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by Debby

Unlike most of the other people who have commented here, I use this product as a preventative measure--when I feel the first twinge of a cold or flu coming on, not after I'm already sick and seeking relief. I've been using it for about 10 years now, and I SWEAR by it. Taken at the very onset of a cold or flu, along with some vitamin C, it can boost your immune system and prevent the illness from taking hold. I'll usually only have to take it two or three times at most (maybe early evening, bedtime, and upon rising) before I've knocked out whatever was trying to grab hold of me. If I know I've had extended exposure to a flu virus, I'll sometimes take it before I feel any symptoms. Used as prevention, one box will get me through a whole flu season. I can be around co-workers, or family members, who are really sick, and I'll stay healthy.

Wellness Cold and Flu
by Kris

I am a mother of three young children and have used this product several times upon the onset of flu-like symptoms and have been very impressed with how quickly and aggressively it tames the flu.

Wellness Cold and Flu
by Steve

I have used this product for three years now and swear by it. I was on a ship in FL with 14 other guys and the entire crew got hammered with a nasty flu. I began taking these after it was apparent a flu was going around. I started to feel the early signs, took the max dose and it knocked it out. I was the only one who didn't get laid out by the flu. It has worked well a few other times for me. I highly recommend it.

Skip it
by Nichole Alderfer

This product made me nausiated. It really upset my stomach. Granted I do have a sensitive stomach and can't take many cold and flu products because they make me light headed. I have found that syrups work better and upset let as well as taking vitamin c and other natural remedies.

wellnes cold and flu

Wellness cold and flu did not relieve me of my flu symptoms. I used it for three days and it gave me minor relief for my pains. It works well if you have a runny nose or a sore throat but does nothing to help with other symptoms that come with having the flu.

Wellness for your runny nose
by George

Wellness Cold and Flu did not relieve my throat or achy musculoskeletal symptoms. It did, however, help with my sinus congestion. It usually helps with my runny nose. If I have other symptoms, then I will just take something else.

works for some symptoms
by Frank

This product only works for some of the symptoms that it states. The main symptom that it worked for was my stuffy nose and soar throat, but other than helping to relieve those 2 symptoms, it didn't work for anything else. If you have a cough or itchy, watery, eyes you will need to go to a different product as this product does not help.

Good remedy
by theepa

I always believed in homeopathic products for all cures. Wellness cold and flu uses homeopathy to treat sinus and flu. It has helped me very much unlike other products I have take for sinus and flu. Very cost effective and I would recommend it to everybody.

Great Product
by Carole

After trying several well known name brand products to no avail I had heard from a friend to give this a try. I was desperate because having a low immune system and being a mom to 7 kids I catch everything. Wellness Cold and Flu worked wonders. It eased the all over body aches the stuffiness in my nose and face from sinuses and helped to dry up a runny nose. After a couple of days I was well enough and had enough energy to get my daily stuff done. If you are a parent especially, I highly recommend this product. It is well worth it!

mixed results
by Ricardo Gutierrez

Wellness Cold and Flu is one of the very few natural products that has not really convinced me yet. I generally suffer from sinus problems and colds multiple times a year, and generally have to use the more popular name brand products such as NightQuil. This however, improved my sore throat symptoms, and I no longer have difficulty sleeping due to my scratchy, itchy throat. Just like every other tablet, having to take 1 every two or so hours makes it an inconvenience to remember. I'm still giving it a try, but for aches and pains I will never stop using Advil. Yeah, I know severe damage to my liver, but I'll live.

Only if you are stuffed up
by TP

Only really works if you have a stuffy nose. For all your other symptoms it does not work. So if you don’t have anything other then a stuffy nose it works great, but if you have other symptoms get something else.

Wellness Cold and Flu
by Josh

I use to just suffer through the flu season, but then my mom's friend told her about this product. I tried it, and remarkably, it worked. Within just a couple days, I could go back to school.

Great Product
by Kyle

After trying other products, without relief, I decided to give this product a try. Thankfully, it worked (although it did take some time), especially with my chest congestion, which was a killer. Also, I liked how this product was natural.

Give it a Try!
by Katelin

As a teacher in a daycare, I am constantly sick with colds. I have tried a few name brand remedies (Tylenol/Advil) and find that Wellness Cold and Flu works just as well for my runny nose, sore throat and fever. As for the aches and pains, I find that the name brands work better at relieving them. However, when you consider that the price is comparable to the name brands and there are twice as many tablets, then I think it more than makes up for it. The fact that these are natural is certainly a bonus as well. I definitely recommend giving them a try!

Natural alternative
by Gordy

I am a big proponent of natural alternatives to the synthesized products that overcrowd the store shelves. I decided to give Wellness Cold and Flu a shot and although I was not disappointed, I didn't feel it was effective as other natural remedies.

It seemed to really help to diminish the fever, and control mucus flow, but I felt it really lacked as a general anti-inflammatory and sinus relief. It is affordable and decently effective - just make sure you check other natural remedies before settling for this one.

Wellness Cold and Flu
by Patrick

I've tried brand name cold and sinus pills, such the Advil Cold and Sinus, and I never really seemed to get any relief from these pills. However our nurse at school had several of these Wellness Cold and Flu so I decided to pop a few. I can honestly say that these worked a lot better than the other brands I have tried. If Advil pills don't work for you, or you can't seem to get relief from the other medications, give these a try.

Wellness Cold and Flu Relief
by v

The Wellness Cold and Flu Relief system worked well for me, but not perfectly. Upon using the system, I gained relief from my fever, sore throat, runny nose, and chest congestion. However; my body aches did not subside as the package claims. The tablets were a little awkward to swallow for some reason. Other than those minor complaints, the Wellness Cold and Flu system was a natural way to calm my seasonal cold for a relatively inexpensive price.

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