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On a Clear Day...
by Joseph Thomas

I am an actor and I have used this product to clear my nose before a performance. My director from a few shows ago gave me this when I came down with a cold two nights before opening. It really hurts your nose. The first time I tried it I was shocked! I started to tear up a bit but after a while you get used to it. For me it is cost effective. I love how quickly it clears me up. I would/am still do buy this product.

Very Innovative!
by Alex

This nasal spray is extremely inventive. The fact that this sinus spray contains capsaicin (the same chemical that makes chilis hot) piqued my interest on this product. I used it when my sinus were extremely clogged up, and it worked very well.

When I used it, it caused a burning sensation in my nose and sinuses. After that subsided, I nolonger felt decongested and could breathe more easily. It really cleared up my nose, and I couldn't recommend it more.

Eexcellent product
by ndats

My husband has really bad allergies and his sinus gets worse when the weather changes. We tried a lot of sprays which would provide relief for an hour or two but would be the same later. then one of our friends suggested we try this out. This has worked wonders for him since he started using this 6 months ago and has provided relief from his congestion and lessened his headaches. I would strongly recommend this product

Burns like Hell! Works like a Charm!
by Kerry Hays

Ok, so as far as products go, I'm usually one way or the other. This product, I'm split right down the middle. The fantastic effects of this product are easily noticeable as it does indeed clear your sinuses. The pepper in it really works, however, I should have listened to my mother and my own body language to never put pepper up my nose. You know how you sneeze if you sniff pepper? Yeah, that's because it doesn't belong in there. Shortly after using the spray, it felt as if my entire sinus cavity was on fire. Maybe this fire is what cleansed my congestion, or maybe it was because it made my eyes water so much that it all leaked out. Maybe it was just trying to escape the pepper too. Great product, works fantastic, but if you have a sensitive nose, you may wish to stay away!

by BA

My pharmacist recommended this product to me! This nasal spray is unlike anything I have ever tried before. The key thing with this product is the slight spicy peppery ingredient within. I know that sounds odd and I would probably never have tried this without my pharmacist's recommendation, but it really does work. I had never tried a nasal spray with pepper inside, nor had the thought ever appealed to me before, but the pepper seems to wake up my whole head. When I use this, I feel a slight heat and then I feel somewhat better instantly. I have tried many other nasal sprays over the years, but none have worked for me like this one.

Some tips:

- Shake the bottle really well before using

- Use it as soon as you get the signs of congestion and it may prevent a full fledged problem

- Make sure that after you use it that you tip your head back a bit to really make sure that it gets into your nasal cavity

This one did not do the trick for me
by Novocaine

I'm from Texas where the weather changes constantly and my allergies are always acting up.
I've always used the Zycam brands but I decided to switch brands when I went to the grocery store last week.
The application was painless but other than that the congestion did not change at all.
The congestion went away but it returned almost as quickly as I applied the congestant.
I am going back to using Zycam brands after this.

GREAT product!
by Amy

I used this product when I was pregnant because I was very limited on what I could use for my congestion. It worked very well at breaking up the congestion and made me feel better. I initially bought this product upon my doctors recomendation, but I have since rebought the product (even though I could have bought other medications because I wasn't pregnant).

It truely works!
by Blueberry

This is one of the few products that has truly worked for me. I have tried a number of other products and never seem to get any relief. This is just great and works to relieve me of Sinus headaches and my. All members of my family have used it and have nothing but praise for this product.

Works Great
by rachel anderson

I have tried many OTC nasal sprays for my congestion They either burn really bad or leave an awful taste in my mouth. This spray didn't do either. I was so surprised. It cleared my congestion in a minute. This product works great and is very cheap.

Works Great
by Tami

I always have sinus problems. I live in Texas, where weather changes a lot. I tried every sinus spray and none work. When I bought All-Natural Sinus Spray, it really worked. No more sinus headache. It's quicker and it lasts for hours. The price is cheap and I recommend this product to my family and friends.

This is the one for me!
by KimP

This is the nasal spray that I use most of the time. I really think that it works a lot better than the other nasal sprays that I have tried. I have really bad sinus problems and it really clears me up. It really works well when I am so congested that my eyes hurt!

Great Relief, Pricey
by Shannon

I have tried almost every kind of nasal spray that is made, and this one works wonders. It cures sinus headaches with instant relief. The initial spray is stronger, so it helps quicker and the effect lasts for several hours. I love the fact that it is all natural. It is a little hard to find, I usually get it at the local health food store. Also, it is overpriced, but sometimes it is worth paying more for better relief.

Works Great
by Linda Collins

This product works wonderful to treat my stuff nose. I like it very much because it is an all-natural product and you don't have to worry about any side effects. Another benefit I have found from this product is that it doesn't dry out my nasal passage.

Nose clears up in minutes
by Phil Young

This is a great decongestant that gave me long lasting relief. I could breathe out of my nose perfectly, as if I weren't even sick. I recommend this product whenever you have a cold and sinus problems.

Dr. Recomended this and it works
by Jen W.

My doctor gave me a list of natural nasal sprays to try to combat my allergies. I tried several, but this was by far my favorite. It clears my nose without the terrible taste running down your throat that others have. I would recommend this product to others.

Natural and pleasant
by Kathy Herrington

This product I found treats my stuffy nose due to allergies very well. It also seems to produce a longer lasting effect than other sprays I have used in the past. It also does not dry my nasal passages out which is a relief in itself. You can use it daily without being afraid of side effects.

Feeling good all naturally...
by Dan

When it comes to drugs these days, it's hard to tell what kinds and how many chemicals are in them. This is why, when I go shopping, I try to find items that come directly from nature. All-Natural is just that. Not only is it a natural substitute to it's chemical-ridden counterparts, but it actually works. One spray in each nostril and you're good for the day...and all without worrying about those nasty chemicals.

by lala5

I have found this nasal spray to really work. It is kind of expensive when you compare it to other nasal sprays that you can buy at the drugstore, but you get what you pay for.

Clears sinuses instantly!
by S

I have sinus problems during the change of seasons, and All-Natural Sinus Spray helps clear them up instantly after just a couple of doses. Since it uses the natural pepper extract, it is much more potent and works immediately. It takes a little while to get used to (feels like a stinging sensation right away), but you will get comfortable fairly quickly. Great value for your money as compared to allergy and sinus pills and products.

Sinus Problems
by Charlie Herrin

I used to struggle with sinus infections since moving to michigan. I started using this product and now I am down to a rare bout with sinus infections.

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