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Human being
by Susan

I took this medication exactly as instructed and it did absolutely nothing.

Health Department
by Jill Price

You have to take the product at the FIRST SIGN of a cold, Elizabeth. That is a really key part of the directions. I've waited too late and tried taking it a day after I started feeling sick and it didn't work, but when I've taken it right away it works great! You should give it another try next time!

severe allergic reaction
by rose

I took zicam rapidmelts, for 24 hours, after the last dose i developed severe hives, skin burning, tongue swelled. Smart enough I took benedryl. Called 911 and was administered an epi pen in the hospital and steriods. So how safe is this.I would rather be sick with my cold.

U.S. Army Vet.
by Mike Lopez

I took the "RapidMelts" (total allowed w/ing 24hrs.) of first symptoms, and in less than 12hrs. the burning in my throat, the painful inability to swallow, and the corporal pain all over were gone like taking a magical potion. I feel sorry for all those of you who have experienced differently. Everyone needs to know that only .1% of our DNA is what makes us different. Not all medications will work the same on all of us unless it is custom made using our genetic information and we don't have most of that information yet.

Worked for me
by James

I happened to find this product very effective actually. First thing is that I did not notice any loss of taste/smell, or anything like that. Granted I am younger (19) so the loss of senses might not be as severe for someone of youth. I've used this for several colds now, and each time it works great. Before, when I would get colds they would last at least a week - upwards to two weeks. I took this for the first time last year about 2 days into my cold ( it was nasty and I was desperate for something to work). My cold went away in about 3 days. The bottle "DOES NOT" say it will be gone in 2 days, only that it cuts down the time and symptoms and to "CONTINUE" for 2 days after the cold. I find this product very effect, it cut down the time of a cold in half, and significantly reduced all my symptoms (stuffy nose, sore throat, congestion, coughing). Now I take it the instant I feel a cold coming and the cold is gone in 3 days usually. Other cold medicines that I have tried barely reduce the symptoms, this is the only one that really works for me.

Doesn't work...
by Alicia

I was taking this for two days, as instructed. I didnt feel better whatsoever and i lost my sense of smell and partial sense of taste. I would not recommend this to anyone I know...

by Julie Martin

I took one rapid melt yesterday at 4:30pm-I was at work and by 7:00pm was experiencing difficulty breathing-I tried to drive home, only to find I couldn't breathe well enough to even get out of the hospital parking lot-I was taken to the ER where I spent the next two hours being treated for a severe bronchospasm from a severe allergic reaction to the Zicam-I have no other allergies-what a terrifying ordeal-NEVER AGAIN!-If I had gone home earlier,I probably would have died as I live out in the country and no one else was around at home-I was very lucky!

by Lauren

I took Zicam Rapid Melts a few days ago, and beginning the day after the first dose until now, I can not taste ANYTHING. I can drink black coffee, strong green tea, etc. without sugar or soy milk (I usually think both are disgusting without the addition of sugar), and they taste like hot water. I can eat jalapenos and would have zero idea as to what I've just eaten if it weren't for my sense of sight. I've read online that many people have experienced permanent anosmia--loss of smell and inevitably taste--after using Zicam Rapid Melts (not just the nasal spray that the FDA has already confirmed causes anosmia). Please, please do not put yourself through this and just don't take this product.


My husband and I have also been taking the zicam rapidmelts. At the onset of a cold, I began taking it immediately. I continued taking it until my sense of taste was altered. My husband experienced the same thing. Food had little taste and still does. I believe the severity of my cold was lessened, but at the expense of my sense of taste. Anyone else have this same experience?

Taste loss with the RapidMelts.
by Cody

My wife and I have been using the Zicam Rapid Melts for a few days now. As we were eating breakfast this morning, my wife mentioned that she could only catch an occaisional faint taste of the food we were eating. So I decided to check on the internet if there were any reported problems as this is the only medication we are taking. I found that people have reported smell and taste loss with the nasal form of Zicam. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced taste loss using the rapid melts? We quit using the product and will not use it in the future.

