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by taj


Clears up my little nose!
by Ethan

My doctor prescribed [url=]Flonase[/url] It dries up my congestion and prevents me from sneezing all day! I wish it would come down in price at the pharmacy, but it is worth every cent! I found it on "kiwi drug" for half the cost. And I was wondering if anyone has ordered from them before?

Not bad
by Colm

I tried this before and found it great for relieving the nightmare symptoms of nasal allergies. Helped me with my sinus pain and got me ready for work again!

Nasal Spray only!
by Brook

I work for Marco Pharma and would like everyone to know that this product is NOT for oral use, rather, it is a nasal spray, therefore, you are to spray it in your nose, do not drop it on your tongue! :)

Works great!
by Henry L.

When I had a stuffed up nose, I decided to buy this for myself. It seemed odd that you would place it on your tongue, rather than in your nose, so I gave it a try. Although it had a somewhat nasty aftertaste, my nose cleared up almost instantly! It works, and that's what counts.

Works great, tastes bad
by Chris Carter

When I get colds I want something to ease my nasal pain. However, I don't really want something that makes me have a terrible aftertaste in my mouth. This is one of those products. If you can't stand a terrible aftertaste, do not buy this. It is great, however, for nose bleeds and runny noses.

Humidifier Awesomeness!
by Kerry Hays

A fantastic product when combined with a humidifier to avoid to irritable nighttime allergies. I went with only a couple of drops into my small bedside air blower and when I woke up the next morning, I felt nothing compared to the previous mornings. I also tried putting this into a cup of boiling water, like the tea they mentioned, and just breathed in the steamy vapors. Absolute heaven, and highly recommend this product. Only real problem is that it indeed tastes like really salty old fruit.

No more nasal allergies
by Sam Wagner

I have some pretty bad nasal allergies. My doctor recommended that I should buy this OC product to control my allergies. Even though this stuff smells pretty nasty, it does the job and I am very happy with it. I recommend anyone with nasal allergies to buy it!!

by momof2

I tried Acusine hoping to relieve my sore throat pain. Unfortunately, Acusine left a horrible after-taste in my mouth. I tried it twice and both times it left a really bad taste in my mouth and I had no relief from my sore throat. I don't recommend this product.

Very convenient
by Kalvin

I get a runny nose fairly often from allergies, but I hate nasal sprays. They work, but are extremely unpleasant. While this stuff is not particularly tasty, it is much more pleasant than nasal spray and works just as well. Try it unless you like shooting liquid up your nose.

Great product!
by Pattie

After my nasal surgery, I did not want to spray anything in my nose while healing, except exactly what the doctor told me to. He mentioned these drops, and I highly doubted drops on my tongue would help. I was happily surprised at how quickly they worked to relieve the congestion. Great stuff!

great product
by Davis

I have tried many nasal sprays, but Acusine gave me the best result. It cleared up my nose congestion almost instantly, but it also gave me a weird after taste, as well as many others brands. But in the end I stuck with this one because it gave me the relief I needed.

Not for me
by Laura

Unfortunately, this product didn't work for me. I was excited about not having to spray something in my nose in order to breath well. I use nasal spray before bed to fall asleep and curb snoring. The night that I tried this I couldn't sleep because of the strange taste in my mouth. I ended up brushing my teeth again and going back to the regular nose spray.

Very good
by theepa

Great for sinus and nose congestion. It gave me instant relief. I among all the people have very severe nose blockages and this product would set it free on use, helping me to breathe freely and smell most flower during spring.

Works well with others
by T. Danger

While not my favorite product, this stuff worked well in conjunction with another sniffer-type nasal spray. In the winter my sinus is constantly dry and irritation-prone. I have frequent nose bleeds and sinus pain which keep me from functioning at work. I use these drops, plus a nasal moisturizer and a daily cayenne supplement, and this combo does the trick most days. Have not tried it when I have been truly ill, but for every day health it is fine.

OK Product
by Kate

This product was effective overall in clearing my nasal passages, but it had an AWFUL taste and burn. Other than that, it is mostly effective and it relieved my congestion for a long time. I thought it was worth the money.

Acusine Nasal Spray
by Michael G.

If I could give this product a higher rating, I would. It deserves a 10 out of 5 stars from me. Ever since I started using this product, my nasal passages have been clean and clear as can be. I experience no aftertaste or burning as I have had with another product that I had tried. This product works really well and is worth the money to the very cent.

not good
by renuka

It is useless for me. I have suffered from nasal congestion for a long time. I tried this product, but it didn't give me any relief. If I may say, this product actually increased my congestion. I will not recommend this product to anyone.

Does Not Work
by Eli

I'm am very dissatisfied with Acusine Nasal Spray. It did not help me clear the nasal congestion. Instead, it gave me a bad cough as the smell goes directly to your throat. The spray also has side effects like loss of sleep and headaches.

Not impressed
by Annie

This did not adequately clear my nasal congestion. I had to spray it more than two times to get it to even start clearing my congestion. It is basically just salt water and did not effectively clear congestion. It is however compact and easy to use.

by John Spindler

This one might be okay to some people. In my opinion, when you spray it in your nose and sniff it up, some of it reaches the back of your throat and tastes terrible.

by Michael Jiang

I found that Acusine Nasal Spray was generally effective, however, it would leave a terrible aftertaste and after effects. After awhile, I felt that the side effects that I received from using the spray outweighed the effectiveness of it.

Acusine Gives Fast Relief
by Joanne Benham

When I get a cold, I have a terrible time sleeping because of the nasal congestion. When I finally do fall asleep, my nose stops up and I start breathing through my mouth, causing my throat to dry out and making me cough, which of course wakes me up.
The last time I had a cold, I tried Acusine before going to bed. Although there is a warning on the lable about the slight burning you feel when you first dispense it, I was really hurting for several seconds...but then that pain went away and I realized I could breathe. Not only could I breathe, the Acusine treatment lasted all night. Seven hours later, I could feel the congestion creeping back in and tried another dose. This time I was ready for the burning and it wasn't nearly as bothersome as the first time. I gave it a 4.5 just because of the initial burn.

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