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It Works
by Kevin M

I am bemused by the reviewers complaining about the taste; perhaps they would prefer a commercial over the counter medicine loaded with frustose. This product is natural and the taste is fine. I have used the product for years and find it to be excellent.

it taste very bad
by Qulwayna

I tried this because I had a horrible cold and this was suggested by the pharmacist. Although the taste is horrible it did clear up my cold in less than a week and with normal products it would have been at least two weeks before I felt any better.

dont like it
by nancy

I received no relief from this product. The only thing I did get from this bogus medicinal remedy for early signs of the flu is gas. All it seems to be is just sugar/placebo. I would not recommend this product to anyone. I've wasted my money on this.

No Pain, No Gain
by Doug

No pain, no gain, right? Well, if that was true, you would have no choice but to feel better after tasting something this bad. Actually, I had been sick for about 2 days before I found this in our family medicine cabinet. It was another two days after I started using 'Flu and Cold Times' before I really starting feeling any better. I cannot say whether this product actually helped me get any better because I think I would have recovered just as quickly without it.

Normal as they come
by Sean

I tried this out because it was the first thing I could find in the market. First off, compared to some of the better cold medicines, this one tasted pretty bad. Even so, it ended up working pretty well. I just stayed on it for about a week and my cold dissipated. Pretty average.

Sweet relief
by Brian

When suffering from a cold, I do everything I can to avoid taking synthetic medicines and syrups, since I feel that all they’re doing is masking the symptoms and not helping alleviate them. So this homeopathic solution was most welcome when I found it last year. Dropped early and often into your honey and lemon, it triggers your body’s own defenses against aches, congestions, chills, sore throats, coughs, and the rest.

Flu and Cold Times
by Eli

This tastes really bad and doesn't work much better. It did not make me feel any better or treat my symptoms at all. I ended up just going back to the store and buying Robitussin.

Flue and cold times
by satyen

Flue & cold time is great. It is natural, and gives you temporary relief with congestion & minor store throat.After I use for 2 days it started working better, and got rid of my nasal congestion.

Ill-tasting Flu Medicine
by William Duong

I don't deny that this medicine does its job, but the taste is a little bitter. There is no added flavor, like all of the other brands in a drug store. Honestly, if you take cold medicine, I would like to at least be able to swallow it. Poor tasting means poor design.

Didn't do the job on my kid
by Kang Seok Joo

I always have given my kids Tylenol or Pediacare's Flu or cold relief medication. I've recently tried this product since the Walgreen's nor CVS near us were all out of Tylenol and Pediacare for Kids. This thing simply did not to the job in getting either the sore throat or nasal congestion to go away... We ended up giving my kid the Tylenol we later found in the cupboard which worked.

Flu and Cold is an okay substitute
by AR

I sometimes have adverse reactions to some flu and cold medicine. I was advised by a friend to try a more natural, holistic approach. I came across Flu and Cold Times, which is a tincture (alcohol derived from herbs) and claims to be able to help temporary relieve symptoms. After taking 25 drops three times a day, I found that it was an okay substitute for some other leading cold/flu brands. Not as strong as some of the usual suspects, and relief was relatively short-lived - but it certainly helped keep my bad cough to minimum without any bad side effects. The taste was alright, but easy to swallow since I have a hard time with pills. If you are looking for a classic kind of supplement, then you should give NatureWorks Flu and Cold Times a look - You can find it for less than $10 if you look enough, and it provides decent relief.

Old Fashioned Tincture
by Gordy

Flu and Cold Times by NatureWorks is sort of a unique, old fashioned approach to relieving cold/flu symptoms. For those wondering, a tincture is an alcoholic extract, in this case of different herbs, that is considered nonvolatile.

I gave it a shot and bought a bottle for around $10. Following directions, I took the 20-30 drops for each dosage and found that it gave me minor improvements. It worked best on sore throats and coughs (very good coating) and definitely relieved me of a slight fever. It was easy to swallow, not bad tasting, and didn't trigger my sensitive gag reflex. Overall, I say if you are looking for a natural alternative, or you just want to give a tincture a try - take a chance on Flu and Cold Times.

good for sore throat
by Rosa

Good for sore throat and coughing, but doesn't quite live up to all it's claims. I took some when I felt a cold coming on, and it helped a little with symptoms, mostly clearing out my throat and eradicating the itchiness. Still felt achy and tired. After a couple days it seemed more effective, coupled with aspirin!

by wendy c

Flu and Cold Times is a great all-natural substitute for Robitussin. It really helps to relieve cough and cold symptoms and coats your throat to make you feel much better. The taste of this medicine is not as bad as Robitussin is.

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