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by Krista

Well, I didn't like how it felt, but it did clear my congestion. I would buy it again in a severe case, but only if I really really needed it. It really is too expensive.

by Santos

This product cause burning in the throat and didn't stop my congestion!It is too expensive for the poor results

This Product Does Wonders
by Natasha

I use this product both for when I'm sick and to control my allergy outbursts. I found that it works just as well as nasal sprays that I had been prescribed.
by jalanea briggs

I tried this product and did not find it pleasant or helpful. My cold still lasted for 2 weeks and about the only thing that this product did was irritate the lining in my nose. This product also has a terrible taste that ends up dripping down the back of my throat that made me gag and choke. My children also refused to use this product after the first use and after I had a bloody nose from using the product I threw the product away.

nasal spray
by dawn

This felt more like a nasal "Gel" than a spray. I didn't care for how it felt, but it did work for me. I did not feel sick at all the next morning. I was impressed with the end result, not the feel of the product though.

by renee

It irritated my sinuses so much that I couldn't stop sneezing. I think I sneezed it all out before it had a chance to work.

zicam cold remedy
by april st.aoro

I have tried this twice and have had no success. It is a lot of money to spend on no results.

Doctor Recommended
by Pamela

My doctor recommended this when my daughter and I starting catching a cold.She said best if started in the first 48 hours after symptons developed. This was great ! It opened up our nasal passages, making it easier to breath. It lasted for hours without having to use it again and again. It really seemed like the cold didn't progress as bad as usual. I recommend this product to everyone we know.

nasal spray
by kim

It worked for an hour and stopped working. Made my nose sticky and more clogged. Don't waste your money not a very good product.

by beverly

I have tried this product as I have seasonal allerys that sometimes develop into cold like syptoms. This product seemed to help for at least 3 hours then you had to continue to use it more that you would like to to keep the syptoms at bay. I would not but this product again

Great product
by Linda

A friend recommended I take Zicam when I had a cold, and I was a bit skeptical about it working, but to my surprise, it REALLY DID WORK. I would definitely recommend to anyone who has a cold.

by kim2728

This product helps on the short term but only for a couple of hours.

works, but not for long
by tony

When the spray first begins to work, it works wonders, and makes it very difficult to tell that you were congested in the first place. However, this effect wears off well before the label says it does. Usually, the effects don't persist much longer than one hour

Great Nasal Spray
by Juli Pickvet

This nasal spray is one of the best. I've used this quite a bit throughout my lifetime. I use it every time I have congestion from a cold and it relieves it very quickly. I would definitely buy this product again and again.

This works wonderfully
by H. Rogers

My husband uses this every time he is congested and can't breathe.
The downside is that it makes your nose run a lot. I don't know that it's for everyone but it does work great on clearing your nose up.

This stuff WORKS
by Katie

I just started using this product about a month ago. My doctor recommended it. My sinuses go wild during allergy season. I'm broke most of the time too, so the price of Zicam works for me. It's inexpensive and it works. Also, it has no scent, which I've found other nasal sprays to have. I use it right before bed so I can get a good night's rest.

Stops Colds
by Mike Huang

I have used this product whenever I have a cold and when my nose is congested. Breathing was very hard for me and once in a while I couldn't even breath at all. Using this spray allowed me to heal faster from my cold problems. The only fault in the sprays is that it does make your blood pump a lot faster and that can be bad or good.

Not As Great As I'd Hoped
by Lisa

I bought this product with a lot of optimism. It seemed sensible to me that it would work. I didn't feel like it really did anything for me other than make my nostrils uncomfortable. I would not purchase it again and I don't recommend it to others.

He Swears by It!
by Az

My dad suffers from terrible nasal congestion right before bedtime and he swears by this product for a good night's sleep. He sprays it right before bedtime and his nasal passages clear right up. He says the only downside is that it doesn't last as long as he'd like. But it works well before bed when he's tired and can go to sleep before the effects wear off.