Taste good, Not sure about effectiveness
by Jill B

My family has tried several of the Zicam products. The Rapid Melts taste good and do melt rapidly in your mouth. I think they might have helped somewhat in shortening the duration of our symptoms, but it is hard to say for sure.

by Robin Baker

Love this product it is easy to take, taste is not bad and it really works well. It is not something to take in the middle of a bad cold and expect a fast recovery. However if you are just starting to feel a cold coming on it works excellent at keeping it for getting bad and lingering on. It will work in the midst of a bad cold but it will take time.

by billie Swafford

I love this product!!! I always take Zicam right when I start to feel sick. I have fewer symptoms and I'm well in no time. We've definately had fewer Dr. visits this past winter ...Thanks Zicam!!!

by Rta

Zicam is a great product & has heped get us through thewinter with few Dr. visits.

zicam is the best
by works fast

I have to say that Zicam has really come through for my family. My son usually has to have antibiotics when he gets so much as a cold, but i have found that Zicam can usually knock a cold right out of him. saves me trips to the doctors office and the pharmacy

Cold Remedy
by Brandy Russell

I found this product really reduces my cold symptons my husband works with the public and brings home every cold and flu so we really need a cold product that works adn this does

by lois

I found this to really help releave the cold much faster. You need to use this product as directed. Not only have I used this products but my neighbor has as well and we both found it to do its job.

never again
by Amanda

I bought these because I heard such great claims regarding this product. After the first tablet I felt better and it did shorten my cold but I couldn't taste or smell anything and its really not worth it but my senses did come back but I wouldn't risk it again.

Not For ME
by Jessie

I didn't like the way this product made me feel at all. It made me feel all speedy and my head felt fuzzy. I would never take it again. I want a cold product to make me feel half way normal again, and this didn't do that at all.

by Pam Cook

Keep these on hand to prevent the cold you are starting to get or to help it not be as intense. I am firm believer and my husband and I use regularly!

Not a fan
by Renee

While it did shorten the life of my cold, slightly, it also dulled my sense of smell and taste.

by kathi

i took one rapid melt yesterday, & have lost TOTAL sense of smell & taste. not worth the risk at all..several lawsuits against them..they should take this off the market immediately

Not working for me
by Katie

I took the rapidmelt tablets at the first sign of a cold. That was 9 days ago, and I'm still suffering. I wonder how I would be feeling had I not taken this medication. Probably the same is my guess.

by DD

I just bought Zicam this morning. I took my first 'rapidmelt' at 930. I had an extremely sore throat so I bought Tylenol Sore Throat as well. My throat stopped hurting after the first 'rapidmelt' and I havent taken the Tylenol yet!! This medicine works great!!

Zicam is terrific !
by Linda Butt

I have been using Zicam since it came out with amazing results. If I feel that I'm getting a cold ,I immediately start using Zicam with wonderful results. I havn't had a full blown cold for a very long time. One has to remember that they MUST NOT sniff the Zicam into their sinus cavities.That could cause pain and maybe serious problems. There is a warning on the box. I only use the spray . I recommend this product without reservations.

by Julie

this product is beyond great! At the first sign of a cold I take this and all signs will be gone in no time at all. This product has no side affects nor drowiness. Use it and be happy

by ElizabethB

Cold and flu season is a bad time in our house, my husband works outside, and when he gets sick it lasts a long time.

It is expensive to have to take time off of work, plus pay to go the the doctor, and then pay for a prescription.

When we discovered Zicam, it was amazing, we have tried all of the products, and it really works!

When we start feeling sick, we take zicam and our colds don't last as long as they could have if left untreated.

by Blueberry

This has to be the best product yet for a cold! When I or any of my family members have that 'Oh-a cold is coming' feeling, we pop these and after just a couple of days the symptoms are gone! I don't like swallowing tablets so this is a great alternative. I love it!

Stopped my cold from getting worse!
by TC

I work in a public space and am in contact with lots of people on a daily basis, and that is why I always seem to be catching a cold during the flu season. I already get the flu shot every year as recommended by my doctor, but the colds/flu still keep on coming. I always keep a bottle of this at home, because this stuff works!

Whenever I start getting a bit of a sore throat, stuffy nose, watery eyes, and my head starts to feel heavy, I know I have to take a Zicam. It stops the symptoms within days. (Although I would recommend you get a good night's sleep too.) My cold don't get worse at all, and my stuffy nose was almost gone the next day. I tried taking NeoCitrin too, which is a similar product, but it is nowhere as effective as Zicam.

