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This one works
by Gen

I think that this product really works without leaving you dripping and gross :)

by kim2728

I was looking for a product that washes and keeps mucus from accumulating in my nasal passages plus keep the nose natural feeling. It seems like this product left my eyes watery.

at your own risk
by Lori Baranski

This nasal spray works wonders! It truly will unblock your nasal passage and allow you to breath even at night while on your side in bed. HOWEVER, this is very addicting. It took me a long time to go to bed without spraying this up my nose. It says you can take it as often as needed, but try to use sparingly. You could find yourself with an entire stock of this stuff in your linen closet.

Try it
by william

This is the only thing that works on my allergies, including Rx from the doctor. I suffer twice a year pretty bad from allergies and I have tried everything over the counter and RX, and I mean "everything"!! It takes care of it.

Does the Job
by M.B.

I use a Neti pot as my daily nasal cleaning solution, but when I get a cold I will sometimes have to use a store-bought nasal spray. Naturade's spray with Aloe cleared me up without the irritation that I've experienced using other nasal decongestant products.

Great for dry noses
by M. Bradley

I keep Naturade nasal spray on hand. My family has used this product for several months now. It works great for moisturizing your nasal passages when they are dried out. We use it when we have colds as it makes our noses feel better. It is also a great product to use in the winter when every part of your body seems to dry out, especially your nose! I really advocate the use of this nasal spray. I think it is the addition of the aloe that makes my nasal membranes not so dry and yucky feeling.

Not Worth the Price
by Dustin

Naturade works fine. I have had different sinus problems for my entire life and it does relieve irritation. Although I have found other generic brands that work the same without the hefty price tag. Shop Around for a different brand.

Nasal spray
by Jenn

I actually got this in the mail as a sample. Works great to keep my nasal passageways clear and moisturized. It is great for the cold, dry weather of winter. I would definitely go out and buy a replacement just to keep it on hand.

A bit pricy, but reliable
by heink

I would rate this as a 4, but I have to agree with others as this is a bit pricey. However, I have yet to switch to another brand because this spray has proven to be efficient and reliable.

Not worth the price
by pat

Although it worked OK it is not worth the price. I have been buying CVS brand for about $3 and it works well to keep my nasal passages open and moist. I have always had dry nasal passages and I tried several brands over the years but plain old saline sprays help me breath better all year round, especially in the winter months with the dry heat.

by Donna Zittel

Pregnancy can really be a horrible time for your nose. The sinus problems I had started right from the start and nothing seemed to work to help from feeling "dried out" all the time.

The Pharmacist recommended this product and thank goodness I found it. It's safe to use during pregnancy and has been a real lifesaver for me.

It helps keep my nose moist and I have had almost no sinus headaches since I started using it.

GREAT product!

Get it
by sue

This is the only thing that works on my allergies, including Rx from the doctor. I suffer twice a year pretty bad from allergies and I have tried everything over the counter and RX, and I mean "everything"!! It takes care of it.

Soothing aloe and saline relief!
by T. Danger

I use this product in conjunction with others, and have been pleased with the results. I am prone to bloody noses, and in the winter my sinus is so dry and irritated that I use this nasal spray a few times per day. This helps to soothe and hydrate, while other supplements support my overall sinus health.

Excellent Product
by Judith

In today's air conditioned environment, it is very important to keep nasal passages from drying out. This product is excellent. The addition of aloe is more conditioning than the straight saline sprays. Excellent Product!

Great product!
by Kyle

I suffer from horrible allergies and this nasal spray provides SUCH A RELIEF. Also, I was surprised at how quickly it worked. I keep this nasal spray with me AT ALL TIMES. I love it!

nasal spray saline & aloe
by satyen

I have use this product. I have had problem with congested nasal pathway. After trying out few product, someone introduce Naturade's nasal spray. This product does work better than other product I have used. It doesn't call irritation and helps loosen mucus while it is applied every 8-10 hours.

An Okay Nose Job
by Christi

I recently had a deviated septum repaired and my doctor told me to keep a saline based spray on hand to use every 3 hours to keep my nose from drying out. I had used other straight saline sprays before and when I saw this one with Aloe I thought it would be more beneficial and soothing than the others. The product worked okay but I couldn't tell that the aloe portion of the spray was doing anything. I'll use it until it is gone and just because of price I will be going back to the less expensive straight saline solutions.

Saline and Aloe nasal spray
by Cheri17

I use these kind of products to ward off winter colds, and to add moisture to nasal membranes. It works ok but I have tried better. Doesn't seem to last as long as others I've tried.

an improvement to be sure
by Patty

I am a sufferer of both allergies and chronic nosebleeds. Using nasal spray has always been a difficulty because of the irritation that the medicine caused to my nose. With the addition of Aloe, this product has soothed my nasal passages and I have had fewer nosebleeds and reduced allergy symptoms.

A happy nose!
by S.B

I’ve tried other products to help with my dry nose, this one is the best. The aloe seems to make a difference for me. It’s easy to use, considering it’s a nose spray. I experienced relief within 10 minutes. I recommend keeping this product on hand during allergy season as well as the winter months when I tend to have a dry nose.

Not an excellet product, but OK
by nazmul07

Due to allergies symptoms in spring and fall, I tried this allergy drug. This Nasal Spray Saline & Aloe is OK, but doesn't completely relieve the effects. I like the aloe combination of it. It is an average saline nasal spray. I would compare others before buying it .

Carry with me
by hari

Good thing I carry Nasal Sparay with me all the time. It takes care of my allergies right away. It's a good feeling when allergies won't stop you from getting through the day.

by A Roen

I hoped that the addition of aloe would really soothe my sinuses, but I found that this product did not work any better than regular saline nasal spray. I wouldn't buy it again.

Aloe in your nose? You betcha!
by Gordy

I am a chronic nose bleeder due to dry, irritated nasal membranes from humidity and allergies. Allergies especially have hit me much harder here in Michigan than ever before. Constant temperature changes throughout the year and spring blossoms really make me miserably stuffed up and irritated. I discovered Naturade Nasal Spray (Saline and Aloe) after reading about sprays as a way to get rid of the stuffiness. I was quite surprised that it actually works quite well.

As with other nasal sprays, this one can be a bit awkward feeling jamming it up there and wincing as you spray - but the end result is worth it. After a few minutes, things will loosen up and relieve a lot of pressure that has been built up (which usually is the culprit behind the discomfort). I find that the open passages last a pretty good amount of time (roughly 3 - 6 hours for me). The aloe is a nice touch, helping to relieve irritation and calm the membrane often preventing nosebleeds.

I recommend giving it a try, but be forewarned that you don't want to overdue the usage of nasal sprays because the effectiveness will decrease as time goes on.

by Michael Jiang

Having had allergies every spring since I moved to a new location, I have tried out a variety of allergy drugs. The Nasal Spray Saline & Aloe did not do much to relieve the effects. The saline spray does clean out your sinuses, but doesn't do anything regular saline solution wouldn't do.

by prashant

I use nasal sprays (saline and medicated) for my recurrent allergies and when the humidity is low. I bought Naturade's saline spray 6 months back. It was alright for mild symptoms, was soothing, but short acting. It didn't relieve my allergy symptoms. I would not recommend it if you have a bad cold!

by tasha

Some nasal sprays work better than others. This is not one of the better ones. It could be soothing to sore, irritated nostrils, but in terms of actually helping with allergy symptoms, it did nothing.

Worked fairly well
by Orla

I liked this, and I'm not really a nasal spray user. I bought some when I was suffering from allergies while visiting a desert area. The low himidity was really bothering my allergies, and this healped a great deal. I think the addition of aloe makes this product unique and non-irritating.

Watch for the runout!
by R. Todd Woodstock

I do like nasal sprays if I am desperate to stop the sniffles; however, this one really runs .... and a lot. Not one of my choices. I used this just a few weeks ago for a cold and my nose constantly kept running. The aloe kept me from any pain on blowing, but save your money on this one.

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