Great for a shorter cold
by Angela

Zicam products are fabulous for cutting back on the duration of colds. The Nasal gel is a bit awkward to use, and really doesn't help too much with nasal congestion, but it most definitely does cut down on sick time. All nasal sprays take a bit of getting used to, and when they are effective, they are most definitely worth the small discomfort for the quick relief.

by kelly

Every time I get sick, I use this. It clears up your stuffy nose instantly, and doesn't leave a bad drippy taste down the back of your throat either. I think this is the best nasal spray on the market. I have tried others but this seems to work the best. I think it's a little pricey, but well worth the money!

This seems to work
by herm

I was pretty sure I wouldn't like this but I was offered a free sample of it last year so, I gave it a try. At the first sign of a cold, I started using the ZICAM and was very surprised that I got over my cold way earlier than I usually would. I think the price may seem a bit high, but because of this product I didn't have to miss work or anything else. I think it paid for it self!

zicam works
by kvantol

I used to get 2 to 3 colds per year lasting at least 10 days each. Sometimes resulting in bronchitis. For the past 3 years, I've been using Zicam, and I haven't had a single bad cold lasting more than a couple days. I can usually tell that I'm going to get a cold about 3 days before really showing symptoms. I'll wake up with a sore throat that lasts about a minute or two. If I take Zicam that morning and night, I usually wake up the next day feeling fine. The couple of times I ignored those signs, and started taking Zicam when I was actually sick, the cold still lasted about 8-10 days, but I only had one or two days where I actually felt bad. For the rest of the time, it was just in the background. As far as I'm concerned, this is THE cure for the common cold. I never hesitate to use it if I think I'm about to come down with a cold, and I always recommend it to my friends, who have thanked me for it.

Do your own research regarding the allegations against this product. When I heard about the lawsuits a couple months ago, I was scared to use Zicam again this cold season, but after looking into it, I'm not concerned at all. As for the "successful lawsuits", the vast majority of the lawsuits were settled out of court with the company claiming no liability, and not one case has been successful in finding the product responsible for any damages. The percentage of Zicam users who claim to have lost their sense of smell from using Zicam is much less than the percentage of the general population who lose their sense of smell anyway. And one of the most common causes of losing your sense of smell is upper respiratory infections. It seems pretty likely that someone could get an upper respiratory infection, shoot some Zicam up their nose, lose their sense of smell from the infection, then blame Zicam. From personal experience, I know about a dozen people who have used Zicam with no ill-effects, and one person who has never used it, that lost their sense of smell for no apparent reason. If you're worried, research the issue yourself.

Excellent for a stuffed nose
by Tom

This product almost instantly cures a stuffed nose. Within five minutes of using Zicam your nasal passage is clear. Although this product is great for everyday use I would not suggest using it before playing a competitive sport. I used it before playing a soccer game, and my throat was incredibly dry and salty during the entire game. It also slightly burned my throat when running.

Stops Colds in Their Tracks
by Traci Anderson

A few months ago, I commented to my sister-in-law that I felt as if I was coming down with a cold. She handed me this spray and told me that it has actually halted her colds when she used it. Sure enough, I did not come down with my usual late-summer cold. I continue to use this product whenever I am feeling the sniffles coming on. I've only had one cold sense and it was not severe and ended quite quickly.

Good for nasal congestion
by Annie

This product is great to use when you are congested. You spray the pump into your nostrils once or twice and it clear up your nasal congestion within the next 5 minutes which was great. The only downside is that if you over spray then some of the product will drip down to the back of your throat and you may get a salty after taste from it.

It was okay
by Hava Lyon

I had a cold from Hades, and I was so congested, I couldn't sleep at night at all; I could hardly breathe. I went into work and my boss had bought me Zicam nasal spray. I had never used nasal spray before, and when I squirted the liquid up my nose, it hurt so bad I started crying. Even hours later, my nostrils still hurt. I do have to say that it worked, however, and very, very well. It just hurt way too bad for me to ever use to again.