Some people complain about the cost, but I think it's worth every penny. If I fell sick, I'll be out of work and that'll cost much more than $10 bucks!

Zicam Zaps Colds
by Christi

There may not be a true cure for the common cold but this is real close. I always used to dread when one of my kids would come home with a cold and spread it to the rest of the family. The last time that I happened I was out on a business trip when I started getting ill. Traveling is hard enough without feeling well so I was desperate for anything that would help so I tried some Zicam and I was surprised. I felt better within hours and was cold free in about 3 days--usually my colds hang around for about 7 days. The next time one of the kids came home sick I started them on Zicam right away and their cold was also gone in about three days and it didn't spread to the rest of the family. I like any form of Zicam but the melts work great for my daughter who hates to swallow pills or use nose sprays. I do find the product to be slightly expensive but well worth the cost considering the amount of down time it eliminates when someone in the family gets sick. I highly recommend it.

by Karla

Works great! I tend to get multiple symptoms of a cold (i.e. stuffy and runny nose, sore throat) at the same time, and Zicam works on all of them within 30 minutes. I would definately recommend this product!

Good but only for nasal problems
by Randi

I purchased one of the Zicam nasal sprays and had mixed feelings. It's not really an "inhaler" but rather you squirt the tip into your nose. I was hoping for a decongestant, but it essentially just puts a layer or coat in your nasal passage to prevent bacteria from building up. I found it good for nasal remedies, but not for overall colds and flus.

Overall its a good product
by Jill S.

I would like to say that overall I liked Zicam. I did not like the taste of the tablets at all. I would think that Zicam would make it more tasty, so it would be easier to stomach. As far as it being effective, it did make my cold symptom's less severe and it did help in making my body heal faster.

by Corri

I recommend this product to anyone I hear say they have a cold coming on! I really cannot say enough about Zicam products. Just last week, I started getting a scratchy throat and a bit of a runny nose. I used this product as directed, and within a day or so, my symptoms were totally gone. It's really like magic! I have everyone in my office using this! A+ product!

Zicam does what it says
by Mark Cooper

I have used Zicam twice. This shortened my cold to about 4 days. You must take it once you start feeling symptoms of a cold. You must continue using it until the symptoms are gone. It also lessens the severity of the cold experience. I will swear by this product.

Always have on hand
by Cindy B

I cannot say how much I believe in Zicam. I have been using Zicam for a few years now. Anytime someone says they feel like they are getting a cold, I tell them to run and buy Zicam. The number of my colds and the duration has gone down dramatically. There are no side effects and you can pick it up at any drugstore out there. I like the swabs too.

Average Product
by Terasa

I'm a little on the fence about this one. The taste is horrible. You cannot drink anything to take the taste away for at least 15 minutes. Yet, the first time I tried it, I started to feel better within an hour. I'm not sure if that was a coincidence or not. So, I guess it's a decent product but the taste of it is just terrible. It's not something I would normally buy.

Uncomfortable to use, but it gets the job done.
by Jessika Abramson

I seem to get at least one bad cold every year, and I have tried Zicam a number of times with good results. It is uncomfortable and slightly disgusting to use, but it has helped ward off many a cold. Take heed, however-- if you have a little cut in your nose, it may burn when the Zicam makes contact!

This Really Works!
by Angela

This really works. I had seen commericals for it but never tried it until, right before Christmas, I woke up with my glands swollen and a sore throat. This of course was the worst time for this to happen. I had to be better for my guests and I had not even finished my shopping. My husband went out and bought this for me. I thought it was a little more expensive than I was expecting but once I thought about it, there was nothing to really compare it too. I took my tablets as directed and it really wasn't too bad. I figured it was worth anything to get rid of being sick. Well I will say that was the best $10 I ever spent. My cold was gone within a few days and I was back on my feet ready for the Holiday Fiasco, I mean Fiesta.

WORKS WELL especially if you dont like pills
by Donia

This was suggested to me at clinical when I was in the Respiratory Care program. Upon purchasing it and trying it, I must say it seemed to work well. I had been taking vitamins and didn't want to take anymore pills. So, this was effective and eliminated my pill fear at the same time.

