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no more sneezing
by Arvinder

My sneezing problem has gone. Thanks to such a wonderful product. I bought it on friend's advice and gave it a shot. It is much better than other expensive products. It is easy to carry and easy to use. I will recommend to every sneezer.

No More Sneezing!!
by Stephanie

My husband has terrible allergies and has tried so many different products to help with his sneezing attacks with no luck. A friend of the family told us about SneezEze and we decided to give it a try. My husband was hesitant to try this product at first, but as soon as he used it he became a believer in its effectiveness! He says it really works and he loves the fact that it doesn't have a nasty drip or bad taste. He travels often for business and never leaves home without SneezEze. He keeps a bottle in his briefcase and one at home. He is glad he has finally found a product that actually works. He says he'd pay 100.00 for this if he had to. Great product! It got rid of the sneezer in my house! A+++

SneezEze is truly effective
by Leanna

Living with cats causes me to be prone to sneezing attacks. After a friend recommended this product to me, I decided it was worth a try. I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently this product worked. It's a great value for the cost.

Many other nasal injected medications leave a taste in the mouth that can't be described as anything but unpleasant. SneezEze leaves no taste in your mouth and leaves you feeling refreshed. I have been using it for a month and haven't felt any side-effects or dependencies.

SneezEze is a great product for kids and adults alike.

Does what it is meant to do....
by Andrew

Well this nasal spray is a life saver if you ever get one of those moments when you just can't stop sneezing. Whenever I travel to Chicago for business I always bring a bottle of this with me because of the different climate in the city. The bottle is small enough to conceal and there is enough of it to last a few days. I try and stock up on this stuff whenever I see a good deal so I usually have 10-15 bottles of this stuff. My nephew also uses this when he comes over since he is one that tends to sneeze when it is harvest season.

I highly praise and recommend this product for its effectiveness in the battle over sneezing!

by Susan A.

I was at my sisters when I had a huge allergy attack. I couldn’t stop sneezing and my sister offered me your product. I was hesitant. I hate the feeling of breathing in a liquid product and when I used yours, it was easy with none of the dripping, bad smell, or aftertaste I have experienced before. Additionally it worked. It is a true winner.

a must have for sneezes
by kim

I have really bad sneezing fits in the mornings before I even get out of bed. After finding this product, the sneezing has almost quit. I keep it at my bedside table and before I get out of bed, I use this spray. Within a couple of minutes, I get up and have no sneezes. What a miracle.

SneezEze true to its name
by Tonya

SneezEze is true to its name. It does exactly what it says, it eases the sneezes. I don't usually like sprays, and this is the first product that I am impressed with. Once I use the product within a few minutes I can feel the results. I would buy this product again when I need it.

by Elli

There is nothing worse then having a sneezing spell where I sneeze 6 or 7 times a second only to have it happen again a few minutes later. I decided to try this a few weeks ago when I saw it in the store. This stops me from sneezing and takes that dried out feeling away. I keep this in my desk at work and I love it. The price is a little high but its worth it because it really works!

by Liliana

I love this product, because I suffer from seasonal allergies, I have a runny nose and I am always sneezing. I buy it, since it is safe, non- addictive and I just need use one spray to last all day. It makes me feel well and my symptoms disappear.

Eased my sneeze!
by Steve

I work in a bank and I constantly am exposed to high levels of germs. This has greatly helped me prevent from spreading my own all over the money I handle. I'm very very happy with SneezeEze.

Great for seasonal outdoor allergies
by Noah K.

I suffer from seasonal allergies, particularly to ragweed and dogwood, and have runny nose and sneezing. Since I have to be outdoors so much, I just love this product as it really works for my symptoms. It's completely safe, non-addictive and is odorless and tasteless and just one spray seems to last all day for me! I keep it in my bike bag for use whenever I need it and have recommended it to many other folks, both for allergies, as well as cold symptoms! Doesn't irritate or sting the nasal passages, either, or cause a bad taste in the back of the throat as some treatments do.

just fine
by Bill

It's hard to tell which works better- SneezEze or Zicam.. in any case they both were able to relieve my congestion quickly without any side effects. I would recommend both, and pick up whichever you can get the best price on near you.

its awesome
by nivi

I love this product. It's really useful in cold season. It fights the cold and sneezing symptoms. It's completely safe and doesn't cause any side effects. My doctor suggested this to me because I have sinus problem and have frequent nasal congestion.

by renuka

Its works wonders for colds. It is harmless, has no side effects. The powdery form is very cheap and it lasts a long time. It is a good medicine to keep at home during cold season. I refer this medicine to my friends.

by Dorene

I love the fact that just one spray of SneezEze relieves my allergy symptoms all day. Even better is that it comes in a powder as opposed to liquid. The powder feels more gentle and I couldn't taste it. Great Product!

No more Sneezing!
by Mike Huang

I have used this spray as well as Zicam, and both products work very good on your Cold/Sneezing problems. Even if you don't have a cold, these work when you're sneezing from allergies. Just a bit of this product daily, your sneezing will be healed in no time.

by EF

I can say from personal experience that this product worked great at relieving my congestion problems and did not leave any bad taste in my mouth as some sprays have in the past.

by John S.

I like this one because it sprays a powder into your nose instead of a traditional liquid. Unlike other sprays, you really can't taste this one if it reaches your throat.

Be prepared for allergy relief!
by Angel C.

This bottle is a life-saver to those with allergies including myself and other family members who have used this. It provides instant relief all day with no adverse side effects so you can go on and enjoy life allergy free. Usually nose sprays made me tired or left me feeling wired but this one does not. It provides me with just relief, not relief plus side-effects. This nose spray really does the job!

works as directed :)
by justin

I tired this product once before, and it worked when my sinuses were acting up and I couldn't breathe to well through my nose. One spray in each nostril. they both cleared up and allowed me to breathe and to get a good nights sleep. This is a very good product if you have sinus problems

Allergies be gone!
by Albert

I have horrible allergies come spring time. I have been using this product for a while now and it really works. The product doesn't smell and better yet it's not habit forming. For the cost, it really works and you will enjoy it.

Really Great!
by Ellisha

I have really bad allergies, but I have always been a little afraid to use nasal sprays because they are habit forming and usually make me drowsy. SneezEze doesn't do either of those things. It just gives me allergy symptom relief!

Finally! A non-addictive nasal spray that works!
by Amy Derby

I have been addicted to nasal sprays before and was hesitant to try this one (even though it says it is not habit-forming), especially because it was so costly, but I am happy I did. I have horrible year-round allergies, to everything from dust to pet fur, and SneezEze is the only non-addictive nose spray that has helped me.

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