Fast acting and natural

I bought this in Dec 2006 while skiing. I was constantly in warm/cold temperatures. I developed a runny nose and bought this from a drugstore for $10. I was VERY happy with this product. One pump and it started to dry my nose instantly! Unlike other sprays, this one doesn't have any nasty smell and if you swallow some, it doesn't taste too bad. It doesn't last that long (15 minutes or so), but it works. I do not think this is all-natural anymore. Check the package.

by wendy c

Zicam cold remedy in it's convenient nasal spray provides excellent relief from cold symptoms. It is fast acting and comes in a good size for travel (since I usually catch a cold on the road). It doesn't have bad drowsy effects like other medicines either.

by nicki

Zicam works! It has natural ingredients, non addictive, like many nose sprays on the market, effective, works quickly, cuts cold duration greatly....these products are just quality remedies!

Don't Go Through Winter Without it!
by Melissa

When colds blow through the office like a cold winter wind, I run to this product at the first sign of a symptom. By combining Zicam with other cold relief products to ease congestion, I'm able to get rid of my cold in a short time span compared to my co-workers who just used regular cold medicine alone. I've made believers out of many at the office because they see how the product does what it claims to do.

great stuff
by John Spindler

I have tried this as well to find a cure for my colds. For me, it blasts away the pressure in my nose, and makes it less discomforting when blowing your nose.

Zicam Works
by bunni

I have been extremely impressed with Zicam. It has worked very effectively for me in alleviating the nasal congestion I experience with colds. It has also cut the time I suffer from a cold in half. I always keep Zicam on my shelf during the winter months.

It Works!
by Melissa

Finally a nasal spray over the counter. This product really helps me with my stuffy nose at times when I am sick. It's an instant relief, don't have to wait 30 minutes for those pills. Finally a good night sleep even with a cold. Give it a try, its inexpensive,, and most importantly, it works.

Targets The Area of Interest
by Annalisa

The reason I like Zicam is that it targets the area I need right from the getgo. The nasal spray feature allows the medicine to work faster than other relief medicines I've found. Plus I think it does just as good of a job, so it's a win-win situation.

Great Product
by Rebecca

I have had to use many nose sprays for allergies and colds but this is by far the best! Most nose sprays leave the interior of your nose dry, but Zicam keeps it moisturized while getting rid of blockage.

A good cold medicine alternative
by Jody

I really like this product. It's easy to use, fast-acting and has no side effects. The gel is a little "cold" (at least colder than traditional sprays in my opinion), and feels a little funny (makes me sneeze sometimes), but it really soothes nasal passages and makes breathing more pleasant again!

Zicam, Cold Remedy Homeopathic Nasal Gel, Pump
by Sandra Blake

Zicam delivers on their promise. It shortens colds and my medicine chest will not be without it. The price is also a plus and can be used by my children also without the side effects from most cold products.

by Liz

This nasal spray is wonderful. I feel like it really shortens the duration and severity of my colds. It is very affordable and easy to use. I highly recommend this product.

Zicam = RELEIF!!!
by Beth

I was addicted to Afrin Nasal spray every time I had a cold. My doctor informed me that the inside of my sinuses looked like hamburger meat, because I had damaged them from using Afrin. He suggested I try Zicam as an alternative. My initial experience with Zicam was not the greatest because I was used to the "instant" relief that I received with Afrin, and did not receive the same results with Zicam. What I did receive though, was a shortened period of time that my cold lasted!

by sherry

This is an excellent product. I have always had a burning sensation after using nasal sprays. Zicam never burned or felt uncomfortable, and it does not have an unpleasant after taste. It's a winner in my book.

by Me

This stuff is GREAT! Finally something that actually works for the common cold. It lessens the discomfort considerably and I truly believe it cuts back on the duration.

It does help!
by heather

This has really helped some stuffy nose nights. It doesn't have that ill taste or feeling in my nose and mouth after using it. Most of all, though, it just works and I can actually breath so I can sleep!


