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Natural Care Mist is GREAT!
by Tiff

Natural Care Mist is a great product, but a little pricey. I get sinus headaches a lot during the spring and summer allergy season. I don't like taking over the counter drugs to relieve the pain and pressure, so I bought this product and it works great. It's all natural. My congestion is relieved immediately with just one spray in each nostril. My headache goes away immediately also which makes the day much better. I will highly recommend this product to everyone out there that gets congestion its the best, there can't be nothing better then this out there. It maybe a little pricey but it's worth it I think. I use it all the time for 3 years now and it helps a lot. I recommend this to everyone who suffers from nasal congestion.

by David

Before I was diagnosed with sinusitis and started using prescription drugs, I used a number of spray products to assist breathing through my nasal passages. I recall this to be one of the many products I tried that actually worked. However, the relief for me was always temporary, sometimes lasting me only around 30 minutes of relief through my left nasal passage. Recommended for sinus relief.

Natural, Effective, Soothing Mist
by BJ

I decided to try the Natural Care Mist, rather than continue with my prescription allergy nasal mist; during the winter months, to see if this would help relieve the dryness that I was feeling in my nasal area. I was quite surprised at the over all affects, and how fine the mist was that emitted from this product; compared to my regular prescription medication. I wasn't expecting to have similar misting, but this product far exceeded my expectations in this regard, producing a fine mist, never clogging, and I found the relief I was looking for in the way of providing relief for dry nasal conditions through the winter months. No longer do I need to worry about a stuffy head, along with dryness associated with this, when a cold comes on, or sinus pressure attacks me, and affects my nose. I'm very satisified with this product, and the over all effectiveness of it. I certainly am willing to pay a little extra to ensure I get the misting quality from a product such as this. Nothing is worse than a dry sore nose in the winter time.

I Good Nights Sleep
by A G

My partner snores all through the night. He has had sinus problems due to a deviated septum. I have tried many over the counter medicines and nasal sprays. None of them worked. I tried this nasal spray and voila! My partner doesn’t snore anymore. He gets good nights sleep and so do I. In the morning he says he feels refreshed and isn’t drowsy throughout the day. I highly recommend this product.

Just another Nasal Spray
by NRK

My husband has severe allergies and has tried just about every nasal spray available. This product did somewhat prevent him from snoring through the night, but in the morning he was very congested. Compared to other nasal sprays on the market that accomplish the same things this product is just not worth the price.

Great Product
by Angel

I suffer from sinus problems 10 months out of the year.
I was told about Natural Care Mist, so I tried it - it works great!
It makes the nasal passages open for a longer amount of time than a lot of other sprays I have used in the past.
I also found that I can breathe a lot easier through the night, to get a better nights rest.
So, I do back this product up.

Natural Care Mist does the job
by Leanna

If you have nasal allergies, try this stuff; it works. Plagued by moderate nasal allergies that kept me awake at night, desperation drove me to try this product which I was sure was going to be a modern equivalent of patent medicine - useless and expensive. I was wrong. This is one of those rare situations where the product actually does what it says. Snort the mist, which burns a little - like when you get water up your nose in the swimming pool - and within about three minutes your stuffy nose is stuffy no more. I like this product much better than Flonase and similar cortisone-based products. First, it works better, relief is immediate instead of slow and over time and you don't have to hassle with a prescription!

I will definitely be using the product for my nighttime nasal relief.

Works Great!
by Donna

I frequently get sinus headaches due to congestion, especially during spring and summer allergy season. I hated to keep taking OTC drugs to relieve the pain and pressure, so I bought this product several months ago. It works great and it's all-natural! Just one spray in each nostril relieves congestion immediately. Even better, my sinus headache disappears within 10-15 minutes.

I gave this product 4 stars instead of 5 because it is a bit pricey, even though it is worth the money. I would definitely use it again and recommend it to anyone who suffers from nasal congestion.

Family favorite!
by Sara

This mist is a little pricey, but it's worth it! When my nose starts to get stopped up, I just use the mist and it starts to clear within the hour. It's the only product I will use!

Works well for allergies
by J

I have seasonal allergies and find that this product works well to help me get a good night sleep. Although it stings a little bit initially, it soon has me breathing free and clear. I love that there are no nasty side effects and that it is not addictive like some medicated nasal sprays.
This is a product I always keep in my bathroom medicine chest and will continue to recommend to friends with allergies. The only reason I did not give this 5 stars is because of the cost; there are more economical products, but I have found that they don't all work as well as this one.

Nasal spray
by EF

I suffer frequently from a heavily blocked nose and have found this nasal spray to provide fast effective relief. This relatively inexpensive product is well worth the investment for anyone who suffers discomfort, sleeplessness or snoring as a result of sinus problems. A good product.

Natural Care Mist
by Sandra

I have had problems sleeping due to sinus trouble forever. I have tried various sinus sprays but they all cause my eyes to water and burn my nasal passages. This product is superb when it comes to clearing the passages and allowing a good rested night of sleep. I get up feeling refreshed and my head doesn't hurt from being clogged up all night. I highly recommend and the price is a little more than regular sinus sprays but well worth it since you do not have to deal with all the side effects.

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