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by Margaret Dutka

I have been using this product for about ten years. This is excellent. I used to have terrible problems with sinuses but this product is a God send

It works!
by Errol

This is the first saline spray that I've actually liked! All the others come in bottles that squirt huge amounts of liquid up your nose, which winds up running back out, making a mess. I always wind up throwing the bottle away, wishing someone would make a saline spray in a bottle that has a mist affect - more like the bottles that the medicated nasal sprays come in! I guess those other bottles are ok for people that like to "irrigate" their nasal passages, but I don't have allergies, and generally have good nasal health. In the winter the air gets rather dry, and that causes a little nasal discomfort, so an occasional nasal moisturizer is all I need. I tried Simply Saline for the first time today, and it is EXACTLY what I had been hoping for. It has a nice, gentle, fine mist that you barely even feel except for the wonderful moisturizing effect it has. No harsh streams squirting up your nose, no mess of solution running down your upper lip...

Wow it works !
by william

Wow, it works! I used this product for a while to help my sinuses. It worked only some of the time for me. Also, after using this product for so long, my nose started becoming very sensitive to it. It began to feel as if my nose had a sore inside of it. I stopped using this product and tried something else.

Nasal relief FINALLY!
by James

Three weeks ago I had to housesit for a friend to help take care of their cat and dog. I didn't think I would be allergic to any of them since I myself have a dog. Several hours into the stay my sinuses got very uncomfortable and I was extremely congested. I immediately went to the store and decided to try Entsol, it was the first thing I grabbed. I can't say what a relief it was that I grabbed something that worked! After the first spray, I felt immediate relief from my congestion. I would highly recommend to anyone!

Moisturizes too!
by Stephanie

I received this product from my aunt at Christmas last year (as a stocking stuffer--she's a nurse), and used it during the winter to help keep my nose from being dry and itchy. It really works! I don't use it for allergies or congestion, but I have also heard that saline spray is good for clearing your nose of cold-causing bacteria (that's what my aunt said??) so I like to use it during the cold season and it really seems to help.

Works great with out side effects
by Karen

My husband works in a dusty factory and has trouble with his nasal passages. His allergy doctor suggested this nasal spray and it has worked wonders for him. Hypertonic Saline Nasal Spray cleans and soothes his nasal passages with out the side effects that other nasal sprays have. It is also great for moisturizing dry irritated nasal passages. It is a great product and doctor recommended.

Breathe Again
by Brendan

The Entsol saline nasal spray does wonders. I feel like I'm allergic to everything and anything and this nasal spray does wonders to keep my sinuses clear. The greatest advantage of this nasal spray is the reduction in the number of sinus headaches, since I started using the spray 1 month ago.

Good stuff.
by JM

I used this on a recommendation of my doctor, and it works. It takes some getting used to, and your first time you will have a bit of difficulty, but it is worth it. I do this as part of my morning routine now, and it helps make my day go by easier.

by Jen

I go SCUBA diving a lot and have problems with nasal congestion preventing me from clearing my ears. Many decongestants make me sleepy--something I don't want happening to me 60 ft. underwater. This product clears my nasal passages well and leaves me wide awake so I can enjoy my dives to the fullest extent!

Recommended by my DR.
by Angel

This is the best.
My doctor recommended this for me. Due to the fact that I have had surgery on my nasal passage.
He said this was the safest and that it will keep my nasal passages open longer than other brands on the shelves.
He was not lying!
This has been the best for me.

Breathing Made Easy Again!
by Dee

When allergy and cold season hits my house this is the most essential item in our medicine chest!
Rinsing my nostrils out several times during the day not only dissolves the mucus due to allergies and colds, it also seems to speed the healing process. I have noticed that cold and allergy symptoms do not last long at all once I start the saline rinse. Wonderful Product!

So Easy
by Jen

I have been using saline rinses to clear my sinuses when my allergies flair up for a few years now. Mostly, this means having bottles of sterile water on hand and mixing it with small packets of a saline mix. Invariably, I spill half the packet when opening it, get the powder all over the counter, have to clean it up, throw it away and open a new packet. This is great. No mixing, no spilling, no cleaning; just use. I remember it was hard to get used to the idea of spraying anything into my sinuses, but once you get over that hurdle, you will find that this is actually very soothing and feels great afterward.

by Karen

I started using Entsol hypertonic saline spray a few years ago after my ENT doctor recommended I use hypertonic saline. This is the best of the ones that I tried, so I continued using it. Because it's hypertonic it shrinks the swelling of the nasal mucosa, therefore opening the nasal passages wider. This has a powerful stream when it is sprayed, so you get a good amount of the saline in the nostril, which helps to moisturize and clean the nasal passages. The only thing I don't like about this is that it is on the expensive side, but well worth it so I continue to buy it.

