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Decongest decongests
by George

Decongest Herbal Formula helped me with lessening my decongestion problems associated with a cold I had in late fall. However, it didn't completely clear up my decongestion. I was also still left with aches and all the other cold symptoms. It may help for minor colds, but there may be better products out there...

Didn't work so well
by Barry

It didn't work quite well with me. I had some congestion with my cold that occurred during the winter. Thought a natural type of remedy would help out the cold in a more effective way. Also I thought it would be better for my immune system, but I was wrong. I took it for a week holding my system will get use to the product and I will eventually start to feel the product but after that week, I just gave up and threw the product in the garbage. It didn't help me out one bit and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone out there.

Waste of money
by Ann

Being a type 2 diabetic I am limited in over the counter meds I can take since I also have high blood pressure. I heard about Decongestant Herbal Formula capsules and decided to try it since it was natural ingredients. Well, I sure wasted my money on this product, as it didn't do anything to help relieve congestion or nasal congestion. Maybe it will work for others, but not for me.

decongest herbal formula capsules
by barbara

I bought this product on the outset of my last cold. I was becoming congested and prefer a natural remedy.
The product was not helpful at all tho it was taken as directed. After 5 days I wasnt better than I started. I would not reccomend or purchase again.

Better as a preventative
by Pattie

I tried this when I first felt congestion with my cold, and it didn't seem to help very much. I continued taking it, thinking it needed to build up in my system. The cold lasted 6 days with no relief from this product. My sister in law says she takes it to ward off colds, and it seems to work for her.

Herbal Medicine
by William Duong

One of the reasons that I like this drug is because its entirely herbal. So, you know that it doesn't have all of the artificial ingredients that may not be recognized by your body's natural absorbents. It's usually a decongestants, but you can use this for those natural cold/flu symptoms.

Fancy name, but similar to other products!
by Gordy

I was looking for alternatives to my usual cold remedies and came across this herbal formula by ZAND. It claims to be a decongestant, but is more of just a glorified multi-vitamin/mineral of sorts. The key ingredients are vitamin b12 and b5, zinc, and tumeric. The herbal ingredients geared towards cold/flu symptoms are various roots such as White Peony and Licorice.

I took this for one of my colds and found that it didn't do a whole lot. It only slightly lessened any perceived symptoms and that's about it. The price is on par with other brands at about 9 dollars for close to 2-3 week supply (depending on the cold/flu). I only recommend this if you are looking for an herbal alternative to standard pills.

Decongestion Problem?
by Mike Huang

The Decongest Herbal Formula Capsules from Zand do work well enough to help with decongestion problems. I give this product a 3.5 because it doesn't provide full support for the problem like other brands, but still does the work nevertheless. I would recommend these capsules to anyone that has a small problem.

Its ok if you are healthy
by Krisztian

Well, this particular product was working for us only if were healthy, but as soon as we felt some kind of sickness it could not help to fight it or anything. So basically, don"t buy it if you need real help. It is just for maintaining your health; it is OK then.

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