Great product
by Angela

My husband seems to catch every single cold and bug that the kids bring home from school, and is a terrible baby about being sick. (Aren't all men? =0) When he started coming down with a cold right before Christmas, I bought him a bottle of these quick dissolve tablets and made him start taking them right away. He said they were a bit chalky, but they did dissolve very quickly, so it was a short "discomfort". Within a few days he was back to his old self, no sign of the cold, so we had a merry, germ free Christmas.

Zicam works
by kvantol

I am usually afflicted by a cold that quickly runs its course into bronchitis or pneumonia within a week or two, knocking me out for 3 weeks min with a horrible cough. Well we are going on a cruise in a few weeks, and my son got sick, so at the advice of some friends I spent the $10 got the nasal swabs, and although I have some mild congestion and an occasional small cough( i mean like 2 times a day), since starting this Weds, its Sunday my cold has not progressed and a simple runny nose is all I have. I can honestly say that without Zicam I would have been out of work a couple days by now and to the doc, I will use this anytime I feel a cold coming on. I didn't expect a cure all, and still have some very very mild symptoms, but hey its a heck of a lot better then being very sick, and coughing more like barking for 2-3 weeks. This stuff is great.

Too expensive
by Sarah

I never heard about this product until my husband told me about it. He saw the commercial for the product and was sold. When he got sick, he asked me to buy this product for him. I was very shocked at how expensive this was, but I bought it anyway just to try it. My husband tried it, and was very disappointed with the taste of the tablets. He said they were almost unbearable and made him sick to his stomach. I got sick from my husband and tried it also. The taste was the worst thing ever, especially being sick. I didn't feel any different and feel that this product is very misleading. I definitely won't be buying this product again.

It seems to help
by SB

I work with cancer patients giving radiation. It is important for me to stay healthy so I don’t pass on a bug to them; the slightest thing can make them very sick. I’ve used Zicam anytime I feel a cold coming on. I really feel it has helped me stay well and keep illness at bay. I’ve been very happy with the product.

Back in action fast
by Chris C.

My mom told me about this product a few years ago and said it worked for her. I was skeptical but willing to give it a try. After having 3 sick kids in the house I knew I was next and took it at the first signs of a cold. Needless to say, I stayed healthy and was able to care for my sick husband.

Cold remedy rapid melts
by Pamela Hairston

LOVE IT!! Since I am such a baby at swallowing pills, this worked wonderfully for me. I actually had to sneak and take it b/c my son knows I don't take pills. He thought I was eating candy and kept asking for 'a piece'.

Can't say enough good
by Melony L.

I can't say enough good about Zicam. A couple of friends told me about it. At the first sign of a sniffle in my house, Zicam to the rescue. We haven't had a full blown cold in two years. Love Love Love it.

Works Great. Tastes Nasty

I bought this product in Nov 2006. Yes, it is expensive (about $11), but it works! It dried up my cold in a few minutes and kept me dry for about 8 hours. The taste is horrible though. Make sure that you take this with orange juice, or something with a strong flavor to cover Zicam's taste. I prefer this over most other OTC cold meds. I suggest you try it.

by Angel C.

During the winter season, I usually get sick with colds A LOT. My dad recommended this product to me actually, saying it would shorten my symptoms and make them less severe. So I gave it a shot and bought the product, and to my surprise..he was right! My cold symptoms were less severe and they didn't last as long as they usually do. This is definitely a product no one should live without!

by Tammy

I rarely use any medications for cold and/or flu symptoms. However, I tried Zicam on the advice of my daughter and I loved it. It actually did give me the relief I needed. I was not "dopey" feeling, which I do not like and I was able to get a good nights sleep.

Hard to tell if it works
by K.M.

This product seems like a bit of a scam, because it's impossible to tell if it actually does anything. My husband tried this when he had a sore throat and thought he was getting sick. He didn't feel great for a few days, but never got a full-blown cold, but it's hard to tell if he would have gotten sick or not. I just don't know about this one.

Zicam to the Rescue!
by Lana

I use Zicam daily during the flu and cold season to prevent sickness and it really works I have not been sick all season! If you are already sick it works well also, as it just needs to be used twice or three times daily. It is really true that Zicam shortens the duration of a cold and really lessens the severity of symptoms when taken immediately. I would never be without this product. Tell everyone you know so that they too can gain the good health benefits of this super product. Although not extremely inexpensive, it lasts a good long time and is worth every penny. I have also tried Zicam Allergy Relief and found it very efficacious also.

