breath easer, it also did not aggravate my skin. Wonderful product!

Amazing product
by D&Q'sMommy

My husband is asthmatic & has a horrible time when he gets a cold. We've tried every kind of "rub" out there and this is the only one that seems to work. He said it also reminds him of his childhood when his grandma would make a homemade salve for him when he had a cold.

Great Product
by Noah Bratvold

This is actually what I use when I have a cold, smear some onto your chest and curl up and your cough is gone, highly recommended for anyone who can't sleep because of their cough.

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