Live Without Worries!
by Mike

Have you ever had a congested nose and had looked everywhere to find that perfect nasal spray? Well, look no further. Hypertonic Saline Nasal Spray is the remedy for all your nasal complications. It eradicates all of your allergies and clears your sinus passage with one shot. I used to live with allergies on an annual cycle but that all changed when I decided to try out Entsol. If I had not encountered this product, I would still be the walking zombie I once was seven years ago. Entsol not only improves your breathing but also reduces your body's upper respiratory problems. This is a must have!

Helped me breath better
by Jill S.

When I was six months pregnant I came down with a terrible head cold. I was very limited on what I could take to relieve my symptoms. My doctor told me I could use this product. It helped clear up my stuffy nose and sinus pressure. I still use this, and I keep it handy for my whole family.

by Kevin Lumpkin

I used this product when I had a terrible flu-like virus and I couldn't get rid of my stuffy nose for the life of me. Of course, the prescription medication treated the condition over the long-term, but saline nasal spray (this and any other brand of it really) will do a job that regular tissues just can't - at least temporarily, you'll completely clear out your nose. It's fantastic!

by Rachel

Nasal congestion is one of my biggest problems. When I tried Hpertonic Saline Nasal Spray I could not have bee n happier! It works wonders on your nose - especially when you are having issues breathing! Try it out!

Unstuff that nose!
by Mandy

My son has extreme allergies and this helps when he is really stuffed up. Without this product I think he would have some major sleeping problems. The look of the can turned him off at first but he eventually adapted and now uses this whenever he has problems.

Saline Spray
by Stacy

I was on antibiotics 9 out of 12 months for chronic sinusitis with no solution in sight..until my husband read an article in the newspaper which showed new treatments for sinusitis, and ENTSOL was one of the showcased products. Since buying it over 2 years ago, I have been antibiotic-free. I would recommend for anyone to try this product (unless you have a physiological reason for chronic infections such as polyps). I never go through a day without ENTSOL. Its a little pricey but I think its worth it.

Works Great
by Jody H

This Hypertonic Saline Nasal Spray is great. My nose is always stuffed up at night. I tried this and it unstuffed it immediately. I use this product every night before bedtime and my sleeping improved dramatically. No more waking up at night to unstuff my nose. I always keep an extra one on hand just in case I run out.

good relief for nasal congestion
by vsb

Nasal congestion is one of my biggest problems, especially when I get cold and cough. I had many sleepless nights due to nasal congestion. Hypertonic nasal spray gave me better relief compared to other products I have used and moreover the relief is long lasting compared to others.

Hypertonic Saline Nasal Spray
by Michael G.

I used this product for a while to help my sinuses. It worked only some of the times for me. Also, after using this product for so long, my nose started becoming very sensitive to it. It began to feel as if my nose had a sore inside of it. I stopped using this product and tried something else.

Worth the Money
by Patricia Madden

Wow I thought I was the only one who knew about this, everyone in my family uses it, I know if I'm stuffed up It will work Everyone should have this in there house!works 100% of the time.

Burns your nose
by Phil Young

I have problems sleeping at night because I can't breathe out of my nose due to allergies. I used the nasal spray and it burned my nose and didn't help as a decongestant.

Nasal Spray
by J. Mawyer

This is a great nasal spray. I have constant sinus issues and my nose is almost never clear. I bought this and used it to clear my nasal passages. It opened them right up and made it much easier to breathe. It is a bit on the pricey side so I try not to use it more often than needed. A decent price for the results.

Irrigation without Irritation
by S. Grevious

I have terrible seasonal allergies. They are so bad that they scratch at my immune system, giving way to other illnesses to set in throughout the spring season. This spray immediately starts to work and it helps out a great deal. I just didn't like putting the spray in my nose and it is also a little pricey. It's still cheaper than antibiotics.

Works Wonders...
by Denise

I suffer from allergies year round and I was looking for something that was better than just my average saline solution. It really worked wonders for my nose and has helped to keep the nasal passages clear. I even purchased some for my father who suffers from allergies as I do and he loved it!

by lala5

Not a very good product at all. It definitely did not help me in my time of need. It has a weird shaped top which makes it difficult to get drops into your nose.

Goodbye nasal congestion
by Lori

While on vacation this past year, my allergies were out of control. Breathing was near impossible. Thanks to Hypertonic Saline Nasal Spray, I was able to breathe and continue to enjoy my trip.

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