My husband and I have used Zicam for years. At the first signs of a cold, we both start using the product. We have found that it shortens the duration and severity of a cold. I prefer using the gel pump, since it decreases any aftertaste.

A must try!
by Jit Patel

One of my primary concerns during the winter season is my sinus problems. However, Zicam alleviated these issues by quickly getting rid of my colds. Not only does it work extremely well, but it also is quite cheap compared to other products on the market

Zicam Rocks!
by Rebecca Brown

I suffer horribly from allergies and sinus problems, and get to the point where I literally cannot breathe out of my nose or sleep at night. A friend & co-worker recommended Zicam, and I thank her all the time for that. Only one spray in each nostril, and you will see a difference in minutes! I can sleep at night now & breathe! And, no side effects, and you don't get hooked on it like many other nasal sprays out there.

Good product!
by Kristina Richardson

My husband uses this cold remedy consistently during the colder months. He does seem to be sick a lot less and he has insisted that I keep him well stocked during these months. He couldn't' be without this product. Thank you for keeping my husband happy!

This is great stuff
by cindy

I have problems with colds and getting all stopped up. This stuff has really helped me keep from getting my head so congested. The aftertaste is minimal and I haven't noticed any side effects from it.

Zicam works wonders...
by Mindy

Since I had such good luck with the Zicam Rapid Melts, I decided to try the Nasal Gel. I was very pleased with this product as well. It seemed to take effect quickly, which is what I needed!

My Nose is Gooey.
by Z

Zicam really works. It just depends on the type of treatment you enjoy. I have used all of their products and while the Nasal Gel works, it is my least favorite. It's relatively easy to use, you just fill up each nostril with their Zinc filled goo and go on about your day. I personally don't enjoy the sensation of gooey-ness in my nose even if it is there to help me!

Zicam Nasal Gel
by Christy R.

I found this product very easy to apply - it's a nasal gel as opposed to nasal spray. You don't get the annoying wheezy sound from the bottle and this is also much less likely to be habit forming. The gel did not feel gelly though and it did not feel weird in your nose, it just went in easily. It began to work almost immediately and cleared my sinuses and I felt like I could breath comfortably within a few minutes after first use. There was no unpleasant odor or taste or anything associated with it. Overall, very easy to use, no unpleasant side effects and works very well to clear a stuffy nose.

it works
by Emilia

This is a very good medicine, when you have the cold. I been using this product for a long time. When I have the cold, I take it, and it really shortens my cold.

I Love My Zicam
by Sarah D.

I discovered Zicam several years ago and it's been in my medicine cabinet, in one form or another, ever since. I credit Zicam with fending off colds, if I use it in time, or lessening the severity if I use it after the cold has developed. I think the gel is effective and easy to use, just be careful to use as directed or it could make you sneeze!

by Michael Jiang

Zicam Cold Remedy is an effective and quick way to relieve colds. The nasal spray has little to no aftertaste after usage and works almost immediately after first use. Overall very positive experiences with this product.

Works Well
by Melissa Miller

This is a good product. One thing that really concerns me about nasal sprays is that they are habit forming. This product not having the "spray" function seems to eliminate the above problem. The gel does tickle a bit, but works well!

by may

I have a sinus problem. I have had it since I was a child. I have to change the products that I use because my immune system gets use to it and it doesn't work. But this nasal spray is superb, I love it. If you were to come to my house that is the nasal spray you will see on my night table. It is great. You will breath again and it lasts way more then what it says on the bottle. Superb!

Surprisingly impressed
by Jessica

Not all products deliver. We realized this in our quest to find things that will work for us. We tried this on a whim and were surprised that it worked...not just for one of us, but for both of us.

I can breathe!
by Stacy

I was never big on the nasal sprays, but I had a really bad cold and was willing to try anything to get relief. Well, I tried this, and I was amazed. It did not burn my nose at all. The mist was actually soothing.