Great Product
by Rebecca

I love these new rapid melts from Zicam! Zicam's other products have always helped me to quickly get over colds and this product is no different. They are very easy to use and work great! The only negative is that Zicam is pretty expensive, but their products still deserve a 4!

Works great.
by Trisha Allard

Rapid Melts work great. My daughter likes them and they are easy to take. They help stop a cold in its tracks, and or prevent one from occurring if taken immediately. Price is a little high but compared to a Dr. office visit they are well worth the cost.

by Liz

These work wonderful!! Definitely shortened the duration and severity of the cold! I would highly recommend this product. I also love the nasal spray! Clears me right up!

by Karina

I rarely get colds, but when I do I know I'm in for it big time. As soon as I started feeling the onset of a cold, I started taking Zicam. It tastes vaguely unpleasant while the tablet is melting, but not terribly bad. Within hours, I felt better, and without any of the usual drowsiness associated with other cold medications. Totally worth it, and I will always have a bottle in my house from now on.

zicam is awsome
by sudie

I bought Zicam as soon as I started to feel sick, even though it's a little expensive. I would tell everyone about it, because it works very fast .

Really Works
by Ellisha

I love this product. It works so good! It really helps lessen the severity of my cold symptoms, and works very fast! I consider it the miracle product!

It really works
by LT

I was kind of skeptical to try this product because I did not believe that it would work. Ziacam proved me wrong. I used this on different occasions and my symptoms and cold didn't last long at all.

Zicam Rocks!
by Rebecca Brown

I started using Zicam nasal spray last year and loved it, so I decided to try the rapid melts. Boy, was I glad I did. It usually takes me a couple of weeks to get over a cold, but now, my colds are not as severe or as long.

Wasn't so impressed
by Lois

I purchased this about a week ago when I was getting sick. It seems like it might have lessened the cold but I am still coughing and hacking and completely congested. So, I'm not really impressed with the product. Maybe in a few more days I will start filling a little better, but so far it has not worked so well for me.

didn't work for my daughter
by jennifer

This product seems useless! My oldest daughter had a cold and we gave this to her as soon as she had symptoms. It didn't seem to do anything. We finally had to take her to the doctor and he even said he didn't recommend it!

Yeah, I feel good...
by Mindy

With cold and flu season here, I was dreading the thought of getting sick. I had heard about Zicam from a co-worker and thought I would give it a try, when I felt a cold coming on. After taking it, I started feeling better! I think the Rapid Release Melts made it take effect sooner than most pills. I will keep this on hand!

Zicam knocks the cold out of you.
by Z

I've tried the other Zicam products such as the nose swipes and chewables, and I find that the rapid melt tablets are the best option. The chewables take much too long to melt in your mouth. Rapid Melt tablets are quick and easy and don't taste that bad. The Zicam products really do work and always make me feel better faster than I would without them.

Quick Relief
by Savannah R.

I was pretty skeptical at first when a friend told me about Zicam but decided to give it a try. The quick dissolve was great since I did not feel like drinking another bad tasting cold/flu product. To my surprise I felt better within two days!

Works wonders
by Jeff

Wow, this is a fantastic product and it works great!!! It really helps relieve all the symptoms of a cold and it works very quickly. It is a little expensive, but well worth it.

Zicam Works!
by Sarah D.

Zicam works, it just does. It was one of those situations where I wanted the product to work but didn't think it possibly could. I'm happy to report I was wrong! Colds usually hit me hard but using Zicam has lessened both the duration and the severity of mine. I also believe it's helped me keep a cold from developing at all in some instances. I've been using the nasal gel until I found the melts. They're an easy, pleasant way to effectively deal with colds.

Melt form is the key
by will

Zicam melts are the fastest acting products on the market for a cold. In the melts form, they seemed to be absorbed quicker into your system, and I have used them as a precaution if I have even an inkling a cold is coming on.

by Melissa

This worked for me. I work with the public and get lots of colds. When I first got that feeling of getting a cold, my co-worker recommended this. I tried it and it worked for me. Felt better fast.

Works wonders
by JM

My husband started taking this for colds and told me to try it. e would be over his cold and I would be suffering. I finally gave in and tried it and does cut the length of the cold by days. It may be my imagination, but I start feeling better after I take it!

Worth the Price
by Stephen E.

