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4Life Transfer Factor RioVida is the very first beverage of its kind, combining the potency of Transfer Factor E-XF™ with fruits bursting with antioxidants. Get your daily rush of vitality with RioVida!

Product: Riovida
Brand: 4Life (More Products)
Size: 2 Pack - 15.9 oz bottles
Dosage: 1-2 ounces daily
Retail: $62.95
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5 Customer Reviews

Absolutely does NOT work
by Ed

Wish I could give this stuff zero stars!!! I bought Riovida juice with Transfer Factor and had used it for 3 months. I bought it as I had a recurring upset stomach and intestinal pains. After the first month of using 2 bottles I found no difference. Same sharp pains, same bloating, same feeling of sickness. In the 2nd month I bought 2 packs (4 bottles). No improvement whatsoever. In that month I also came down with the flu. I doubled the dosage, no ease. The flu lasted around 9 days, longer than I usually get it. On the 3rd month I decided to use 4Life's Probiotics as well as Riovida. Still no improvement with my gut. Surely it would have worked by then. I wrote to the person who runs the website, no refund. I wrote to 4life, no refund. Absolutely do not buy thius garbage.

Absolutely NO!
by Joseph Thomas

Seriously I don't know why I bought this. I had a coupon for it and I decided to try it. I ended up paying 60 bucks and taking one sip and dumping the rest down the drain. It made my throat get really itchy and it drove me nuts! From the 2 oz. that I drank I doubt it helped my body. It made me get cramps and I was in a lot of pain. I'll never buy Riovida again.

Don't Buy
by Sam Wagner

Got a free sample of this on one of my doctor visits. When I drank it, I immediately spit it out because it tasted gross. I would never take this product again. The taste is not worth the beneficial effects of this product.

I'll stick to the vitamin pill
by Dustin

I tried this product once and could not stand the taste. It's loaded with great ingredients, but I could not stomach it. I'm going to stick with fruit juice and a vitamin supplement from here out. No thanks.

Pretty Good
by Stephanie

This is a pretty good product. I won't say it is the best, but it did help me from catching everything that was going around the office. It also made me feel better throughout my day. The taste wasn't at all very pleasing to me.