Works, but uncomfortable
by Aubre Rice

I admit this product does work, however I always tend to be uncomfortable spraying it in my nose. It tends to create a really sensitive nasal passage and makes my eyes water everytime I use it. If you have this type of problem too I would recommend using Cold Eeze lozenges instead.

Zicam Nasal spray is great!
by Siggie

I have really bad allergies. I have prescription nasal sprays from my doctor. I have to say Zicam works so much better than any of the other nasal sprays I have tried! I can actually breathe again, and more importantly I can smell! Zicam products are amazing and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Killed my taste buds
by Carol S

Zicam did work great in lessening the length of my cold symptoms. But now I have lost my taste buds and my doc feels it is because of the Zicam. It seems some people may be more susceptible to this product. Beware!

It works great!
by holly wilson

This product does anything and everything it says it does. My children also take it, which keeps them in school instead of out - sick. Its fast and very effective. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

Works great for me!!
by Angela

I start to use this everytime I feel a cold coming on. I drive a school bus, so you can imagine the germs flying around. My 3yr old daughter also uses this when I notice her not feeling well. It at least cut the duration of my cold in half. I usually only end up with about 1/2 a day of feeling totally dead. I always keep this on hand in my house.

Does what it says!
by Carrie Russell

It does seem to shorten the duration of a cold. It also doesn't seem to be addictive like most other "nasal sprays" on the market. I definately always keep some stocked in my medicine cabinet!

Works Great!
by Stacy

Zicam Nasal Cold Remedy really works great. It's gentle and does a great job letting you breathe better when you have a cold. I recommend this spray over all other sprays.

Zicam Spray benefits
by Khalilah Murarsheed

I have been using the Zicam Nasal gel spray for a cold and nasal congestion. The Zicam Nasal gel spray really works. The Zicam Nasal spray is the best overall for clearing of nasal congestion and colds.

This stuff really works!
by Julie Moore

I have been impressed by all the Zicam products, and this is no exception. My husband loves to use the nasal spray best. Be sure to take it at the first sign of a cold, and you will be amazed.

Zicam nasal gel
by Joan Jones

I started keeping Zicam nasal gel on hand in case I feel a cold coming on, and it's worked every time! I get that tickle in the throat and nasal congestion, and I start Zicam immediately. Each person in our family has one for "just in case". I like homeopathic remedies for most illnesses, rather than depending on medications.

It Works
by Stacy

If you want a product that will shorten the life of your cold then this is the one, and the whole family can use it. My kids were even able to use it, and it worked great. We all were able to shorten the length of our colds to 3 days. This product actually does what it says.

It Really Works!!!
by Beth Kerkove

I got sick right before Christmas. I started taking Zicam religiously. It knocked out the cold faster than I ever could have imagined. Also, my symptoms never got as bad as they normally do. Use it as directed and it will work!

Homeopathy Works
by Patty

I discovered homeopathic remedies several years ago and find that the respiratory treatments work overnight, every time I try them. Zicam is available over the counter and works wonders when you feel a cold starting in that tickle in the throat or the beginnings of a runny nose. Use it immediately and you will be cured by the next morning.

Zicam is available at a very affordable cost and should be included in every home medicine cabinet. I carry one in my car! Keep some handy for school-aged children and any senior citizens in your family or neighborhood. It's a cheap and easy way to stop an epidemic!

You've seen the Commercials, but...
by Michele Fair

This stuff really works! I use it only when I feel a cold coming on, and it zaps it right out of me! I can tell it's working because the next day I wake up and feel as if I never had any symptoms at all to begin with. This is a wonderful product and a must for anyone who is elderly or has children especially.

Great Product!!
by Kelly C

This is an amazing product. You begin to get cold symptoms and start using it immediately it does wonders to shorten the time you actually have the cold. My older children have used it and it has been a terrific product to get them back on their feet without battling the cold for 10-14 days as they usually would. Highly recommended!

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