I do not get sick very often, but when I do, I get hit really bad. I have tried other products that are cheaper, but this product is really worth the price if you are looking to avoid a cold! The rapid melts truly are amazing - when I took them, already having a cold, I felt great after 2-3 days. Since, I have started taking it at the first sign of any cold and have not gotten fully sick since.

cold remedy rapid melts
by lala5

I have found this product to really work, and it doesn't have an unpleasant odor associated with it. I would strongly recommend it to parents for their children.

Do what it said
by CG

Pros: Took away the sore, hacking cough with in the hour.
Cons: I felt a minor headache sometimes after having it, and it can last for 4 or 5 hours. Don't know whether it is also true for other people though.

Shortens Cold
by restonapt

I got the flu for the first time in a while this year, and someone recommended Zicam to help shorten the sickness time. It really helped me get over the flu quickly and I will definitely plan on using it at the first sign of a cold the next time.

It really works!!
by holly wilson

This is a product that works so well I keep it on hand at home. I even keep a spare one at my desk at work it works so well. It completely worked, and didn't leave me feeling drained like a lot of other cold remedies do.

Remarkable Product
by Angee705

I love Zicam and plan to always keep it near. I could not believe how great this product worked. At the first hint of a cold/flu, I tried Zicam and it completely took away my symptoms. I did not get sick and actually felt revitalize. Hopefully, this product will never disappear.

It will help you get back on your feet
by nikki counts

Personally, I like the rapid melts much better than the Zicam nasal swabs. The melts don't really taste that bad to me, kind of grainy texture though. I've had 2 colds this winter and both times as soon as I've felt the first sign of getting sick, I start the Zicam. I've gotten over the cold in about 2 days while my family will still be sick a week later. I always have a box on hand.

Shortens Colds!
by Angie

Zicam really works. I use it at the first sign of cold symptoms and it has never let me down. I have used Zicam for about three years and winter is no match for this wonderful product.

Zicam is awesome
by Amy Jackson

What a great product and so easy to use. It's amazing how this stuff works so quickly. I would highly recommend Zicam for everyone. There is no stinging or dripping and it's easy to use.

Zicam is Fantastic
by Julie Moore

Zicam is a fantastic product. I do like the spray better than the melts, but both work well in preventing colds. It is so nice to have products to take at the first sign of a cold that can help you fend it off and stay healthy.

Fast relief for colds
by Mace

Some years ago, I read about the double-blind experiments conducted regarding ZICAM in a medical journal. The zinc formula was touted as being able to cut the length of a cold short by a few days. I now keep a supply in my medicine cabinet and the key is using it as soon as the first symptoms appear. It works!

Zicam works.
by Beth

Zicam really knocks out a cold and relieves the symptoms, but when I bought the Rapid Melts I couldn't take them. They tasted bad and didn't really melt. I only took a few of them. The other kind of Zicam products work better.

I really like Zicam
by Laura Frost

I get colds a lot during the winter so for me, Zicam is the best medicine for my relief. With these new "melts" that they have. I can get relief much quicker than other times.

runny nose and cough relief
by s bhimji

Excellent product with fast relief of a runny nose and cough. This product does not cause any sedation and works within 6-12 hours. A good product to have around during the winter months.

Cold Relief
by Janet Higdon

This product is good at helping you get relief from your symptoms so that you can rest. It clears up a stuffy nose and generally makes you feel better in days instead of 2 weeks.

Cold came a knockin', Zicam was blockin'
by R. Todd Woodstock

Fantastic product! I just used this product when I was unable to locate the product I normally use and glad I found it by accident. This gave me the protection I needed. Keep knockin' cold, you're not stopping by.

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I have taken Zicam a couple of times and it has worked very well for me. I started getting sick the day I was going out of town for a weekend two years ago and the symptoms were gone in about two days. I just got another onset of a cold on Tuesday night, went to the drug store on Wednesday morning and bought some more Zicam and took it and by Thursday morning the symptoms are already gone. No reactions whatsoever!

Civil Servant
by Elizabeth

I'm sorry but this stuff did not work for me at all, although I took it after I was already sick and already had been sick for a couple of days. It had no effect on my symptoms, and I followed the directions exactly.

by Cynthia Diaz

I just found this interesting site about health problems and the loss of taste and smell from which some Zicam users have suffered. There is also important safety information here: