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Wellness coach
by Dr Shellie fraddin

I do not use or recommend allopathic drugs to my clients, except in an emergency. I prefer herbal and heopthic remedies to help the body heal itself. This product worked for myself and clients effectively.

happy customer
by Michael

My common cold was cured with a couple sprays twice a day. The severity of the cold was instantly subdued. Excellent product. The throat spray is equally as effective and tastes almost like a tic tac.

by Gail Jackson

When my husband catches a cold, his sinuses drip into his throat and in his chest. He is a smoker. Then a chest cold with serious coughing ensues. This usually requires antibiotics to clear up. Sinofresh is a god send. When his sinuses start to drip, he uses the product at most two times and it stops the chest cold and cough from developing. Love, love the stuff.

Antiseptic Nasal Spray
by missynall

It might just be that I have a sensitive nose, but this was too strong and almost made me feel worse. It had a "rebound" effect because my nose started to run even worse and it felt like it made the inside of my nose even swell. I also think it is too "liquidy" and went too far back into my sinus cavity. I use saline mists with much more success.

nasal spray
by kim

Didn't work. Stings when spayed in to nose and gets cloged easy. Makes your nose worse and more clogged.

Works great
by Eugene

I purchased this nasal spray to help me with my runny nose. I am a construction worker who works outside during the winter, so this spray worked great for me because it stopped my nose from dripping. I enjoyed it very much and the bottle was very easy to use. It was just a great product for me.

Disease in a Bottle!
by Kerry Hays

When you jam something in your nose and squeeze, you know you already feel bad enough. When you breathe in the ingredients expecting something to help, and then proceed to go into a coughing fit where you almost black out, then you feel worse. The pain experienced resembles that of a thousand needles being jammed into every inch of your lungs and windpipe. The smell reminded me of the crazy lady's cat house, who used to live across the street, and the taste reminded me of sour milk mixed with old meat. This is by far the worst product I have ever had to review, and the only product I have ever destroyed with a sledgehammer. Do not buy this product if you wish to feel better, only if you need something worthless to smash.

by Victor

I found this nasal pump really hard to use. The first day I tried it the blast was too strong and I my sinuses started to feel worse than before. It's very painful to use for the next couple of days, but I eventually got used to it after the 4th spray or so. However, it did help me breathe easier after continuous use.

just mediocre
by Ashley

This spray only lasted for a short period of time. And when I say short, I mean less than an hour. It also hurts when you inhale and has a very foul odor (much worse than other sprays). For the money, you could definitely purchase something that actually works and doesn't have you looking for MORE medicine. Only buy this if you wish to gag.

Good for a temporary fix
by TP

When allergy seasons rolls by, my noses gets extremely clogged up. I can't breathe and my voice sounds like a ghost.
I decided to give this a try when my local pharmacy didn't have my brand of nasal spray.
The price was a little higher than what I would have usually paid but I was hoping this would be better.
After spraying twice into each nostril, I felt a little relief. I could breathe and my nose wasn't filled with a foul odor.
I was delighted at this little spray. However, within 10 minutes, the clogged nose came back. With my old nasal spray, my nose would be unclogged for at least an hour.
The bottom line, if your nose isn't extremely clogged, this would be good. However, don't expect a miracle. It will wear off soon, perhaps depending on the person.
I am going to keep this for when I have light allergies.
Not a bad product, but wished it would have lasted a little longer.

Does It's Job
by Eileen Saavedra

Usually I am not a big fan of using items to clear up sinuses and/or stuffy noses. Usually I feel that these type of antihistamines usually end up clogging a person up more than they originally were. However, after being quite stuffed after a while I had no choice but an ulterior mode of operation. Sinofresh seemed to immediately alleviate the issue. I finally was able to breath again it was fantastic. This product is not the final cure for the clogging but it provides you with immediate relief which is good enough for me.

by Stella

I found that it did provide relief, though it did not last too long.

Immediatly after use I found that it was a nice relief from the dry winter air. However it does not last as long as it would like. It is thin and although it coats easily it doesnt stay there.

And it is also a little getting use to.

Didn't work at all
by Jordan

At first I was excited about using it because I heard about it from a couple of my friends, but I found out that it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. The inside of my nose actually burned, and it wasn't effective in clearing my sinuses. Because of my severe allergies, I am constantly searching for the one product that will alleviate the stuffy noses, watery eyes, and other ailments that come along with allergies, but this product just isn't it.

Like Inhaling Salt Water
by Jamie

My mother swears that inhaling a tiny bit of salt water when your sinuses are clogged will make them clear. Other than being inconvenient, it's incredibly nasty and burns. So I tried SinoFresh to accomplish the same result. The only difference between this and the feeling of snorting an ocean is a convenient pump spray.

Good for "maintenance"
by Deborah

I purchased this product because my doctor recommended it. I do not like to take most over-the-counter or prescription allergy medications because of the side effects (dry sinus/nosebleeds, drowsiness, dizziness, etc.) I find that this product does offer some relief, but not immediate. After using it for a few days, in conjunction with other herbal allergy remedies, I did notice an improvement. I think that the price and unpleasant taste are disadvantages.

Dollars down the drain
by drew

I would not recommend this product because it is too expensive compared to other leading products. I purchased this believing it would actually work due to its high price. I was fooled because this actually made my allergies worsen over time. Thumbs downs.

No Way
by Nazim

This product did not help me at all. I tried it for about 2 weeks and still it did not have any effects on me other than irritating my nose even more than before. This product will only give you more allergies than before. Save your money and try an alternate solution rather than this Antiseptic Nasal Spray. Don't waste your time on this.

Try something else
by Jen

I get pretty bad allergies once a year. I hate to take pills for it, since they don't last very long. I thought this might work better than just the normal saline rinses I had been using. I think my logic was that it has more ingredients and promises more things.... From now on I will trust my nose doesn't need cleansing and germ fighting ingredients. It was unpleasant and painful and didn't help at all. Stick with just saline and save your money.

Not much difference
by Glenda

I've found that some generic sprays work just as good as this product. Afrin is usually a brand I use, but thought this might be even better and was wrong. My nose still felt irritated and passages still unclear. I will stick with Afrin and a few of some proven generic brands, at a lower cost.

Not worth it
by toddm

This product did not have any beneficial effects for myself. For $17.00 I would expect a working product. Did nothing to help my nasal passages at all. Buyer beware.

little if no help
by Ricardo Gutierrez

I get bad allergy/ sinus reactions during extreme weather changes and gave Antiseptic Nasal Spray a try. It has been the first product that I've used that I actually spray into my nose. It was not the most pleasant feeling, and I was left with watery eyes for at least 15 min. These effects were possibly due to an allergic reaction. Afterward, I did in fact feel a bit better, but didn't try it again because of the initial pain.

Total waste :(
by Corri

I agree with the others. This product was totally like spraying water up your nose! It had no effect on my nasal congestion at all. I have severe allergies and this product just did not cut it. If you are thinking of purchasing this item, don't waste your time or money.

by Cady

The nasal spray is supposed to be saline based. The spray irritated my nose even further than it already was. The spray almost felt grainy to the touch. I would not recommend this product.

Ok product
by Blueberry

I used this sometime back and it did give me some relief but not instantly. I have used this about 3 to 4 times totally and it works sometimes and doesn't at other times. So, I'm not really sure its a reliable product.

Not the best, but not the worst
by rachel anderson

This nasal spray relieved my nasal passages for about 10 mins. I definitely didn't benefit from it but someone else might.

Very poor
by Bharat Parameswaran

I do not feel good about this product at all. I think it was a pure waste of money for me. I do not know if maybe this would work for someone else. It didn't work for me at all. I thought it was little pricey for a 1oz bottle, and considering that it didn't do its job made it even worse.

No Relief
by Kyle

I had little to no relief with this product. Possibly this product would work with someone who has less severe sinus problems. I would recommend trying something else if you have more severe allergies.

Expensive product with little relief.

Not so good
by herm

I tried this as an alternative to my usual saline spray and was not so thrilled. The pump sprayer is easy to use but it didn't seem to deliver as much of the "spray" as needed. Nice packaging, just not so great results.

by christiana

It may have given others some relief when they used it, for me it was like spraying water into my nose. I could not even notice I had something in there, no relief at all. It is not worth the price.

does work
by J

Although this product is slightly on the expensive side compared to other nasal sprays, it does work. A co-worker of mine reccommended it to me because we both have severe allergies. It worked well and lasted a decent amount of time.

Nasal Spray
by Angela

This nasal spray is full of empty promises. It offers absolutely no relief of nasal congestion, and instead of removing nasal irritants as it promises, the spray is actually very irritating to the nose and throat and leaves an awful taste. Regular saline sprays actually seem to more effective than SinoFresh, and are certainly less irritating. Save yourself the money and buy a better, far less expensive nasal spray.

by gshort

Sinofresh probably would work best for those who don't have moderate or severe sinus problems. I have chronic allergies and a family member recommended I try this instead of my normal product, but it really didn't help. It almost made me think I was using mouthwash in my nose! I may recommend for those who have slight problems with allergies, but for more moderate or severe allergies, I would pass on using this product.

Not Good Enough
by Louis

I bought this nasal spray thinking it would improve my stuffed nose. Initially it worked, but after a couple of minutes, it wore off. Like other people said, it is expensive and not worth the product based on its price. I wouldn't recommend it, but if you have the money and want to try it, then go ahead.

No Good
by Stephen E.

Despite the VERY faint relief this product may offer, it doesn't last for very long at all plus it is not cheap! The taste is disgusting and my throat always felt scratchy after using this. If this product was a lot more effective, I could get past the negatives of it, but at the price, taste, and hassle of a nasal spray compared to a pill, this product was a complete waste of time and money.

by Jennifer

My boss bought some of this and swears by it. It sounds and looks nasty as she whips out this bottle and shoves it up her nose and then snorts and coughs. She SWEARS that it clears her sinuses right out and that she has no sinus problems at all now. RIGHT! Don't be fooled! She comes to work every day, snorting and sniffling and saying her nose is all dry and her sinuses are all congested--yet this stuff "WORKS" she says!

Not worth it
by christiana

Fighting cold/flu can be a battle, sometimes, am so stuffed up that am ready to do anything to breath well. I found this product and because it was expensive, I believed it would work. I used it and got no improvement whatsoever and I never bought it again. I say it is not worth the price.

by Michael Jiang

Antiseptic nasal spray, while a bit on the pricey side, is worth every penny. A spritz each morning and evening cleans your sinuses effectively and gives you long lasting relief.

by lala5

I have not found this nasal spray to really work. Furthermore, it is very expensive for nasal sprays. It does very little to help a stuffy nose.

Not too good
by Henley

I bought this product because I thought it would work well for my nasal congestion and other symptoms. It works a little bit, but this stuff is horrible! The taste is horrible and sticking this up your nose is just gross! I suggest you take pills for your problems. I wouldn't recommend this at all.

by Jason G

Boy howdy, does this stuff work! However, I have to be really clogged to be able to bring myself to use it. Imagine sticking a glob of Vicks Vapo-Rub in each nostril. Intensify what you would imagine that to feel like by three. Wowzers, this stuff is NASTY!

Don't like it
by may

I really don't care for this spray at all. I was so desperate one day I was going to the mall, and I stopped by a pharmacy and got this spray. I was totally grossed out when I sprayed. The aftertaste is so gross. I had to drink like two bottles of water. Another thing is that, I had to spray like two hours later, because I was congested again. Don't waste your money on this product, it is worthless.

Not worth it
by holly wilson

This product isn't worth the time or the money. It barely touches any of your symptoms and it is absolutely disgusting tasting. The price of the product is ridiculous, especially when you have other products out there that cost less and are far more effective.

Too Strong
by Stacy

I suppose this product works okay and delivers what it promises but the taste is so gross. It is a very strong minty flavor and it is just too strong for the menthol flavor that it is.

Lost money "out the nose"
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

Gave them 1.5 only because the ingredients should kill bacteria etc., as it claims, perhaps even to 5 stars if you can tolerate using it. I couldn't. It is expensive at over $15, but I was very ill and desparate. It has a strong minty, menthol quality which was unbearable on my nose and sinus cavity. Feeling and tasting it dripping in my throat made me instantly, literally become sick to my stomach. I was unable to use it ever again and wasted all that money.

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by Kuren

When I ordered [url=]Flonase[/url] I was not sure if it really works. I am prone to airborne allergies and wanted to try this product. Once I did some research on "kiwi drug" I bought the product and I actually felt better after a few sprays.