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by Kim

Oh I love these. I have purchase these for the past 5 years. I moved to Iowa and my family and I are always sick! I keep some in a cute dish in the kitchen, my little container in my purse, a little can in my desk at work, living room and family room..even in my scrapbook workshop area. This area is always cold and damp. Ricola helps with anything to do with your throat! I love the flavors too.

Ricola Natural Cough Drops Lemon-Mint
by jennifer

I have tried this product and I find that ricola does not have all the harsh additives in the cough drop and it is an all-natural remedy for suppressing the cough and itch in the throat feeling. I have used these many years when I feel a throat cold coming on and they have worked wonderously. I have used many of Ricola's products and a variation of their cough drops and swear by them when it comes to a good cough drop.

by Liz Theobald

I hate cough drops but found that the Lemon mint as well as other brands of Ricola are pretty tolerable in comparison to other products. I have terrible colds especially in the winter with persistent sore throats; Ricola soothes my symptoms and fast.

by Melissa Snyder

I Love ricola cough drops! They have a better flavor than a traditional cough drop, and they don't have the hot taste of menthol. They are also very effective and help to soothe my throat when it is sore.

by Pattie Selner

I love this product! Nothing fixes a sore throat faster than the lemon mint flavor of Ricola. As a child I remember the nasty licorice tasting drops but these are far better. I never leave home without these in my purse!!

Do not like
by Eric

I think these drops taste disgusting, however, they do a good job at suppressing my cough.

by Robin Baker

I love these!!! They can stop a cough better than any other cough drop. Taste is great and they don't have alot of sugar in them. I believe they have natural ingredients so they are much better for you.

by lois

My daugther and myself have use this product for over 2 years. We have found it to relieve the tickleing feeling that you get from a sore throat. It help to prvent coughing as well

by Laurie Jentes

As cough drops go, this one's by far the best tasting and most effective. Unlike other brands, Ricola is very pallatible, almost candy-like. More importantly, it really does work!

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